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迦拉达书 Galatians
1过了十四年,我同巴尔纳伯再上耶路撒冷去,还带了弟铎同去。 1After fourteen years I again went up to Jerusalem with Barnabas, and Titus came with us.
2我是受了启示而上去的;我在那里向他们陈述了我在异民中间所讲的福音,和私下向那些有权威的人陈述过,免得我白白地奔跑,或者徒然奔走了。 2Following a revelation, I went to lay before them the Gospel that I am preaching to the pagans. I had a private meeting with the leaders - lest I should be working or have worked in a wrong way.
3但是,即连跟我的弟铎,他虽是希腊人,也没有被强迫领受割损, 3But they did not impose circumcision, not even on Titus who is Greek and who was with me.
4因为,有些潜入的假弟兄,曾要他受割损;这些人潜入了教会,是为窥探我们在基督耶稣内所享有的自由,好使我们再成为奴隶; 4Because there were some intruders and false brothers who had gained access to watch over the way we live the freedom Christ has given us. They would have us enslaved by the Law,
5可是对他们,我们连片刻时间也没有让步屈服,为使福音的真理在你们中保持不变。 5but we refused to yield even for a moment; so that the truth of the Gospel remain intact in you.
6至于那些所谓有权威的人──不论他们以前是何等人物,与我毫不相干;天主决不顾情面──那些有权威的人,也没有另外吩咐我什么; 6The others, the more respectable leaders - it does not matter what they were before: God pays no attention to the status of a person - gave me no new instructions.
7反而他们看出来,我是受了委托,向未受割损的人,宣传福音,就如伯多禄被委派向受割损的人宣传福音一样; 7They recognized that I have been entrusted to give the Good News to the pagan nations, just as Peter has been entrusted to give it to the Jews.
8因为,那叫伯多禄为受割损的人致力尽宗徒之职的,也叫我为外邦人致力尽宗徒之职。 8In the same way that God made Peter the apostle of the Jews, he made me the apostle of the pagans.
9所以,他们一认清了所赋与我的恩宠,那称为柱石的雅各伯、刻法和若望,就与我和巴尔纳伯握手,表示通力合作,叫我们往外邦人那里去,而他们却往受割损的人那里去。 9James, Peter and John acknowledged the graces God gave me. Those men who were regarded as the pillars of the Church stretched out their hand to me and Barnabas as a sign of fellowship; we would go to the pagans and they to the Jews.
10他们只要我们怀念穷人;对这一点我也曾尽力行了。 10We should only keep in mind the poor among them. I have taken care to do this.
11但是,当刻法来到安提约基雅时,我当面反对了他,因为他有可责的地方。 11When later Cephas came to Antioch, I confronted him since he deserved to be blamed.
12原来由雅各伯那里来了一些人,在他们未到以前,他惯常同外邦人一起吃饭;可是他们一来到了,他因怕那些受割损的人,就退避了,自己躲开。 12Before some of James' people arrived, he used to eat with non-Jewish people. But when they arrived, he withdrew and did not mingle anymore with them, for fear of the Jewish group.
13其余的犹太人也都跟他一起装假,以致连巴尔纳伯也受了他们的牵引而装假。 13The rest of the Jews followed him in this pretense, and even Barnabas was part of this double-dealing.
14我一见他们的行为与福音的真理不合,就当着众人对刻法说:「你是犹太人,竟按照外邦人的方式,而不按照犹太人的方式过活,你怎么敢强迫外邦人犹太化呢?」 14When I saw that they were not acting in line with the truth of the Gospel, I said to Cephas publicly: If you who are Jewish agreed to live like the non-Jews, setting aside the Jewish customs, why do you now compel the non-Jews to live like Jews?
15我们生来是犹太人,而不是出于外邦民族的罪人; 15We are Jews by birth; we are not pagan sinners.
16可是我们知道:人成义不是由于遵行法律,而只是因着对耶稣基督的信仰,所以我们也信从了基督耶稣,为能由于对基督的信仰,而不由于遵行法律成义,因为由于遵守法律,任何人都不得成义。 16Yet we know that no one is made just and holy by the observance of the Law but by faith in Christ Jesus. So we have believed in Christ Jesus that we may receive true righteousness from faith in Christ Jesus, and not from the practices of the Law, because no mortal will be set right with God in the field of the Law.
17如果我们在基督内求成义的人,仍如他们一样被视为罪人,那么,基督岂不是成了支持罪恶的人了吗?绝对不是。 17We thought we would find in Christ the way of righteousness; if in doing this we were in the wrong, then Christ would be working for sin. Not so!
18如果我把我所拆毁的,再修建起来,我就证明我是个罪犯。 18But look: if we do away with something and then restore it, we admit we did wrong.
19其实,我已由于法律而死于法律了,为能生活于天主;我已同基督被钉在十字架上了, 19As for me, the very Law brought me to die to the Law, that I may live for God. I am crucified with Christ. Do I live? It is no longer me, Christ lives in me. My life in this body is life through faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave himself for me.
20所以,我生活已不是我生活,而是基督在我内生活;我现今在肉身内生活,是生活在对天主子的信仰内;他爱了我,且为我舍弃了自己。 20In this way I don't ignore the gift of God,
21我决不愿使天主的恩宠无效,因为,如果成义是赖着法律,那么,基督就白白地死了。 21for, if holiness were through the practice of the Law, Christ would have died for nothing.
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