耶肋米亚:Chapter 18


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耶肋米亚 Jeremiah
1上主有话传给耶肋米亚说: 1This is the word of Yahweh that came to Jeremiah:
2「起来,下到陶工家里去,在那里我要让你听到我的话。」 2"Go down to the potter's house and there you will hear what I have to say."
3我便下到陶工家里,见他正在轮盘上工作。 3So I went to the potter's house and found him working at the wheel.
4陶工用泥做的器皿,若在他手中坏了,他便再做,或另做成一个器皿,全随陶工的意思去做。 4But the pot he was working on was spoiled in his hands, so he reworked it all over again into another pot that suits his desire.
5于是上主的话传给我说: 5Meanwhile Yahweh sent me his word,
6「以色列家!我岂不能像这陶工一样对待你们?──上主的断语──以色列家!看,你们在我手中,就像泥土在陶工手中一样。 6"People of Israel, can I not do with you what this potter does? As clay in the potter's hand so are you in my hands.
7我一时可对一个民族,或一个国家,决意要拔除,要毁坏,要消灭; 7At times I warn a nation or a kingdom that I will uproot or destroy it.
8但是我要打击的民族,若离弃自己的邪恶,我也反悔,不再给她降原定的灾祸。 8But if they change their ways, I then relent and refrain from doing the harm I had intended to do.
9或者,我一时想对一个民族或一个国家,决意要建设,要栽培, 9At other times I declare that a nation or kingdom will be built up and planted
10但若她行我不喜欢的事,不听从我的声音,我也要反悔,不再给她所许过的恩惠。 10but then they do what displeases me and do not listen to me, so I decide to reverse the good deeds that I intend to do."
11现在你可告诉犹大人和耶路撒冷的居民说:上主这样说:看,我已给你们安排了灾祸,定了惩罚你们的计划,希望你们每人离弃自己的邪道,改善自己的途径和作为。」 11And Yahweh added, "Now tell the people of Judah and to those who live in Jerusalem: Yahweh says to you, 'Listen, I am planning to destroy you; I am hatching a devastating plot against you! Turn from your evil ways; rectify your conduct and your deeds.'
12他们反倒答说:「已没有希望了!因为我们愿随从自己的计谋,各按自己顽固的恶意行事。」 12But you reply: 'It's no use! We shall follow our own plans'; and each one goes on obeying his stubborn heart."
13为此上主这样说:「你们可到各民族去询问:有谁听到了像这样的事?以色列处女做出了极可憎的事。 13Because of this Yahweh has to say: Ask among the nations, 'Has anyone heard the like of this? The Virgin Israel has done a most abominable thing.
14黎巴嫩山巅的巖石岂能缺少积雪?丛山间涌流的冰泉,岂能涸竭? 14Does the snow of Lebanon ever leave the rocky heights of the field? Do the fresh waters of great rivers ever dry up?
15但我的人民却忘掉了我,向「虚无」献香,滑出了自己的正道,离开旧日的行径,而走上了小道,不平坦的路, 15Yet my people have forgotten me, offering incense to empty idols that made them stumble on their way as they left the ancient paths. Now they have taken the wrong way, the crooked way that leads nowhere.
16使自己的地域变为惊愕的原因,取笑的目标;凡经过这地方的人,莫不惊异摇首。 16Their land will be left desolate, and an object of lasting derision. All who pass by will be astonished and shake their heads.
17我必像一阵东风在敌人面前将他们吹散;在他们灭亡之日,我必使他们只见我背,不见我面。」 17Like the wind that blows from the east I will scatter them before their enemies; I will turn my back to them, not my face, in the day of their disaster!
18他们说:「来,我们合谋陷害耶肋米亚!因为没有司祭,法律不会因此废止;没有智者,计谋不会因此缺乏;没有先知,神谕不会因此断绝。来,我们用舌头抨击他,不注意他的一切劝告。」 18Then, they said, "Come, let us plot against Jeremiah, for even without him, there will be priests to interpret the Teachings of the Law; there will always be wisemen to impart counsel and prophets to proclaim the word. Come, let us accuse him and strike him down instead of listening to what he says."
19上主,愿你俯听我,请听我敌人的声明。 19Hear me, O Yahweh! Listen to what my accusers say.
20难道该以怨报德吗?他们竟掘下陷阱来陷害我的性命!望你记忆:我曾站在你面前为他们求情,替他们挽回你的盛怒。 20Is evil the reward for good? Why do they dig a grave for me? Remember how I stood before you to speak well on their behalf so that your anger might subside.
21为此,你应使他们的子孙遭受饥荒,任人屠杀;使他们的妇女丧子居寡,使他们的男人死于瘟疫,使他们的青年在战场上死于刀下。 21Now let their children starve; hand them over to the sword! Let their wives become childless and widows! Let their men be victims of plague and their young men be slain in battle!
22当你引匪队突袭他们时,愿从他们的屋里可听到哭声,因为他们掘了陷阱捕捉我,在我脚下设下罗网。 22Let cries be heard in their houses when you suddenly bring bandits against them, for they have dug a pit to trap me and hidden snares to catch my feet.
23至于你,上主,你知道他们对我的一切计划是要杀害我;请你不要宽恕他们的过恶,不要由你面前抹去他们的罪过,务使他们倒仆在你面前;在你发怒时,求你报复他们。 23O Yahweh, you know all of their plots to take my life! Forgive not their crime; forget not their sin; crush them on the day of your anger.
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