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1上主对亚郎说:「你和你的儿子,连你的家族,应与你共同对圣所负责;你和你的儿子,应对司祭职负责。 1Then Yahweh said to Aaron: "You and your sons, and your whole family shall be responsible for the sanctuary. You and your sons with you shall suffer the guilt for any faults committed while serving as priests in the Holy Tent.
2你也要令你家族的众兄弟,──肋未支派,与你一同前来;他们应协助你,服事你;当你和你的儿子在约幕前供职时, 2Let your brothers of the tribe of Levi, your father's tribe, come with you too. They are to join you and serve you, yourselves and your sons, before the Tent of the Statement.
3他们应照料你和全帐幕的事务,但不应接近圣所的器皿和祭坛,不然他们该死,连你们也该死。 3They are to be at your service and the service of the whole Tent. But let them not come near the sacred vessels or the altar, lest they die and you as well.
4他们协助你照料会幕的事务,作会幕的各种劳役,俗人不可接近。 4They are to help you, they are to take charge of the Tent of Meeting for the entire ministry of the Tent, and no layman shall come near you.
5你们应照料圣所和祭坛的事务,免得义怒降在以色列子民身上。 5You yourselves must take charge of the sanctuary and the altar, and my anger will never again fall on the Israelites.
6是我由以色列子民中,选拔了你们的兄弟肋未人,交给你们当作献于上主的人,为给会幕服务。 6I myself have chosen your relatives, the Levites, from among the Israelites as a gift to you. They will belong to Yahweh, to serve at the Tent of Meeting.
7至于你和你的儿子,在有关祭坛和帷幔以内的一切事上,应留心尽你们司祭的职务;你们应献身于我赐予你们的司祭职务。俗人若敢近前,必处死刑。」 7But you and your sons will undertake the priestly duties in all that concerns the altar and all the sacred things that lie behind the veil. You will perform the worship services, the duties of which I entrust to your priesthood. But the layman who comes near shall die."
8上主又对亚郎说:「看,我托你照管献于我的献仪,即凡以色列子民祝圣于我的,我都赐给你和你的子孙,作为应得之物,这是永久的权利。 8Yahweh said to Aaron: "I myself have given you all that is set aside for me, from every offering of the people of Israel. I give it to you and to your sons as your share forever.
9火祭中所剩余的至圣之物都属于你;凡他们献于我的素祭,或赎罪祭,或赎过祭的祭品,都是至圣之物,都应属于你和你的儿子。 9This is what shall be yours of the most holy things, of the consecrated food: every offering that the Israelites give back to me, whether it be a grain offering or a sacrifice for sin or a sacrifice of repayment is a thing most holy; it shall belong to you and your sons.
10你们应在至圣之处分食,凡是男子都可以吃;你应视为圣物。 10You may eat these most holy things. Every male may eat them. You are to consider them sacred.
11此外归于你的尚有:凡以色列子民行摇礼所献的祭品,我都赐给你,你的儿子和与你尚在一起的女儿:这是永久的权利;凡你家内洁净的人都可以吃。 11To you also shall belong all the firstfruits that are set aside and offered by the Israelites; this I give to you, as well as to your sons and daughters, forever. Every person in your house who is clean may eat it.
12凡最好的油、酒和五谷,作初熟之物献给上主的,我都赐给你。 12All the best of the oil, all the best of the wine and wheat, the firstfruits given by them to Yahweh, these I give to you.
13凡他们地中的一切出产,作初熟之物献给上主的,都属于你;凡你家内洁净的人都可以吃。 13All the first harvest of their land which they bring to Yahweh shall be yours. Every person in your house who is clean may eat them.
14凡以色列中照禁物法所献之物,都属于你。 14Everything in Israel which has been dedicated to me shall be yours.
15凡动物中应献于上主的开胎的首生者,不论是人是兽,都属于你;但你应叫人赎回首生的人,和首生的不洁之兽。 15Every firstborn brought to Yahweh shall be yours, the firstborn of all living creatures, whether child or animal. Nevertheless, you must make the people buy back the firstborn child and the firstborn of an unclean animal.
16关于赎价,为一月以上的,你应叫人依所定的估价,照圣所的衡量,交五『协刻耳』银子。(每一「协刻耳」为二十「革辣」。) 16They must buy back the child in the month in which it is born at the price of five pieces of silver according to the official standard.
