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厄则克耳 Ezekiel
1十一年十二月一日,上主的话传给我说: 1On the first of the twelfth month in the twelfth year, the word of Yahweh came to me in these terms,
2「人子,你要唱哀歌追悼埃及王法郎,向他说:你曾自比作列国的雄狮,其实你却似海中的鳄鱼,冲入你的河中,用爪搅混了水,弄污了河流。 2"Intone a lamentation for Pharaoh, king of Egypt. You will say: Lion of the nations, you are lost! You were like a monster of the sea, thrashing the water in the rivers, stirring and muddying the water with your feet.
3吾主上主这样说:我要藉列国的联军向你张开我的罗网,用我的网把你拖上来。 3This is what Yahweh says: I will spread my nets over you, and an assembly of many nations will haul you up into my net.
4我要把你丢在地上,抛在田野间,使天上的各种飞鸟落在你身上,使地上的各种野兽吃你吃个饱。 4I will throw you on the ground, hurl you into the open field and let the birds of the air settle on you and the beasts of the earth feed on you.
5我要把你的肉丢在山上,用你尸首填满山谷, 5I will scatter your flesh on the mountains, fill the valleys with your remains and
6用你的流汁灌溉大地,以你的血灌溉至山边,以你的腐尸填满沟壑。 6drench the earth with your liquids. When I blot you out,
7当你被消灭时,我要遮蔽天空,使星辰也昏暗;以云彩遮住太阳,使月亮不放光明。 7the skies will darken and the stars become dim; I will veil the sun with a cloud and the moon shall not give its light.
8我要使天上一切照在你身上的光体变为黑暗,使黑暗笼罩你的国土──吾主上主的断语── 8Because of you I will darken all the lights in the sky and cover the earth in darkness, word of Yahweh.
9当我在列国把你灭亡的消息,传到你不认识的国家时,我要使许多民族心神忧伤。 9Many nations will grieve when I spread the news of your fall, even people you do not know;
10当我在他们面前挥动我的刀剑时,我要使许多民族,为了你而惊骇,使她们的君王惊惶失措;在你倾覆之日,他们每人都为自己的性命而战栗。 10their kings will shudder because of you when I wave my sword before them. All of them will tremble for their life, on the day of your fall.
11因为吾主上主这样说:巴比伦王的刀剑必临于你。 11For thus says Yahweh: The sword of the king of Babylon is coming against you.
12我必使你的民众丧身在众英雄,即列国中最凶残之人的刀下;他们必要破坏埃及的光华,消灭她的民众。 12The sword of the warriors, the most terrible among the nations will destroy your numerous people. They will shatter the pride of Egypt and your multitudes will be exterminated.
13我要从大水之旁,把她所有的牲畜灭绝,人脚不再搅混此水,兽蹄也不再使水混浊; 13I will destroy all your cattle along the shores of the great river, no longer to be trod by man or beast.
14那时,我要澄清他们的水,使他们的河徐徐流下如油一般──吾主上主的断语── 14And then I will calm their rivers, and their streams will flow like oil, word of Yahweh.
15当我使埃及地荒芜,使其他所有的一切荒废,打击其中所有居民时,他们必要承认我是上主。 15When I make a wasteland of Egypt and destroy its inhabitants, striking all those who live there, they will know that I am Yahweh.
16这是列国女子所要唱的哀歌,她们咏唱此歌凭吊埃及及其人民──吾主上主的断语。」 16This is the dirge which the cities of the nations will chant for Egypt and its multitudes - word of Yahweh."
17十二年一月十五日,上主的话传给我说: 17On the fifteenth day of the month, in the eleventh year, the word of Yahweh came to me in these terms,
18「人子,你要哀悼埃及的民众,因为我要将她和各强国的女儿推入阴间,同已下到阴府的人在一起。 18"Son of man, wail for the multitudes of Egypt and make them descend to the netherworld.
19你比谁更华美呢?你下去罢!同未受割损的人卧在一起罢! 19For I will send them to the land of shadows with those who go down to the pit.
