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耶肋米亚 Jeremiah
1犹大的罪是用铁笔记录下来的,用钻石尖刻在他们的心坎上和他们的祭坛角上, 1The sin of Judah is engraved with a tool of steel, with a point of diamond. It is written on the tablets of their hearts as on the horns of their altars.
2好叫他们的子孙记得他们在高岗上,青绿树下和平原的山上,设立了祭坛和神木。 2Their altars and sacred poles witness of it beside every green tree,
3你的财产和所有的宝藏,我必使人掠夺,以抵偿你在全境内犯过的一切罪恶。 3on the high hills and in the open country! I will give away your wealth and your treasures as plunder because of your sin in the high places of your land.
4我必由你手中撤回我赐与你的产业,叫你在不相识的地方给你敌人为奴,因为我的怒火已燃起,永燃不熄。 4Because of your fault you will lose the land I gave you. I will give you as slaves to your enemies in a land that you have never known before, for you have kindled the fire of my anger and it will burn forever.
5上主这样说:「凡信赖世人,以血肉的人为自己的臂膊,决心远离上主的人,是可咒骂的! 5This is what Yahweh says, "Cursed is the man who trusts in human beings and depends on a mortal for his life, while his heart is drawn away from Yahweh!
6他必像一株在旷野中的柽柳,即使幸福来到,一点也不觉察,只住在旷野干燥处,满含盐质无人居住之地。 6He is like a bunch of thistles in dry land, in parched desert places, in a salt land where no one lives and who never finds happiness.
7凡信赖上主,以上主作依靠的人,是可祝福的: 7Blessed is the man who puts his trust in Yahweh and whose confidence is in him!
8他必像一株栽在水边的树木,生根河畔,不怕炎热的侵袭,枝叶茂盛,不愁旱年,不断结实。 8He is like a tree planted by the water, sending out its roots towards the stream. He has no fear when the heat comes, his leaves are always green; the year of drought is no problem and he can always bear fruit.
9人心最狡猾欺诈,已不可救药;谁能透识? 9Most deceitful is the heart. What is there within man, who can understand him?
10我上主究察人心,考验肺腑,依照各人的行径和作为的结果,给人报酬。 10I, Yahweh, search the heart and penetrate the mind. I reward each one according to his ways and the fruit of his deeds.
11谁不以正义积聚财物,像一只鹧鸪孵化不是自己产的卵,中途必要抛弃;结果,还是自己糊涂。 11Like a partridge hatching eggs it did not lay, is someone who hoards riches that he unjustly gained. At the noontime of his life, his wealth will abandon him; at the twilight of his breath, his folly will be confirmed."
12我们圣所的地方,从起初就是设在崇高之处的光荣宝座。 12What a glorious and exalted throne is our Sanctuary!
13上主,以色列的希望!凡离弃你的,必要蒙羞;上主,凡远离你的,必被记录在地上,因为他们离弃了活水的泉源。 13Yahweh, hope of Israel, all who forsake you will be put to shame and those who turn from you will be cast out from your land, for they have rejected Yahweh, the fountain of living water.
14上主,求你医治我,我必能痊愈;你拯救我,我必能获救,因为你是我的荣耀。 14Heal me, Yahweh, and I shall be whole; save me and I shall be safe, O you, my hope!
15看啊,世人对我说:上主的话在那里?让它来罢! 15People say to me, "Where are Yahweh's threats? Let them be carried out now!"
16至于我,我没有强迫你加害,也没有愿望灾祸的日子;你知道:凡出自我口的,都先向你面陈过。 16But I did not urge you to bring devastation nor a time of tragic death; you well know my desire and my pleading is in your ears.
17请你不要成为我的恐怖,你原是我患难之日的避难所。 17Do not terrorize my heart; be my refuge in the day of disaster.
18愿迫害我的人蒙羞,而不是我蒙羞;愿他们惊慌,而不是我惊慌;请你给他们招来灾祸的日子,以双倍的毁灭,消灭他们。 18Let my persecutors be humbled, rather than me! Let them be terrified but not me! Let the day of misfortune fall on them! Crush them twice over!
19上主这样对我说:「你去立在犹大君王出入的本雅明门前,立在耶路撒冷各门前, 19The word of Yahweh came to me in these terms, "Go and stand at the gate they call the People Gate, where the kings of Judah enter and leave;
20向他们说:犹大的君王、全体犹大人和耶路撒冷居民,即凡由这些门进来的,你们聆听上主的话! 20and tell the king and all the people of Judah that this is what Yahweh says:
21上主这样说:你们应该小心,不要在安息日担运重载,进入耶路撒冷的城门。 21For the sake of your lives, be careful not to carry a load on the sabbath day or bring it through the gates of Jerusalem.
22不要在安息日从你们的家里搬运重载;不要做任何工作,却要按照我曾给你们祖先所吩咐的,圣化安息日。 22Carry no burden out of your adobes and refrain from work on the day of the sabbath. Uphold its sacredness as I commanded your forefathers.
23他们不但不侧耳倾听,反而硬著颈,不愿依从,不愿受教。 23They did not obey me or pay attention to what I said. Stiff-necked as they were, they would not hear or accept my warnings.
24设若你们认真听从我──上主的断语──在安息日,不将重担搬进这城门,却圣化安息日,不做任何工作; 24But if you pay attention - it is Yahweh who speaks - and keep the sabbath holy, not working or carrying loads
25那么,坐在达味宝座上的君王和王侯,便会乘车骑马,与自己的公卿、犹大人和耶路撒冷的居民,从这城的门进来;这城必永远有人居住; 25through the gates of Jerusalem, then you will be witnesses to the entry of kings of David's descent through these gates, riding in chariots and on horses. You shall see them and their princes along with the people of Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem; and this city shall last forever.
26人们从犹大各城、耶路撒冷四周、本雅明地、平原、山地和南方前来,带着全燔祭、牺牲、素祭和乳香,在上主的殿里奉献感恩祭。 26People will come from the towns of Judah and from the suburbs of Jerusalem, from the territory of Benjamin, from the Lowland and the hill country and from the Negeb, bringing into the temple burnt offerings and sacrifices, grain offerings and incense, as an act of thanksgiving to Yahweh.
27但是,如果你们不听从我,不圣化安息日,反在安息日担运重载,进入耶路撒冷的城门,我必在城门口放火,叫火吞灭耶路撒冷的宫殿,决不熄灭。」 27But if you do not listen and do not keep the sabbath holy, if you work and carry loads through the gates of Jerusalem, then I will set fire to those gates. It will burn the city and will not be quenched."
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