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依撒依亚 Isaiah
1祸哉,你这不受侵害而侵害人,不受劫掠而劫掠人的人!当你侵害完了,你将遭受别人的侵害;当你劫掠完了,你将遭受别人的劫掠。 1Woe to you, O ravager who never have been ravaged, you O treacherous one who have not been betrayed! When your ravaging is over, you yourself will be ravaged; when your treacherous deals are ended, you yourself will be betrayed.
2上主啊!怜恤我们罢!我们仰望你,每日清晨,请作我们的臂膊!在窘迫时,请作我们的救援! 2O Yahweh, have mercy on us who put all our hope in you. Be our strength every morning, our salvation when trouble comes.
3叫嚣的声音一响,民众遂即逃遁;你一奋起,万民便都溃散。 3Peoples flee when you thunder and threaten, nations scatter when you rise majestically.
4人们收集掠物,有如拾取蚱蜢;急于劫掠,有如蝗虫疾跳。 4Your spoil, O nations, will be gathered like grasshoppers or locusts leaping and pouncing at grain in the fields.
5上主是崇高的,因为他居于高处;他以正义和公平充盈了熙雍。 5Great is Yahweh who dwells in the height who fills Zion with justice and right,
6他是你命运的保障,得救的府库、智慧和明智;敬畏上主,将是你的宝藏。 6at any time he makes you secure. Wisdom and knowledge are the helpful riches, the fear of Yahweh will be your treasure.
7看哪!传信的人在外号叫,和平使者悲痛啼哭。 7The people of Ariel lament in the street, their envoys of peace bitterly weep.
8大路已经荒废,行旅已经绝迹。他撕毁了盟约,藐视了证人,不顾及任何人。 8The highways lie waste with no traveler in sight. For the covenants were broken, the promises trampled down; no one has been respected.
9地域悽惨颓废,黎巴嫩惭赧憔悴,沙龙变成荒野,巴商和加尔默耳摇曳凋零。 9The earth mourns and languishes, Lebanon withers away with shame, Sharon has become a wilderness, and Bashan and Carmel are stripped bare.
10上主说:「现在我要起来,现在我要奋发,现在我要受尊崇! 10Yahweh says: now I will rise up, now I will be exalted, now I will lift myself up.
11你们所怀的是枯草,所生的是碎稭;我的气息有如火燄,必将你们焚尽! 11You conceived chaff, you will deliver stubble, my breath like fire will devour you.
12万民将被焚烧,有如石灰,又如斩断的荆棘毁于火中。 12The nations will be burned to lime, like thorns cut down and burned in the fire.
13远方的人要听到我的作为,近处的人要尝试我的能力!」 13You who are afar, hear what I have done; and you who are near, acknowledge my might.
14熙雍的罪人战兢害怕,不法之徒为恐惧所攫:「我们中谁能与吞噬的烈火同居?我们中谁能与不灭的烈燄共处?」 14The sinners of Zion shake, trembling in fear are the hypocrites. "Who among us will dwell with flames? Who can subsist in the midst of fire?
15那行走正道,出言真诚的,鄙弃欺诈入息的,摇手不受贿赂的,充耳不闻流血阴谋的,闭眼不看邪恶的: 15He who walks uprightly and speaks righteously, spurns profit from oppression, shakes his fists at graft and corruption, stops his ears against suggestions of bloodshed and averts his eyes from evil plans.
16这样的人要居高处,岩石上的堡垒将作他的保障,他的食物有人供应,他的水可得保全。 16This is the man who will dwell on the heights, his stronghold a fortress of rocks; bread is given to him, his water will not fail.
17你必要举目瞻仰具有华美的君王,要遥望幅员广阔的地带。 17Your eyes will behold a king in his splendor and a land that stretches afar.
18你的心追忆起已往的恐怖时,要说:「登记的人员在那里呢?量银的人员在那里呢?数点城堡的人又在那里呢?」 18Yet your mind may still dwell on its old fears: Where is the oppressor who counted and weighed the taxes and enrolled our sons?
19你再见不到那野蛮的民族,即言语深邃而难以领悟,说话口吃而不易理喻的民族。 19But you will see no more of those fierce people with obscure speech you cannot comprehend, with stammering tongue you cannot understand.
20你将观看熙雍,我们集会的城邑;你的眼睛将见到耶路撒冷,安全的寓所,不动摇的帐幕;她的木桩永不能拔出,她所有的绳索也不能拉断。 20Look to Zion, the city of our festivals; see Jerusalem, a peaceful abode, a tabernacle never to be destroyed. Not one of its stakes will ever be removed nor any of its ropes severed.
21荣耀的上主在那里将作我们的巨川大河,没有舟楫往来其间,也没有游艇划过。 21But there is Yahweh mighty for our sake, in place of broad rivers and streams. Here you see no galley with oars; no stately sailing ship.
22它的绳索松弛了,没有稳固桅杆的力量,也没有扯起船帆的力量。 22But Yahweh is our judge, Yahweh is our king: he will save us.
23因为上主是我们的判官,上主是我们的立法者,上主是我们的君王,他必拯救我们。 23Your rigging hangs loose: it cannot hold the mast firm, it cannot keep the sail spread out. Such have been the prey and spoil that even the lame pounced on it.
24那时,瞎子要分得许多战利品,瘸子要取得掳获物。 24On that day no one apologized, "I am sickly." The people who dwell there have been forgiven their sins.
25没有一个居民再会说:「我病了。」住在那里的人必将获得罪赦。 25
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