哀歌:Chapter 2


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哀歌 Lamentations
1怎么!上主竟然发怒,使熙雍女郎暗淡无光!将以色列的荣华由高天抛在地上!在他震怒之日,不再想念自己的脚凳! 1Oh, how Yahweh in his anger has despised the daughter of Zion! Israel's glory he has flung from heaven down to earth; unmindful of his footstool on the day of his wrath.
2上主毫不留情地破坏了雅各伯所有的牧场;他满含怒气,夷平了犹大女郎的一切堡垒;将她的君王及首长推倒在地,加以侮辱。 2Without pity Yahweh has shattered in Jacob every dwelling. He has torn down in his anger the ramparts of Judah's daughter. He has thrown her rulers and her king to the ground, dishonored.
3他怒火炎炎,粉碎了以色列的一切势力;在仇人前,抽回他的右手;他像吞灭四周的烈火,焚烧了雅各伯; 3He has cut down in his anger the horn of Israel's might. He has withdrawn his right hand at the approach of the enemy. In Jacob, he has blazed like a fire, he has devoured all around.
4他像敌人一样,安稳地举起自己的右手,拉开他的弓。像敌人似的,屠杀了一切英俊的少年;在熙雍女郎的帐幕内,发泄了他似火的烈怒。 4Like an enemy he has bent his bow, his right hand steadying the arrow. All our pride of manhood he slew as he took his stand as a foe, pouring out fury like fire upon the tent of Zion's daughter.
5上主好像一个仇人,毁灭了以色列,毁灭了她所有的宫室,荡平了她的一切堡垒,增加犹大女郎的哀号哭泣。 5The Lord has become an enemy who has laid Israel in ruins. He has destroyed all her palaces and laid waste her fortresses. He has multiplied the tears of the daughter of Judah.
6上主像破坏园圃一样,破坏了他自己的帷幔,毁灭了自己的会幕,使人在熙雍忘却庆节和安息日;他在烈怒下,废弃了君王和司祭。 6Yahweh has wrecked her dwelling, laid waste her place of meeting. He has made Zion forget her appointed feasts and sabbaths; he has spurned in his fierce wrath king and prophet and priest.
7上主厌弃了自己的祭坛,嫌恶了自己的圣所;将宫殿的墙垣交在敌人手中,让他们在上主的殿宇内,叫嚣喧嚷,好像节日一样。 7The Lord has rejected his altar, has forsaken his sanctuary. He has handed over the walls of her tower to the enemy, whose triumphant shouts are heard in the temple of Yahweh.
8上主已经决意毁坏熙雍女郎的墙垣,既展开了绳索,决不抽回自己的手,直到将它完全推翻,使城郭和堡垒哀哭,一同倾覆。 8Yahweh resolved to tear down the ramparts of Zion's daughter. He stretched out the measuring line, and did not relent from bringing ruin. He made both wall and rampart mourn, till together they crumbled down.
9城门已陷于地中,上主已折断她的门闩,她的君王首长,流落异乡,再没有法律;她的众先知也不再获得上主的神视。 9Her gates have sunk into the ground; broken and removed are their bars. Her king and rulers live in exile among the nations. No more message for their prophets, no more visions from Yahweh.
10熙雍女郎的众长老,坐在地上默然不语,头上撒上灰土,腰间朿著麻衣;耶路撒冷的处女都俯首至地。 10The elders of the daughter of Zion sit in silence upon the ground, their heads sprinkled with dust, their bodies wrapped in sackcloth, while Jerusalem's young women bow their heads to the ground.
11我的眼痛哭,至于失明,五内沸腾,肝脑涂地。眼见我的女儿—人民遭受摧残,眼看着幼童乳儿昏厥在城中的街道上。 11With weeping my eyes are spent; my soul is in torment because of the downfall of the daughter of my people, because children and infants faint in the open spaces of the town.
12他们对母亲说:「那里有饼有酒?」他们在城中的街道上,正奄奄一息,有如受伤的人,在母亲的怀中,气绝夭折! 12To their mothers they say, "Where is the bread and wine?" as they faint like wounded men in the streets and public squares, as their lives ebb away in their mothers' arms.
13耶路撒冷女郎!我可用甚么来譬喻你,拿甚么来比拟你呢?处女,熙雍女郎!我可用甚么来帮助你,拿甚么来安慰你呢?因为你的创伤,浩大如海,又有谁能够治愈你? 13To what can I compare you, O daughter of Jerusalem? Who can save or comfort you, O virgin daughter of Zion? Deep as the sea is your affliction, and who can possibly heal you?
14你的众先知有关你的神视,尽是虚幻欺诈;他们从未揭露你的罪恶,以挽回你的命运;他们关于你所提供的神谕,尽是虚幻和骗局。 14Your prophets' visions were worthless and false. Had they warned of your sins, your fate might have been averted. But what they gave you instead were false, misleading signs.
15所有过路的人,都向你鼓掌,向耶路撒冷女郎嘘唏,且摇头说:「难道这就是人人所说美丽无比,全世界的喜悦?」 15Passersby shudder; some clap their hands at the sight; others wag their heads at the fate of the daughter of Jerusalem. "Is this the city that was called the loveliest, the joy of the world?"
16你的仇人都向你张开口,嘘唏而切齿说:「我们终于吞灭了她!这就是我们所期待的一日,我们终于得到手,终于看见了!」 16All your enemies open wide their mouths against you; they gnash their teeth, they hiss, they crow: "We have destroyed her! This is the day we have waited for; we have lived to see it happen."
17上主实践了自己的计划,完成了他昔日所宣告的断语;实行破坏,毫无怜悯,使仇人幸灾乐祸,使敌人高举他的角。 17Yahweh has accomplished his purpose; he has fulfilled his word which he decreed in the days of old; he overthrew you merciless. He made your enemies joyful and gave them power to crush you.
18处女,熙雍女郎!你应该从心里呼号上主;白天黑夜,让眼泪像江河般地涌流,不要歇息,也不要让你的眼睛休息。 18Cry out to the Lord, O wall of the daughter of Zion! Oh, let your tears flow day and night, like a river. Give yourself no relief; grant your eyes no respite.
19夜间每到交更时分,你该起来哀祷,像倾水似的,向上主倾诉你心;应为了你婴儿的性命,向上主举起你的双手,因为他们因饥饿而昏迷街头! 19Get up, cry out in the night, as the evening watches start; pour out your heart like water in the presence of the Lord. Lift up your hands to him for the lives of your children, who faint with hunger at the corner of every street.
20上主,请你回目怜视!你这样做,究竟是对付谁呢?难道妇女应该吃掉自己的儿子?吃掉自己孕育的婴儿?难道在上主的圣所里,应该杀死司祭和先知? 20Look, Yahweh, and answer: Why have you treated us like this? Why must women eat their little ones, whom they have nursed in their arms? Why must priest and prophet be slaughtered in the sanctuary of the Lord?
21街上遍地躺卧的,尽是孩童和老人;丧身刀下的,尽是我的处女和少年;在你震怒之日,你斩杀诛戮,毫不留情。 21In the dust of the streets lie the young and the old, both virgins and young men - all fallen by the sword. You have killed on the day of your fury; you have slaughtered without mercy.
22你由四方给我召来施行恐怖的人,好像过节一样;在上主发怒之日,无人能够逃脱,或者幸免;我孕育抚养的,我的仇人都杀尽灭绝。 22As for a feast day, you bade terrors to come from every side. There was, on the day of your anger, neither fugitive nor survivor. My enemy has murdered all whom I bore and reared.
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