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若苏厄书 Joshua
1耶里哥城门紧紧关闭,无人出入,以防以色列子民。 1The inhabitants of Jericho had closed the city and had fastened their bolts so that the Israelites could not enter. No one came in and no one went out.
2上主对若苏厄说:「看!我已将耶里哥和城中的王子,精锐的战士,都交在你手中。 2But Yahweh said to Joshua: "I will give you the city, its king and all its men of war.
3你们所有的战士要围绕这城转一遭,这样转六天。 3For this, you shall have to go around the city once every day for six days.
4七位司祭要带着七个羊角号,在约柜前面行走;但第七天,要围绕城转七遭,并且司祭要吹号角。 4Seven priests shall go before the Ark bearing the seven trumpets used in the time of the Jubilee. On the seventh day, they shall march around the city seven times,
5当羊角号吹起长声时,你们听见了号角的响声时,众百姓应当高声喊叫;那时城墙必要坍塌,百姓个个要往前直冲。」 5and when they blow the horn, all the people shall come up to attack, shouting their battle cry. At that moment, the walls of the city will fall and everyone shall enter straight ahead of him."
6农的儿子若苏厄将司祭召来,对他们说:「你们应抬着约柜,七位司祭带着七个羊角号,走在上主约柜的前面。」 6Joshua, son of Nun, called the priests and said to them: "You shall carry the Ark of the Covenant; seven priests shall go ahead with the trumpets they use for the Jubilee."
7然后,又对百姓说:「你们要前去围着城转,先锋队要走在上主约柜的前面。」 7Then Joshua said to the people: "You shall march around the city and the vanguard of the army shall go before the Ark of Yahweh."
8若苏厄对百姓说完话以后,那七位带着七个羊角号的司祭,走在上主前面,吹着号角,上主的约柜跟在他们后面。 8When Joshua finished speaking, the priests began to blow the seven trumpets they used to blow on the Feast of the Jubilee, and they went before the Ark of Yahweh.
9先锋队走在吹号角的司祭前面,后卫随着约柜,一面走,一面吹号角。 9The vanguard of the people went before the priests, and the rest of the people came after the Ark.
10若苏厄向百姓下令说:「你们不可叫喊,不可叫人听到你们的声音,连一句话也不可出口,直到我给你们说:『叫喊』那天,你们才可叫喊。」 10The trumpets blew continually. Joshua had given this order: "Do not shout or utter anything, nor let even a single word be heard, until the day comes when I say: Shout and cry out!"
11这样上主的约柜围城转了一遭后,众人就回到营中,在营中过夜。 11That day he had the Ark of Yahweh carried around the city once, then all returned to the camp where they spent the night.
12若苏厄清早起来,司祭又抬起上主的约柜, 12On the following day, Joshua rose early in the morning
13七位司祭带了七个羊角号,走在上主约柜前面,一面走,一面吹号角;先锋队走在他们前面,后卫随在上主约柜后面,一面走,一面吹号角。 13and the priests took the Ark and those who blew the seven trumpets again went before the Ark. The vanguard went before them and the rest followed the Ark while the trumpets blew.
14第二天他们围城转了一遭后,又回到营中;他们这样行了六天。 14So they did the next day, and for six days they marched once a day around the city and then returned to the camp.
15到了第七天,早晨黎明时,他们起来,照样围城转了七遭。惟独这一天围城转了七遭。 15On the seventh day, the Israelites rose early at dawn and marched around Jericho in the same way as on the previous days. But on that day, they did it seven times.
16到了第七遭,司祭们吹起了号角,若苏厄吩咐百姓说:「你们叫喊,因为上主已将这城交给了你们。 16At the seventh time, as the priests blew the trumpets, Joshua ordered the people: "Shout your battle cry for Yahweh has given you the city!
17这城和城中所有的一切,都应完全毁灭,归于上主,只有妓女辣哈布和她家中的人口可以生存,因为她隐藏了我们所派的使者。 17The city and all that is in it shall be given in anathema to Yahweh. Only Rahab the prostitute with all who may be with her in her house shall live, since she hid the spies we sent.
18但你们要小心,不可私自取用这些应毁灭之物,免得你们贪心,窃取应毁灭之物,使以色列全营遭受诅咒,陷于不幸。 18But for your part, be careful not to touch anything, big or small since everything shall be consecrated in anathema; do not take anything for yourself lest the curse be upon the camp of Israel and bring trouble upon it.
19至于所有的金银,以及铜铁的器皿,都应奉献给上主,归入上主的府库。」 19All the gold, silver, copper and iron are to be consecrated to Yahweh and shall go into the treasury of Yahweh."
20百姓于是叫喊,号声四起;百姓一听见了号角声,放声大叫,城墙便坍塌了;百姓遂上了城,个个向前直冲,攻陷了那城。 20The people shouted and the trumpets blew. At this precise moment, the walls of the city fell. Then everyone went straight into the city to the place before him.
21将城中所有的一切,不论男女老幼,牛羊驴马,都用利剑杀尽。 21They seized Jericho. And with sword in hand, they killed all the men and women, both young and old, as well as the oxen, sheep and asses, and they gave these as anathema or, rather, sacrificed them to God.
22若苏厄吩咐侦探这地的那两个人说:「你们到那妓女家里去,照你们对她起的誓,将那女人和她所有的家人,从那里领出来。」 22Two men had been sent to explore Jericho, (and upon entering the city, were hidden by a prostitute). Then Joshua said to them: "Go into the house of the prostitute and bring her out with all her family as you had sworn to her."
23那两个年轻侦探就去将辣哈布和她的父母、兄弟和她所有的家人,并她所有的亲戚,都领出来,安置在以色列营外。 23These young men then brought out the woman named Rahab, her father, her mother, her brothers and sisters with all her relatives to safety outside the camp of Israel.
24此后众人将城和城中所有的一切都用火烧了;惟独把金银以及铜铁的器皿,送入上主居所的府库中。 24Afterwards, they burned the city and all that was in it. They saved only the silver, gold and the vessels of bronze and iron which they put with the precious things in the Sanctuary of Yahweh.
25至于妓女辣哈布与她父家,并她所有的家人,若苏厄使之生存,直到今天,她还住在以色列人中,因为她隐藏了若苏厄派去侦探耶里哥的两个使者。 25Joshua saved the prostitute and all her family, and she lived in Israel, because she had kept the spies sent by Joshua.
26那时若苏厄起誓说:「凡着手重建这耶里哥城的人,在上主面前是可咒骂的。他奠基时必丧失长子,安门时必丧失幼儿。」 26Joshua asked the people to pronounce this curse: "May Yahweh curse the man who rebuilds Jericho. May its foundation rise on the body of his eldest son, and the gates on that of his youngest son."
27上主与若苏厄同在,他的名声传遍了那一带地方。 27So Yahweh was with Joshua and made him famous in all the land.
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