厄则克耳:Chapter 22


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厄则克耳 Ezekiel
1上主的话传给我说: 1The word of Yahweh came to me in these terms,
2「人子,你应开庭裁判这座流人血的城,叫她知道自己的丑恶。 2"Son of man, will you judge them? Will you judge the city of blood? Charge her with all her detestable practices.
3你应说:吾主上主这样说:那流人血,使时辰迫近,制造偶像,自染不洁的城,是有祸的! 3Say: This is Yahweh's word: City of bloodshed, your hour has come. You who made your own idols to defile yourself, you are nearing your last days, the end of your years has come.
4因你倾流人血,自负血债;因你制造偶像,自染不洁,致使你的日子已近,你的年限已到;为此,我要使你成为万民所侮辱,万邦所耻笑的对象。 4That is why I am making you an object of horror for the nations and a laughing-stock for every country.
5那离你近,离你远的,都要耻笑你为一恶名多乱的城。 5Those both near and far will mock you, for your name is defiled and you are full of tumult.
6看,以色列的首领,在你中间各逞其能,倾流人的血。 6The leaders of Israel, each according to his strength, have one intent - to shed blood.
7在你中间有人轻视父母,在你中间有人压迫外方人,在你中间也有人欺压孤儿寡妇。 7In you, Israel, father and mother are treated with contempt, in you the alien is oppressed, the fatherless and the widow are wronged.
8你藐视了我的圣物,亵渎了我的安息日。 8You have despised my holy things and profaned my sabbaths.
9在你中间有人诽谤,好倾流人血。在你中间有人到山上吃祭物,在你中间有人行淫乱。 9In you, men slander to shed blood; in you, they go to eat on the hill sanctuaries and act shamefully.
10在你中间有人揭开父亲的下体,在你中间有人玷污行经不洁的妇女。 10In you are those who defile their father's bed, in you are those who violate women when they are unclean.
11在你中间有人同邻人的妻子行丑恶之事,有人奸污自己的儿媳,有人玷辱自己的姊妹,即父亲的女儿。 11One man commits a detestable offense with his neighbor's wife, another shamefully dishonors his daughter-in-law, another violates his own sister, his father's daughter.
12在你中间有人接受贿赂,以倾流人血。你收息金,放重利,用强力剥削你的近人,而你竟忘了我──吾主上主的断语── 12In you, men accept bribes to shed blood. You exact interest and usury and you rob and exploit your neighbor, and you have forgotten me. It is Yahweh who speaks.
13看,对你所放的重利,对在你中间所流的血债,我要鼓掌。 13See, I will clap my hands at your dishonest profit, and the blood you have shed. Will your courage hold out, will your hands be steady when I shall come against you?
14在我与你算账的那天,难道你的心还能忍受,你的手还能坚强?我,上主言出必行。 14I, Yahweh, have spoken and I will act accordingly.
15我要将你驱逐在异民中,将你散布在各地,消除你的污秽。 15I will scatter you among the nations, I will disperse you in other countries to rid you of your uncleanness.
16以后在异民眼前,我必再使你做我的产业:如此你要承认我是上主。」 16Then you will be dishonored in the eyes of the nations and you will know that I am Yahweh."
17上主的话传给我说: 17The word of Yahweh came to me in these terms,
18「人子,以色列家族对我好像是渣滓,他们成了炉中的铜、锡、铁和铝,他们都成了银渣。 18"Israel has become for me like dross; some were like silver, bronze, tin, iron and lead; but in the furnace only dross is left.
19因此吾主上主这样说:因为你们都成了渣滓,为此,看,我必将你们聚集在耶路撒冷, 19The Lord Yahweh has spoken: This is how I am gathering you together in Jerusalem.
20如把银、铜、铁、铅和锡聚集在炼炉中,在上面吹火,使它们镕化;照样,我也要把你们聚集在我的怒火和愤恨中,将你们抛在里面镕化。 20As they place silver, bronze, iron, lead and tin in the fires of a furnace to be smelted, so in my anger will I assemble you, put you in the furnace and smelt you.
21我要聚集你们,在你们身上吹起我的怒火,使你们镕化在耶路撒冷; 21I will gather you in Jerusalem, stir up the fire of my wrath and smelt you in it.
22就像银子在炼炉中镕化,你们也照样在城中镕化:如此,你们就承认我是上主,是我在你们身上发泄了怒火。」 22As silver is smelted in the furnace so will you be smelted and you will know that I, Yahweh, have poured out my fiery wrath against you."
23上主的话传给我说: 23The word of Yahweh came to me in these terms,
24「人子,你应对此城说:你是一块在震怒之日无雨无水之地。 24"Son of man, say to Jerusalem: You are a land without rain, a land without a shower on a day of wrath,
25城中的王侯像撕裂猎物的吼狮,他们吞噬人民,抢夺财物和珍宝,增加了城中的寡妇。 25a land where the princes have been like a roaring lion tearing its prey. They devour people; they take treasures and precious objects and increase the number of widows.
26城中司祭违犯我的法律,亵渎我的圣物,不分别圣与俗,不辨明洁与不洁,且掩目不顾我的安息日,致使我在他们中蒙受亵渎。 26Your priests have broken my laws and have profaned my holy things. They have made no distinction between what is holy and what is common; they have not taught what difference there is between the clean and the unclean. They have ignored my sabbath and I have been dishonored by them.
27城中的首长像撕裂猎物的豺狼,倾流人血,杀害人命,以图谋不义之财。 27The officials of the city are like wolves who tear their prey, shedding blood and killing people for unjust gain.
28城中的先知还为他们掩饰罪过,所见的都是假异象,所说的都是欺诈的预言。他们说:吾主上主这样说,其实上主并没有说。 28As for the prophets, they whitewash everything by means of false visions and lying predictions, saying: 'Yahweh has spoken' when Yahweh has not spoken.
29本地的人民蛮横强暴,劫夺抢掠,欺压穷苦贫困的人,迫害外方人,无法无天。 29The lords of the land have practiced extortion and robbery, oppressing the poor and needy, molesting the alien and denying him justice.
30我在他们中找寻一个能修理城墙的人,能在我面前为保护本地,站在缺口处,免得我去破坏那地方的人;但我没找到一个。 30I looked for a man among them to build a wall and stand on the breach to protect the land lest I destroy it, but I found none.
31为此,我向他们发泄我的怒气,用我的怒火消灭他们,把他们的行为报复在他们头上──吾主上主的断语。」 31So I have poured out my wrath against them; I have destroyed them in the heat of my fury bringing down on their heads all they have done - it is Yahweh who speaks."
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