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依撒依亚 Isaiah
1看哪!并非上主的手短小而不能施救,并非他的耳朵沉重而不能听见; 1Yahweh's arm is not too short to save nor his ear too dull to hear.
2而是你们的罪孽,使你们与你们的天主隔绝;是你们的罪恶,使他掩面不肯俯听你们, 2It is your sins, rather, that separate you from God. It is your iniquities that veil his face, so that he does not hear you.
3因为你们的手沾满了血,你们的手指沾满了罪恶;你们的口唇说了谎言,你们的舌头吐出了恶语。 3For your hands are blood-stained, your fingers blotted with crimes; your lips have spoken lies, your tongues have uttered deceit.
4没有人按正义起诉,没有人照公正行审;都依赖虚无讲说空话,孕育著诡诈,产生邪恶。 4No one fights for a right cause; no one makes a truthful plea. They all tell lies and rely on vanity; they conceive mischief and bring forth iniquity.
5他们所孵化的是毒蛇的蛋,他们所纺织的是蜘蛛的网;谁吃了这些蛋,必定要死;蛋若破了,出来的是条毒蛇。 5They hatch vipers' eggs and weave spiders' webs. Whoever eats their eggs dies; and from an egg that is crushed a venomous snake is hatched.
6他们结的蛛网不能制作衣服,他们的手工不能遮盖自己;他们的作为都是罪恶的作为,他们手中只有欺压的行为。 6Their thread gives useless cloth; their works are of help to no one. Their plans are evil plots executed in deeds of violence.
7他们的脚趋向邪恶,急于倾流无辜者的血;他们的思念都是邪恶的思念,在他们的行径上只有蹂躏与毁灭。 7Their feet rush to do evil; they are quick to shed innocent blood. Their minds are full of wicked thoughts, leaving in their wake ruin and havoc.
8和平的道路他们不认识,他们的行径中决无公正;他们弯曲了自己的途径,凡在上面行走的,必不认识和平。 8They do not know the way of peace; from them no one can expect justice. They have made their roads tricky and crooked so that he who follows them is lost or waylaid.
9因此公平远离了我们,正义不与我们接近,我们寻求光明,看!仍是黑暗;希望光亮,仍在幽暗中徘徊。 9So, far away from us lies justice, and beyond reach is righteousness. We look for light but behold darkness; we long for brightness but walk in gloom.
10我们摸索著墙壁,好像瞎子;我们摸索,有如无眼的人;我们在正午颠仆,有如处于黄昏;我们在健壮人中,却如死人。 10Like the blind we grope for the wall, like those without eyes we feel our way. We stumble at noon as at twilight; we are dead in the midst of our sins.
11我们一起号叫,有如狗熊;呻吟哀鸣,宛如鸽子;我们寻求公平,却没有公平;寻找救恩,救恩却远离了我们, 11We are like bears that growl; we are like doves that moan. We look for justice and find none; we wait for salvation that never comes.
12因为我们的悖逆在你面前太多了,我们的罪过作证反对我们,因为我们的悖逆都摆在我们面前,我们认清了我们的罪过: 12For our offenses before you are many, and our sins bear witness against us. We acknowledge our offenses; we know all our iniquities.
13背叛和否认上主,转背离开我们的天主,说欺骗与反叛的话,从心中说出虚妄的言语; 13Yes, we have betrayed and deceived Yahweh, turning away from following our God. We have planned violence and rebellion; we have thought and murmured lies.
14因此公平被制止,正义立在远处,真诚在街市上仆倒于地,正道不得进入。 14Justice has been withheld, righteousness stands aloof, for truth has fallen in the public square and integrity is not allowed to enter.
15真诚消逝了,避恶的人已荡然无存。上主见了,实在不悦,因为一点正直也没有了; 15There is no sincerity nor honesty. The man who turns from evil is despoiled. Yahweh has seen this and is aggrieved that justice does not exist.
16他看不见一个人,他诧异连一个调停者也没有了,遂以自己的手臂来施救,以自己的正义来扶持。 16Appalled at seeing none would intervene, his own arm brought about the victory, his justice giving him its support.
17他身穿正义作铠甲,头戴救恩作钢盔,身佩复仇作衣服,外披妒恨作外氅。 17He put on righteousness as a breastplate, and salvation as a helmet upon his head. He wrapped himself in garments of vengeance and put on a mantle of fury.
18他要按照各人的行为施行报复,向他的敌人发怒,向他的仇人复仇(也向群岛施行报应。) 18To each he will pay his due - wrath to his enemy, reprisal to his foe.
19西方的人要看见上主的名号,东方的人要看见他的荣耀,因为他要来临,好似被强烈的风催促的急流。 19Those in the west will hear the name of Yahweh; those in the east will see his glory. For it will come like a pent-up stream driven by the breath of Yahweh.
20拯救者必要临于熙雍,临于雅各伯家中的弃邪归依者:上主的断语。 20But to Zion he will come as redeemer, and to those of Jacob who turn from sin. This is Yahweh speaking.
21至于我──上主说──这是我与他们所立的盟约:我在你身上所赋的神,我在你口中所放的话,总不离开你的口和你子孙的口,以及你子子孙孙的口,上主说,从现今直到永远。 21For my part, this is my covenant with them, says Yahweh. My spirit which I have poured out on you, and my words which I have put in your mouth, will never leave you, nor your children, nor your children's children forever and ever.
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