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依撒依亚 Isaiah
1有关「神视谷」的神谕:你究竟为了什么上了屋顶? 1An oracle concerning the Valley of Vision. What ails you now, that you have all gone up to the housetops,
2你这座充满喧哗嘈杂的城市,享乐的都会!你的被杀者并不是被杀于刀剑,也不是死于战场。 2you with your hustle and bustle a tumultuous city, a wanton town? Your slain men have not been killed by the sword, nor have they died in battle.
3你所有的官长都结伴逃遁,窜逃远方;你所有的将士也都集体被俘,弃弓就缚。 3Together your leaders have fled; they were captured under the threat of the bow. Your valiant were caught together, they had fled far away.
4为此我说:「你们不要管我,让我痛哭一场罢!也不要为了我民族的女儿的零落,有劳你们来安慰我!」 4That is why I say, "Look away from me. I will weep bitterly. Do not try to comfort me over the ruin of the daughter of my people."
5因为这是一个混乱、蹂躏、惶惑的日子,是属于吾主万军的上主的日子;在「神视谷」内,城墙倒塌,喊声震撼山岳。 5There comes from the Lord Yahweh Sabaoth a day of trampling and rout. In the Valley of Vision they undermine the walls and the cries for help ascend to the mountains.
6厄蓝取了箭囊,阿兰骑上了战马,克尔亮出了盾牌。 6Elam bears the quiver with charioteers and horsemen; Kir uncovers the shield.
7你最富丽的山谷充满了战车,骑兵已在门前布好阵势。 7Chariots are all over your choicest valleys; horsemen are stationed at the gates.
8犹大的屏障已被揭开。那天你们只仰望林宫内的武器, 8Judah is stripped of her defenses. On that day you turned your eyes to the arsenal at the Palace of the Forest.
9只看见了达味城上的许多裂缝,聚集了下池塘的蓄水, 9You saw the many breaches in the defenses of the city of David. You gathered together the waters of the lower pool.
10计算了耶路撒冷的房屋,拆毁了民房来巩固城墙, 10You counted the houses of Jerusalem and tore down some of them to strengthen the wall.
11在两城墙之间,又凿了个蓄水池,来贮藏池塘的水;却没有仰望这事的主事者,也没有回顾那老早计划了这事的。 11You built a reservoir between the two walls for the water of the old Pool. But you gave no thought to its Maker. You had no regard for him who had planned it long ago.
12那天,吾主万军的上主本来叫人哭泣、哀号、削发、腰束苦衣; 12On that day the Lord Yahweh Sabaoth called you to weep and mourn, to shave your head and put on sackcloth.
13但是,看,仍是欢跃喜乐,宰牛杀羊,饮酒食肉:「吃喝罢!明天我们就要死啦!」 13But look, instead of that, there is wanton revelry: oxen are butchered and sheep are slaughtered. You eat meat and get drunk, saying, "Let us eat and drink for tomorrow we die."
14万军的上主亲自附耳传示给我说:「决不赦免你们这罪恶,除非你们死去。」吾主万军的上主这样说。 14A word from Yahweh Sabaoth has reached my ears: "This sin will not be forgiven until they die."
15有关宫殿总管舍布纳的神谕:吾主万军的上主这样说:去!到那个在高处给自己凿坟墓,在巖石间给自己辟寝室的家宰那里去,对他说:「你在这里有什么东西?你在这里有什么人,竟在这里为你凿坟墓? 15Thus says the Lord Yahweh Sabaoth: Go and talk to this man Shebna, who is the palace steward. Ask him:
16看哪!上主要大力一掷,把你掷得远远的;他要抓紧你, 16Who are you and what right have you to carve a resting place on the heights, to cut out a burial place for yourself here in the rock?
17将你卷了又卷,卷成一团,如一圆球,抛掷到广阔之地。你要死在那里,连你的彩车也要毁灭,你这个王宫的耻辱! 17Look here, O you strongman, Yahweh will seize you; he will take you captive and take firm hold of you.
18我要革你的职,撤你的位。 18He will roll you up, toss you like a ball, then violently hurl you down into a large open land. There you will perish with the chariots of your glory, O you, the shame of your master's house!
19到那天,我要召希耳克雅的儿子厄里雅金作我的仆人。 19You will be deposed, strongman. I will hurl you down from where you are.
20我要把你的朝衣给他穿上,把你的玉带给他束上,将你的治权交在他手中;他将作耶路撒冷居民和犹大家室的慈父。 20On that day I will summon my servant Eliakim, son of Hilkiah.
21我要将达味家室的钥匙放在他肩上;他开了,没有人能关;他关了,没有人能开。 21I will clothe him with your robe, I will strengthen him with your girdle, I will give him your authority, and he will be a father to the inhabitants of Jerusalem and to the people of Judah.
22我要坚定他,有如钉在稳固地方的木橛;他将成为他父家荣誉的宝座。 22Upon his shoulder I will place the key of the House of David: what he opens, no one shall shut; what he shuts, no one shall open.
23他父家全部的荣耀、细枝、嫩芽、各种细小的物品,自碗具以至各种壶瓶都悬挂在它上面。 23I will fasten him like a peg in a sure spot, and he will be a seat of honor in the house of his father.
24到那一天──万军上主的断语──钉在稳固地方的木橛必将脱落,破裂,掉下来,上面所挂的重载也要摔得粉碎。因为上主说了。 24(Upon him will hang all the load of his father's house - offspring and descendants, all the little vessels from bowls to jars.
25 25On that day, says Yahweh Sabaoth, the peg fastened in a sure spot will give way; it will be cut down and the load hanging on it will fall. Thus Yahweh has spoken.)
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