20他们必倒在丧身刀下的人中,刀已交出,必使她和她的群众一起丧亡。 20There they will meet all the victims of the sword. Egypt has been taken; she has been dragged away with her multitudes.
21最英勇的战士和她的同盟,必从阴府中论及她说:他们也下来了,同未受割损的人,同那些丧身刀下的人,卧在一起。 21The mighty heroes in the netherworld together with Pharaoh's allies, will say to her: 'Why should you be more favored than others? Come down and make your bed with the uncircumcised, with those fallen by the sword.'
22在那里有亚述,她的民众围绕着她的坟墓:他们都是被杀而丧身刀下的。 22Assyria is there with her entire army; she is surrounded by the tombs of her victims fallen by the sword.
23他们的坟墓位于极深的坑中,她的民众围绕着她的坟墓:他们都是被杀而丧身刀下的,他们曾在活人地上,散布过恐怖。 23Their graves are at the bottom of the pit and her army lies around her tomb; all those who spread terror in the land of the living have been killed by the sword.
24在那里有厄蓝,她的民众都围绕着她的坟墓:他们都是被杀而丧身刀下的,未受割损而降入阴间的;他们曾在活人地上,散布过恐怖,所以他们与已下到深渊的人一同蒙受羞辱。 24Elam is there with all her multitude around her tomb, all of them slain, fallen by the sword. They are the uncircumcised, who have gone down to the lower regions, those who spread terror in the land of the living; they bear their shame with those who go down to the pit.
25在丧亡者中为她安置了床榻,她的民众围绕着她的坟墓:他们全是未受割损,丧身刀下的,因为他们曾在活人地上,散布过恐怖,所以被安置在被杀的人中,与已下到深渊的人一同蒙受羞辱。 25Meschech and Tubal are there with the tombs of their multitude around them. All these uncircumcised are there pierced by the sword, for they spread terror in the land of the living.
26在那里有默舍客和突巴耳,她们的民众都围绕着她们的坟墓:他们全是未受割损,丧身刀下的;他们曾在活人地上,散布过恐怖。 26They are not lying with the heroes of former times who went to the grave with all their gear of war; the heroes whose terror filled the land of the living, lie with their swords placed under their heads their shields over their bones.
27他们不得与古代已死的英雄卧在一起,这些人带着武器降入阴府,人们把他们的刀剑放在他们头下,盾牌放在他们的骨骸上,因为他们曾在活人地上,散布过恐怖。 27You instead will be among the uncircumcised victims of the sword.
28至于你,你要卧在未受割损的人中,同丧身刀下的人在一起。 28Edom is there with her kings and princes who despite their bravery lie with those fallen by the sword. They are placed with the uncircumcised and with those who go down to the pit.
29在那里有厄东和她的君王,以及她所有的首长,他们虽然英勇,却同丧身刀下的人被安置在一起,同未受割损而下到深渊的人卧在一起。 29All the princes of the north are there and all the Sidonians who have gone down in disgrace with the slain, despite the terror caused by their power. They are shamed and lie with the uncircumcised, victims of the sword. They bear their shame with those who go down to the pit.
30在那里有北方的一切首领和所有的漆冬人,他们虽然英勇,令人惊骇,也同被杀者一起下去了;他们同未受割损的人和丧身刀下的人卧在一起,与已下到深渊的人一同蒙受羞辱。 30When Pharaoh and all his army see them, he will be comforted because of all his multitudes killed by the sword, word of Yahweh.
31法郎看见那些人,便为自己所有的人民,感到安慰,因为法郎和他的军队也都是丧身刀下的──吾主上主的断语── 31Although I had him spread terror in the land of the living, Pharaoh will be laid among the uncircumcised victims of the sword, he and his multitudes, word of Yahweh."
32因为他曾在活人地上,散布过恐怖,所以法郎和他所有的人民,也都要卧在未受割损的人中,与丧身刀下的人在一起──吾主上主的断语。」 32
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