17但是牛或绵羊或山羊的首生者,却不可令人赎回,因为是圣的;你应将牠们的血洒在祭坛上,将脂肪焚化成烟,作为悦乐上主馨香的火祭。 17The firstborn of cow, sheep and goat - these alone you shall not buy back. They are holy: you must sprinkle their blood on the altar and burn the fat as a burnt offering, a sweet-smelling offering for Yahweh;
18至于牛羊的肉却归于你,就如摇过的胸脯和右腿归于你一样。 18the meat shall be yours, together with the breast that has been presented with the gesture of offering, and the right hind leg.
19凡是以色列子民奉献与上主为圣物的祭品,我都给你和你的儿子,以及同你尚在一起的女儿:这是永久的权利,这是在上主前,与你的后裔所订立的永久不变的盐约。」 19All that the Israelites set aside for Yahweh from the holy things, this I give to you, and to your sons and daughters, forever. This is a covenant of salt, an everlasting covenant before Yahweh, for you and your descendants after you."
20上主对亚郎说:「在你们的土地中,你不可有产业,在他们当中,也不得有属于你的份子;在以色列子民中,我是你的份子,你的产业。 20Yahweh said to Aaron: "You shall have no property in the land of Israel, no share of it shall be yours. It is I who will be your share and your inheritance among the people of Israel.
21至于肋未的子孙,我将以色列人的什一之物给他们做产业:这是为酬报他们在会幕内所服的劳役。 21See, to the Levites I give as their inheritance all the tithes collected in Israel, in return for their services, for the ministry they render in the Tent of Meeting.
22免得以色列子民接近会幕,负罪死亡; 22In this way the Israelites will no longer go near the Tent of Meeting; this sin would carry the death to them.
23因此只有肋未人准在会幕内服役,应负全责。这为你们世世代代是一条永久的条例:肋未人在以色列子民中不应占有产业, 23The Levites will take care of the Tent of Meeting, and have the full responsibility for it. This is a law forever for all your descendants: because of this the Levites are to have no inheritance among the Israelites.
24因为我把以色列子民献给上主的什一献仪,给了肋未人作为产业;所以我对他们说:他们在以色列子民中,不应占有产业。」 24The tithe that the people of Israel set aside for Yahweh, I give to the Levites for their inheritance. For this reason I have told them that they are to have no inheritance among the people of Israel."
25上主训示梅瑟说: 25Yahweh spoke to Moses and said,
26「你告诉肋未人说:几时你们由以色列子民中,取得了我赐予你们作为产业的什一之物,你们应由这什一之物中,取十分之一献给上主, 26"You are to say to the Levites: When you receive the tithe that the people of Israel must pay and which I am giving you as your inheritance, you are to set aside a part of this as a special contribution for Yahweh.
27这算是你们的献仪,好似禾场上的新粮和榨房中的新酒。 27This will take the place of the offerings of new grain and new wine that all the people have to give me.
28这样你们也由以色列子民所收的一切什一之物中,取一份献给上主作献仪,应将这献与上主的献仪,交给亚郎大司祭。 28Thus you too will set aside a share for Yahweh, of all the tithes you receive from the Israelites, and you will give to Aaron the priest this part you have set aside for Yahweh.
29由你们所得的一切献仪中,应取出献于上主的一切献仪,且应取出最好的来,献作应祝圣的一份。 29Out of all the gifts you receive you will set aside the best as a share for Yahweh.
30你再对他们说:几时你们奉献了其中最好的一份,其余的为你们肋未人就如禾场上和榨房内的出品, 30This best part that the Levites set aside shall be credited to you as an offering of the threshing floor and the wine press.
31你们和你们的家人,可在任何地方分食,因为这是你们在会幕内服役所得的报酬。 31You may eat them anywhere, you and your families: this is your payment for serving in the Tent of Meeting.
32如果你们奉献了其中最好的一份,就不致于有罪;你们不应亵渎以色列子民的祝圣之物,免遭死亡。」 32You will not be guilty of any sin because of this, as long as you have presented the best part to Yahweh. You will not eat any of the gifts before the best part is offered. In this way you will not defile the sacred gifts of the Israelites and you will not die."
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