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1弟兄们!我现在是对明白法律的人说话:难道你们不知道:法律统治人,只是在人活着的时候吗? 1You, my friends, understand law. The law has power only while a person is alive.
2就如有丈夫的女人,当丈夫还活着的时候,是受法律束缚的;如果丈夫死了,她就不再因丈夫而受法律的束缚。 2The married woman, for example, is bound by law to her husband while he is alive; but if he dies, she is free from her obligations as a wife.
3所以,当丈夫活着的时候,她若依附别的男人,便称为淫妇;但如果丈夫死了,按法律她是自由的;她若依附别的男人,便不是淫妇。 3If she gives herself to another while her husband is alive, she will be an adulteress; but once the husband dies, she is free and if she gives herself to another man, she is not an adulteress.
4所以,我的弟兄们!你们藉著基督的身体已死于法律了,为使你们属于另一位,就是属于由死者中复活的那一位,为叫我们给天主结果实, 4It was the same with you, brothers and sisters: you have died to the Law with the person of Christ, and you belong to another, who has risen from among the dead, so that we may produce fruit for God.
5因为我们还在肉性权下的时候,那藉法律而倾向于罪恶的情欲,在我们的肢体内活动,结出死亡的果实。 5When we lived as humans used to do, the Law stirred up the desires for all that is sin, and they worked in our bodies with fruits of death.
6但是现在,我们已死于束缚我们的势力,脱离了法律,如此,我们不应再拘泥于旧的条文,而应以新的心神事奉天主。 6But we have died to what was holding us; we are freed from the Law and no longer serve a written law - which was the old; with the Spirit we are in the new.
7那么,我们能说法律本身有罪吗?绝对不能!然而藉着法律,我才知道罪是什么。如果不是法律说:「不可贪恋!」我就不知道什么是贪情。 7Then, shall we say that the Law is part of sin? Of course not. However, I would not have known Sin, had it not been through the Law. I would not be aware of greed if the Law did not tell me: Do not covet.
8罪恶遂乘机藉著诫命,在我内发动各种贪情;原来若没有法律,罪恶便是死的。 8Sin took advantage of the commandment to stir in me all kinds of greed; whereas, without a Law, Sin lies dead.
9从前我没有法律时,我是活人;但诫命一来,罪恶便活了起来, 9First there was no Law and I lived. Then the commandment came and gave life to Sin:
10我反而死了。那本来应叫我生活的诫命,反叫我死了, 10and I died. It happened that the Law of life had brought me death.
11因为罪恶藉著诫命乘机诱惑了我,也藉著诫命杀害了我。 11Sin took advantage of the commandment: it lured me and killed me through the commandment.
12所以法律本是圣的,诫命也是圣的,是正义和美善的。 12But the Law itself is holy, just and good.
13那么,是善事使我死了吗?绝对不是!而是罪恶。罪恶为显示罪恶的本性,藉著善事为我产生了死亡,以致罪恶藉著诫命成了极端的凶恶。 13Is it possible that something good brings death to me? Of course not. This comes from Sin which may be seen as sin when it takes advantage of something good to kill: the commandment let Sin appear fully sinful.
14我们知道:法律是属神的,但我是属血肉的,已被卖给罪恶作奴隶。 14We know that the Law is spiritual; as for me, I am flesh and have been sold to sin.
15因为我不明白我作的是什么:我所愿意的,我偏不作;我所憎恨的,我反而去作。 15I cannot explain what is happening to me, because I do not do what I want, but on the contrary, the very things I hate.
16我若去作我所不愿意的,这便是承认法律是善的。 16Well then, if I do the evil I do not want to do, I agree that the Law is good;
17实际上作那事的已不是我,而是在我内的罪恶。 17but, in this case, I am not the one striving toward evil, but it is sin, living in me.
18我也知道,善不在我内,即不在我的肉性内,因为我有心行善,但实际上却不能行善。 18I know that what is right does not abide in me, I mean, in my flesh. I can want to do what is right, but I am unable to do it.
19因此,我所愿意的善,我不去行;而我所不愿意的恶,我却去 作。 19In fact I do not do the good I want, but the evil I hate.
20但我所不愿意的,我若去作,那么已不是我作那事,而是在我内的罪恶。 20Therefore, if I do what I do not want to do, I am not the one striving towards evil, but Sin which is in me.
21所以我发见这条规律:就是我愿意为善的时候,总有邪恶依附着我。 21I discover, then, this reality: though I wish to do what is right, the evil within me asserts itself first.
22因为照我的内心,我是喜悦天主的法律; 22My inmost self agrees and rejoices with the law of God,
23可是,我发觉在我的肢体内,另有一条法律,与我理智所赞同的法律交战,并把我掳去,叫我隶属于那在我肢体内的罪恶的法律。 23but I notice in my body another law challenging the law of the spirit, and delivering me as a slave to the law of sin written in my members.
24我这个人真不幸呀!谁能救我脱离这该死的肉身呢? 24Alas, for me! Who will free me from this being which is only death?
25感谢天主,藉着我们的主耶稣基督。这样看来,我这人是以理智去服从天主的法律,而以肉性去服从罪恶的法律。 25Let us give thanks to God through Jesus Christ, our Lord! So, with my conscience I am a servant of the law of God, and with my mortal I serve the law of sin.
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