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肋未纪 Leviticus
1上主训示梅瑟和亚郎说: 1Yahweh spoke to Moses and Aaron and said to them,
2「你们应告诉以色列子民说:地上的一切走兽中,你们可吃的兽类如下: 2"Speak to the people of Israel and say: 'Of all the animals on the earth these are the animals you may eat.
3凡走兽中有偶蹄,有趾及反刍的,你们都可以吃。 3You may eat any animal that has divided hoofs, divided into two parts, and that also chews the cud.
4但在反刍或有偶蹄的走兽中,你们不可吃的是骆驼,因为骆驼虽反刍,但偶蹄无趾,对你们仍是不洁的; 4You may not eat: the camel, because though it chews the cud, it does not have divided hoofs;
5岩貍,牠虽反刍,但偶蹄无趾,对你们仍是不洁的; 5the rabbit, because though it chews the cud, it does not have divided hoofs;
6兔子虽反刍,偶蹄无趾,对你们仍是不洁的; 6the hare, as well;
7猪,牠虽有偶蹄,蹄虽有趾,却不反刍,对你们仍是不洁的。 7the pig, because though it has divided hoofs, it does not chew the cud.
8这些走兽的肉,你们不可吃;牠们的尸体,也不可触摸,因为对你们都是不洁的。 8You must not eat the meat of such animals nor their dead bodies; they are unclean for you.
9水族中你们可吃的如下:凡是水中有鳍有鳞的,不论是海里的,或河里的,都可以吃; 9Of all that lives in water you may eat anything that has fins and scales, and lives in sea or river.
10但凡在水中蠕动,和在水中生存的生物,若没有鳍和鳞,不论是海里,或河里的,都是你们所当憎恶的。 10But anything living in sea or river that does not have both fins and scales must not be eaten.
11这些水族,都是你们所当憎恶的:牠们的肉不可吃;牠们的尸体,你们当视为可憎恶之物。 11They are unclean for you; you shall not eat their flesh nor even touch their dead bodies.
12水族中凡没有鳍和鳞的,都是你们所当憎恶的。 12Anything that lives in water, but does not have fins and scales, is unclean for you.
13飞禽中,你们应视为可憎而不可吃,应视为可憎之物的是:鹰、鹗、鹫、 13Among the birds, here are those you must consider unclean and not eat:
14鸢及隼之类; 14the vulture, the eagle, the osprey, the hawk, the several kinds of buzzards,
15凡乌鸦之类; 15all kinds of ravens,
16驼鸟、夜鹰、海鸥和苍鹰之类; 16the ostrich, the screech owl, the seagull,
17小枭、鸬鹚和鸱鸺, 17the horned owl, the night owl, the seabird, the barn owl,
18白鹭、塘鹅和白鹫, 18the ibis, the pelican, the white vulture,
19鹳鹭类、戴胜和蝙蝠。 19the stork, the several kinds of heron, and the bat.
20凡是有翅,四足爬行的昆虫,都是你们所当憎恶的; 20All winged insects that move on four feet shall be unclean for you.
21但在有翅,四足爬行的昆虫中,凡有脚以外,还有大腿,在地上能跳的,你们可以吃。 21Of all the winged insects you may eat only the following: those that have legs above their feet so that they can leap over the ground.
22你们可吃的是:飞蝗之类,蚱蜢之类,蟋蟀之类和螽斯之类; 22These are the ones you may eat: the several kinds of locusts, crickets and grasshoppers.
23其他凡有翅,四足爬行的昆虫,都是你们所当憎恶的。 23But all other winged insects that have four legs you are to consider unclean.
24遇到以下的光景也能使你们不洁:凡触摸这些昆虫尸体的人,直到晚上不洁; 24Anyone who touches
25凡移动牠们尸体的人,应洗涤自己的衣服,直到晚上是不洁的。 25or picks up the dead bodies of one of these animals will be unclean until evening.
26凡有偶蹄而无趾的,或不反刍的走兽,为你们都是不洁的;谁触摸了就染上不洁。 26The same with animals that have hoofs, unless their hoofs are divided and they chew the cud;
27一切四足动物中,凡用脚掌行走的,为你们都是不洁的;谁触摸了牠们的尸体,直到晚上是不洁的; 27and also four-footed animals which walk on the flat of their feet.
