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箴言 Proverbs
1君王的心在上主的手里,有如水流,可随意转移。 1In the hands of Yahweh, the heart of the king is like running water; he directs it wherever he wishes.
2人对自己的行为,都自觉正直;但审察人心的,却是上主。 2To the eyes of man all his ways are honest but it is Yahweh who weighs the heart.
3秉公行义,比献祭献更悦上主。 3To do what is upright and just pleases Yahweh more than sacrifice.
4傲慢的眼睛,骄矜的心灵,恶人的弦耀,无非是罪恶。 4Haughty looks, proud heart, the light of the wicked is sin.
5熟思的人,必足以致富;草率的人,必贫困缠身。 5The plans of a hardworking man result in earnings; poverty is for those who act too hastily.
6以谎言伪语骗得的财宝,是浮云轻烟,死亡的罗网。 6To make a fortune by means of deceit is like running after the wind; the end is death.
7恶人的暴戾,必殃及自身,因他们不肯去覆行正义。 7The violence of the wicked carries them away because they refuse to practice justice.
8恶人的道路,歪曲邪僻;正人的行为,正直适中。 8The way of the criminal is devious; but honest are the ways of the innocent man.
9宁愿住在屋顶的一角,不愿与吵妇同居一室。 9Better the corner of a barn to live in than a house shared with a raging woman.
10恶人的心灵,只求邪恶;对自己友伴,毫不关怀。 10The soul of the wicked desires nothing but evil; not even his friend is treated with compassion.
11轻狂人遭受处罚,幼稚者将得明智;智慧人接受教训,更增加自己知识。 11When the mocker is punished the ignorant man grows wise; when the wise man is instructed he grows in knowledge.
12正义的上主监视恶人的家,且使恶人们都陷于灾祸中。 12The Just One watches the house of the evildoer and hurls the wicked into misfortune.
13谁对穷人的哀求,充耳不闻,他呼求时,也不会得到应允。 13He who is deaf to the poor man's cry will not be heard when he himself calls out.
14暗中相送的馈赠,可平息忿怒;投入怀中的礼物,可平息狂怒。 14A discreet gift pacifies anger, a bribe diverts violent rage.
15秉公行义,能叫义人喜乐;但为作恶的人,却是恐惧。 15Upright men are glad when justice reigns but evildoers tremble.
16凡远离明智道路的人,必居于幽灵的集会中。 16He who departs from the ways of prudence will sleep in the assembly of the Shades.
17贪爱享乐的人,必遭受穷困;喜爱酒油的人,必不会致富。 17Pleasure-lovers remain poor, he who loves wine and perfume will never grow rich.
18恶人必将为义人作赎金,败类也将替君子作代价。 18The wicked man will pay for the virtuous and the treacherous man, for the honest.
19与好争易怒的女人同居,倒不如独自住在旷野里。 19Better to live in a deserted place than with a raging and abusive woman.
20珍贵的宝藏和油,积藏在智者家里;但糊涂愚昧的人,却将之消耗净尽。 20There is oil and precious treasure in the wise man's house, things which the fool squanders.
21追求正义和仁慈的人,必将获得生命与尊荣。 21He who seeks justice and mercy will gain life, prosperity and honor.
22智者必登上勇士的城邑,攻破城邑所凭倚的堡垒。 22The wise man conquers a city of warriors and tears down the walls they trust in.
23谁谨守自己的口舌,心灵必能免受烦恼。 23He who keeps guard over his mouth and tongue saves himself from anguish.
24高傲的人名叫「狂人」,他行事必极端蛮横。 24"Mocker" is the name of the arrogant and haughty, he in whom pride abounds.
25怠惰人的手不肯操作,必为他的愿望所扼杀。 25The idler's desires lead him to death because his hands refuse to work.
26贪婪的人,终日贪婪;正义的人,广施不吝。 26He covets all day long while the upright man gives without stinting.
27恶人的祭献,已是可憎;若怀恶而献,更将如何? 27Yahweh detests the sacrifice of the wicked, above all when they offer it for an unjust cause.
28作假见证的人,必要灭亡;但善于听的人,才可常言。 28The lying witness will perish but he who listens wisely will be given time to speak.
29邪恶的人,常装腔作势;正直的人,却举止检点。 29The wicked man tries to appear firm and table while the honest man confirms his way.
30任何智慧、才略或计谋,都不能与上主相对抗。 30No wisdom, prudence or advice can withstand the look of Yahweh.
31招兵买马,是为作战之日;但是胜利,却由上主指使。 31The horse is equipped for the day of battle but it is Yahweh who gives the victory.
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