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友弟德传 Judith
1那时,有人向亚述军队的统帅敖罗斐乃报告说:「以色列子民已准备应战,封锁山地隘口,在高山上修筑了防御工事,平原中已设下埋伏。」 1It was reported to Holofernes that the people of Israel were prepared for war, that they had closed the mountain passes, fortified the ramparts on the summits of all the high mountains and placed blockades in the plains.
2他遂勃然大怒,召集所有摩阿布的公侯,阿孟的司令,及沿海一带的长官来, 2Seething with anger, Holofernes called the leaders of the Moabites, the generals of Ammon and all the governors of the Seacoast,
3对他们说:「客纳罕的子民!请告诉我,这山地里住的是什么民族?他们住的是什么城池?部队的人数究有多少?他们的力量和勇气,究在什么事上?作他们的君王,率领他们军队的是谁? 3and said to them, "Tell me, sons of Canaan, who are these people living in the mountain region? Which towns do they inhabit? What is the strength of their army? In what does their power and strength consist? Who has been placed at their head as commander of their army?
4为什么在西方诸民族中,只有他们不屑于前来欢迎我?」 4Why have they not appeared before me like everyone else in the West?"
5于是全阿孟子民的统帅阿希约尔便对他说:「我主!请听你仆人一言,我要向你说明,这住在山地离你不远的民族,是什么情形;你仆人口中所说的,决没有一句虚话。 5Achior, commander of the Ammonites, said to him, "May my Lord listen to the word spoken by your servant, for I will tell you the truth about these people from the mountain region whom you now encounter.
6这民族原是加尔底亚人的后裔, 6These people descend from the Chaldeans.
7原先侨居在美索不达米亚,因为不愿随从自己祖先所居加尔底亚地的神祇, 7They settled first in Mesopotamia, for they did not wish to worship any longer the gods of their fathers who lived in Chaldea.
8就离弃了自己祖先的途径,而崇拜天上的大主,一位自己所承认的神。所以他们被那里的神祇所驱逐,逃到美索不达米亚,侨居在那里很久。 8They abandoned the religion of their ancestors, and worshiped the God of Heaven, a God whom they had come to recognize. Because of this their fathers drove them out and they fled to Mesopotamia where they dwelt for a long time.
9后来他们的天主,吩咐他们离开侨居的地方,往客纳罕地方去,就住在那里,积蓄了大批金银和很多家畜。 9Then their God told them to leave the country where they had settled and go to the land of Canaan. They went to live there, and acquired an abundance of gold and silver and numerous herds of cattle.
10后又因客纳罕地方连年饥荒,便下到埃及,居留在那里,直到他们能自养自足;在那里竟成了一个大族,子孙众多,不可胜数。 10There was famine throughout the land of Canaan, so they went down into Egypt where they remained as long as there was food. Then they became so numerous that their race could not be counted.
11但埃及王却苛待他们,逼令他们作做砖的苦工,压迫他们,当作奴隶。 11But the king of Egypt rose up against them and tricked them into making bricks, and they were humiliated and made into slaves.
12于是他们向自己的天主哀号,天主就以不治之症,打击了埃及全境;埃及人就将他们赶走。 12They called upon their God who punished the whole of Egypt with such incurable plagues that the Egyptians drove them out.
13天主使红海在他们面前干涸, 13Then God dried up the Red Sea in front of them
14引他们沿着西乃和卡德士巴尔乃亚的路前进,他们将旷野中的居民完全驱逐, 14and he led them along the route of Sinai and Kadesh Barnea. The Israelites drove all the inhabitants into the desert;
15住在阿摩黎人的境内,以武力消灭了一切赫市朋人,继而渡过约但河,占领了整个山地,据为己有, 15they inhabited the country of the Amorites and wiped out the Heshbonites. Then, having crossed the Jordan, they took possession of all the hill country,
16将客纳罕人、培黎齐人、耶步斯人、舍根人与一切基尔加史人,都由自己的面前赶走,住在那里很久。 16driving out the Canaanites, the Perizzites, the Jebusites, the Shechemites, and the Gergesites, and they lived there for a long time.
17当他们不犯罪得罪自己的天主时,便常享幸福,因为有一位嫉恶的天主,与他们同在。 17As long as they did not offend God, they prospered, because their God who hates wrongdoing was on their side.
18但当他们离开天主给他们所指示的道路时,便在战争中受到歼灭,被掳到异乡,他们天主的殿宇也被毁为平地,城市都为敌人所占据。 18But when they strayed from the path he had set for them, they were completely annihilated in many battles, and they were led off into captivity in a country not their own. The temple of their God was leveled to the ground and their cities were occupied by their enemies.
19可是现在,自从他们归向天主以来,就由散居的地方回来,收复了他们的圣殿的所在地耶路撒冷,住在已变为荒芜的山地。 19Now that they have turned again to their God, they have returned from exile from the various places in which they had been scattered. They have retaken Jerusalem where their Sanctuary is and they have settled in the mountain region because it has remained deserted.
20主帅!假使这个民族作恶,得罪他们的天主,如果我们发觉他们有这「致命伤」,就可上去进攻,必能战胜。 20And now, Sovereign Lord, we must find out if there is any wrongdoing in this people.
21若是这民族没有什么不法的事,请我主放过他们,免得他们的上主天主庇护他们,使我们在全世界成为人的笑柄。」 21If they are sinning against their God, then we shall march against them and we shall conquer. But if there is no sinfulness in their nation, then, my Lord, turn aside from them for fear that their Lord and God will cover them with his shield and the whole world will witness our downfall."
22阿希约尔一说完这些话,站在营幕周围的众人,怨声四起,敖罗斐乃的军官和一切住在沿海与摩阿布一带的人,都声言要将他碎尸万段: 22Now it happened that when Achior had finished speaking, all the people standing in a circle around the tent began criticizing and protesting. The officers of Holofernes and all the inhabitants of the seacoast and of Moab wanted to beat him black and blue. They said,
23「我们不应该怕以色列子民!这个民族决没有勇气和能力,与劲旅相对抗。 23"We are not afraid of the children of Israel. Look, they are a people with no strength or energy to sustain a violent conflict.
24敖罗斐乃主帅!我们应上前进攻,他们必能为你的全军所扑灭。」 24Let us go forth, and they will be like bread for your whole army, O Lord Holofernes!"
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