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耶肋米亚 Jeremiah
1有上主论旱灾的话,传给耶肋米亚说: 1The word of Yahweh concerning drought came to Jeremiah:
2犹大悲哀,城门萧条,人人垂头至地,耶路撒冷哀号四起。 2Judah mourns, the cities languish, desolate, they sink to the ground. From Jerusalem a cry is heard.
3显贵派童仆去打水,来到井旁,却不见有水,带着空器回去,迷惑惭愧,遮住自己的头。 3The rich sent the poor for water, but they found none at the cisterns, and returned with empty vessels.
4因为地上不落雨,田地无法耕耘,农夫们都已绝望,遮住自己的头。 4The soil is cracked because there is no rain in the land; the farmers are dismayed and have covered their heads like mourners.
5甚至母鹿在田间生产,因为没有青草,也得抛弃自己的幼雏。 5Even the doe in the fields abandons her newborn calf because there is no pasture.
6野兽站在童山上,像野狗一般喘息;双目失神,因为没有草吃。 6The wild donkeys stand on the heights sniffing the air like jackals and languish as they find not even a thistle!
7上主,我们的罪过若指证我们,但求你因你的名字而施救,因为我们屡次失节,得罪了你。 7Even if our faults accuse us, you Yahweh, work for the glory of your Name. In truth, many have been our rebellions and great is our sin against you.
8你是以色列的希望,是她在患难中的救主。为什么你在本乡好像是个异乡人,好像是个投宿一夜的旅客? 8O Yahweh! Hope of Israel, you who save in the time of distress, why are you as a stranger in this land, or like a traveler who stays only a night?
9为什么你好像是个沉睡的人,好像是个不能施救的勇士?上主,你常在我们之中,我们是归你名下的人,求你不要离弃我们。 9Why should you be as if bewildered, like a warrior unable to save? But you are in our midst Yahweh, and on us your Name has been invoked. Do not abandon us!
10上主论这人民这样说:「他们这样爱好游荡,没有约束自己的脚,为此上主不喜悦他们;现在忆起了他们的过犯,就惩罚他们的罪恶。」 10This is what Yahweh says about this people, "They like to wander here and there, not stopping for a moment, so Yahweh takes no pleasure in them; he remembers their wickedness and will punish their sins."
11上主对我说:「你不要为这人民求情! 11And Yahweh said, "Do not pray for the well-being of this people!
12即使他们斋戒,我也不会俯听他们的呼吁;即使他们奉献全燔祭和素祭,我也不会悦纳,反而要用战争、饥馑和瘟疫将他们消灭。」 12If they fast I will not listen to their cry; if they offer me burnt offerings and oblations, I will not accept them. Instead I am going to make an end of them with sword, famine and plague."
13我于是说:「哎呀!我主上主!你看,先知们对他们说:你们决不会见到战争,你们决不会遭受饥荒,在这地方我必赐给你们真正的平安。」 13And I said, "Ah, Lord Yahweh! You know what the prophets are saying to them: 'You will not see the sword nor suffer famine for I will give you true peace in this place.'"
14上主对我说:「先知们以我的名预言谎话,我并没有派遣他们,也没有对他们说过话。他们给你们所预言的,是谎谬的幻象,空妄的卜筮,存心骗人的欺诈。 14But Yahweh said, "These prophets have proclaimed untruths in my name. I did not send them, nor did I command them or speak to them. False visions, worthless divinations and delusions of their own imagination - that is what they prophesy."
15为此上主这样说:关于那些以我的名义说预言的先知,我既没有派遣他们,而他们反说:在这地方不会有战争和饥馑,他们就必死于战争和饥馑。 15And Yahweh added, "These prophets whom I did not send and who prophesy in my name, saying that the sword and famine will not touch this land - these same prophets will perish by the sword and famine.
16至于听他们向自己讲说预言的人民,必因饥馑和战争,陈尸在耶路撒冷街头,没有人掩埋他们和他们的妻室子女;我必将他们的邪恶都倾注在他们身上。 16As for the people listening to them, their corpses will be thrown into the streets of Jerusalem. There will be no one to bury them or their wives, their sons or daughters, when they die of famine and by the sword. For I shall make their own malice fall upon them.
17你应将这话转告他们:我眼泪直流,昼夜不息,因为我的处女──人民──大受摧残,受了严重的打击。 17This you will say to them: Let my eyes shed tears night and day without ceasing! For with a great wound has the virgin daughter of my people been wounded, a most grievous wound.
18我若走入田间,看见刀杀的遗尸;我若进入城里,看见饥馑的可怖惨状;就连先知和司祭们也流亡到他们素不相识的地方。」 18If I go into the country, I see those slain by the sword. If I enter the city I see the ravages of famine. For the prophet and the priest did not understand what was happening in the land."
19难道你决意抛弃犹大,实心厌恶熙雍?为什么你打击我们,致使我们医治无望?我们原是期待和平,却不见好转;希望医治的时日,却只见恐怖! 19Have you then rejected Judah forever? Do you abhor Zion? Why have you wounded us and left us with no hope of recovery? We hoped for salvation but received nothing good; we waited for healing, but terror came!
20上主,我们承认我们的罪恶,和我们祖先的过犯;我们实在得罪了你。 20Yahweh, we know our wickedness and that of our fathers, and the times we have sinned against you.
21愿你为了你的名,不要嫌弃,不要轻慢你光荣的御座!望你记忆,不要废除你与我们订立的盟约! 21For your name's sake do not despise us; do not dishonor the throne of your glory. Remember us. Do not break your covenant with us!
22异民的「虚无」中,有能降雨的吗?或是诸天能自施甘霖?难道不只是你,上主我们的天主!我们寄望于你,因为你行了这一切事。 22Among the worthless idols of the nations, are there any who can bring rain, or make the skies send showers? Only in you, Yahweh our God, do we hope, for it is you who do all this.
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