28谁移动了牠们的尸体,应洗涤自己的衣服,直到晚上是不洁的。这些动物为你们都是不洁的。 28Anyone who picks up their dead bodies must wash his clothing and will be unclean until evening.
29在地上爬行的动物中,为你们不洁的是:鼹鼠、老鼠和蜥蜴之类; 29These are the small animals crawling on the ground that shall be unclean for you: rats, mice and several kinds of lizards:
30壁虎、避役、蛇舅母、乌龟和伶鼬。 30the gecko, the chameleon, the agama, the skink and the mole.
31这些爬行的动物,为你们都是不洁的;牠们死后,谁触摸了,直到晚上是不洁的。 31Anyone who touches them when they are dead will be unclean until evening.
32其中死了的,掉在什么物件上,不论是木器,或衣服,或皮具,或囊袋,凡能用的器具,即成为不洁,应放入水内,直到晚上是不洁的;以后,才算洁净; 32Anything on which the dead body of any of these creatures falls becomes unclean: wooden utensil, clothing, skin, sackcloth - any utensil at all. It must be dipped in water and will remain unclean until evening: then it will be clean.
33一切陶器,如有牠们中一个掉在里面,里面所有的一切即成为不洁,陶器应该打破; 33If the creature falls into a clay pot, the pot must be broken; whatever the pot contains is unclean.
34如里面的水滴在任何食物上,食物即成为不洁的;在这种陶器内装了任何饮料,饮料也成为不洁的。 34Any food on which water from such a pot has poured will be unclean.
35牠们的尸体无论掉在什么东西上,那东西即成为不洁的:不拘炉或灶都应打碎,因为是不洁的,你们也应视为不洁。 35Anything on which the dead body of such a creature may fall will be unclean: if it is a clay stove or oven, this must be broken; for they are unclean and you must treat them as unclean.
36水泉和蓄水池虽是洁净的,但是那接触尸体的,即成为不洁。 36A spring or cistern for collecting water remains clean; but whoever touches the dead body becomes unclean.
37如果他们中一个尸体掉在要播种的种籽上,种籽仍是洁净的; 37If one of their dead bodies falls on any seed whatever, the seed will remain clean;
38但若种籽已浸了水,而尸体掉在上面,这种籽对你们便成了不洁的。 38but if the seed has been wet, and such a dead body falls on it, then you must consider it unclean.
39若你们可吃的一只走兽死了,谁触摸了牠的尸体,直到晚上是不洁的; 39If one of the animals that you use as food dies, then anyone who touches the dead body will be unclean until evening;
40谁吃了这尸体的肉,应洗涤自己的衣服,并且直到晚上是不洁的;谁移动了这尸体,也应洗涤自己的衣服,而且直到晚上是不洁的。 40anyone who eats the meat of the dead animal must wash his clothing and will be unclean until the evening. And anyone who picks up the dead body will also be unclean until the evening and has to wash his clothing.
41凡地上的爬虫,都是当憎恶的,都不可吃。 41All the creatures that swarm on the ground are unclean and may not be eaten.
42不论是用腹部爬行的,或用四足爬行的,或多足的,凡是地上的爬虫,你们都不可吃,因为都是可憎恶的。 42Everything that crawls on its belly or goes on four legs, or has many legs, may not be eaten.
43你们不要因任何爬虫而使你们成为可憎恶的;你们不要因牠们而成为不洁的,或染上不洁, 43Do not defile yourselves with any swarming creature that might defile you,
44因为我上主是你们的天主:你们该表现为圣洁的,你们应是圣的,因为我是圣的。你们不要因地上的任何爬虫,而使自己成为不洁的, 44for I am Yahweh your God. Take the way of holiness and be holy, for I am holy. Do not make yourselves unclean with any of the creatures that swarm on the ground,
45因为是我上主领你们由埃及地上来,为作你们的天主:你们应是圣的,因为我是圣的。 45for I am Yahweh who brought you from the land of Egypt, that I might be your God. Be holy because I am holy.
46以上是有关走兽飞禽,一切水中游行和地上一切爬行动物的法律, 46This is the law for animals and birds and for every living creature that moves in the water or that crawls on the ground.
47以便分别洁与不洁,可吃与不可吃的生物。」 47Let everyone distinguish between the clean and the unclean, between creatures that may be eaten and creatures that may not."
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