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耶肋米亚 Jeremiah
1这是上主传给耶肋米亚的话: 1This is another word that came to Jeremiah from Yahweh:
2上主以色列的天主这样说:「凡我对你说的话,你都要写在一本书上, 2Yahweh, God of Israel says, "Write in a book all that I have communicated to you,
3因为,看,时日将到──上主的断语──我必转变我人民以色列和犹大的命运──上主说──使他们回去占领我赐给他们祖先的土地。」 3for the days are coming when I shall bring my captive people Israel and Judah back to the land I gave to their fathers as their inheritance.
4以下是上主论及以色列和犹大说的话: 4These are words spoken by Yahweh to Israel:
5上主这样说:「人听到了恐怖的喊叫:只有恐慌,没有平安。 5We have heard cries of fear, terror and not peace!
6你们且自问自究:是否男人要生产?为什么我竟见人人两手叉腰,像正在生产的妇女,个个面色显得苍白? 6Ask and see: Does a man bear children? Then why do I see every strong man with his hands on his hips like a woman in labor, every face turned a ghastly color?
7噫!这一天,真伟大,无可比拟,虽为雅各伯是痛苦的时期,但他们将由此而得救。 7How terrible that day! there is none to equal it! It is a time of distress for Jacob, but he will be saved.
8到那一天──万军上主的断语──我要折断他们颈上所负的轭,粉碎他们的锁链,他们不再作外方人的奴隶, 8On that day, - declares Yahweh of hosts - I will break the yoke around his neck and burst his bonds, that strangers may no longer enslave them.
9只服事上主,他们的天主,和我给他们兴起的君王达味。 9They will instead serve Yahweh their God and David their king whom I will raise up for them.
10为此,我的仆人雅各伯,你不用害怕──上主的断语──以色列,你不要惊慌;因为,看,我必从远方救出你来,从充军之地救你的后裔;使雅各伯归来,居享安宁,无所恐惧, 10Yahweh says, "Fear not, Jacob my servant. Be not dismayed, Israel, for I will rescue you and your descendants from that far-off land where you are captive. Jacob shall return and know peace, molested by no one.
11因为有我与你同在──上主的断语──作你的救援。诚然,对我使你流徙所到的各民族,我要执行毁灭;但对你,我却不执行毁灭,只依正义惩罚你,不让你全然免罚。」 11I am with you to save you. I will utterly destroy the nations where you are scattered. You alone shall not be destroyed, but I will discipline you justly and not let you go unpunished."
12不错,上主这样说:「你的创伤不可治疗,你的伤口无法医治; 12Yahweh says, "Your wound is incurable, your injury is grievous.
13没有人愿意担任调理你的创伤,无药可使你的伤处收结。 13There is no one to plead your cause. There is a remedy for an ulcer but no healing for you!
14你所有的爱人都忘掉了你,不再追求你,因为我像打击敌人一样,以残酷的刑罚打击了你,因为你太不义,你的罪恶,增添不已。 14All your lovers have forgotten you; they care nothing for you. For I struck you as an enemy does, with a cruel punishment, because of your great guilt and the wickedness of your sin.
15为什么你还要为你的创伤悲号?你的创伤已不可治疗:因为你太不义,你的罪恶增添不已,我才这样对待了你。 15Why cry out now that you are hurt? Is there no cure for your pain? Because of your great crime and grievous sin I have done this to you.
16但是,凡吞灭你的,必被吞灭;凡与你为敌的,必被掳去充军;凡劫掠你的,必遭劫掠;凡抢夺你的,我必使他们受人抢夺。 16Yet all who devour you will be devoured. Your oppressors will be taken captive; your plunderers will be plundered and those who despise you will be despised.
17实在,我要使你的伤处收结,疗愈你的创伤──上主的断语──因为他们称你为弃妇,无人过问的熙雍。」 17Because you were called 'outcast - Zion for whom no one cares,' I will restore you to health and heal your wounds," says Yahweh.
18上主这样说:「看,我要转变雅各伯帐幕的命运,怜悯他的家室,好使城市仍建在自己的山上,宫殿依然耸立在自己的原处, 18Yahweh says, "I will restore my people into Jacob's tents and have pity on his dwellings. The city will be rebuilt over its ruins and the palace restored on its proper place.
19从那里发出颂谢的歌声,欢乐的呼声。我必使他们繁昌,人数不再减少;我要显耀他们,使他们不再受人轻视。 19From them will come songs of praise and the sound of merrymaking. I will multiply them and they shall not be few. I will bestow honor on them and they shall not be despised.
20他们的子孙必要像昔日一样,在我面前重新建立自己集会;凡压迫他们的,我必予以惩罚。 20Their children will be as before and their community will be established before me. I will ask their oppressors to account.
21他们的元首,将是他们中一个;他们的统帅,将出自他们之中;我要使他前来接近我,他必与我接近,因为谁敢冒性命的危险来与我接近──上主的断语── 21Their leader will be one of themselves, their ruler shall emerge from their midst. I will bring him close to me for who would dare to approach me?
22这样,你们必作我的人民,我必作你们的天主。」 22You shall be my people and I shall be your God."
23看上主的愤怒,如暴风怒号,如横扫的暴风,在恶人的头上旋转。 23See the storm of Yahweh bursting forth in fury; like the turmoil of a hurricane it sweeps down on the head of the wicked.
24上主的烈怒必不止息,直到他执行完成了他心里的计划;在末日你们必会明了。 24The fierce wrath of Yahweh will not turn away until he has done and accomplished the purpose of his heart. In the latter days you will understand this.
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