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厄则克耳 Ezekiel
1七年五月十日,有些以色列长老前来求问上主,他们坐在我面前。 1It happened on the tenth day of the fifth month of the seventh year, some men from among the elders of Jerusalem came to consult Yahweh and sat in front of me.
2上主的话传给我说: 2Then the word of Yahweh came to me in these terms,
3「人子,你要向以色列长老发言,对他们说:吾主上主这样说:你们是为求问我而来的吗?我指着我的生命起誓:我决不让你们求问──吾主上主的断语── 3"Son of man, say to the elders of Israel: This is the word of Yahweh: Do you come to consult me? As I live, I will not answer you - word of Yahweh.
4人子,你应开庭审问他们,叫他们知道他们祖先的丑恶。 4Judge them, son of man, will you judge them? Let them know about the detestable practices of their fathers.
5你向他们说:吾主上主这样说:在我拣选以色列之日,便向雅各伯家的后裔举手起誓,并在埃及地显示给他们,向他们举手起誓说:我是上主,你们的天主。 5Say to them: This is what Yahweh has said: The day I chose Israel, I committed myself to the descendants of Jacob with an oath. I revealed myself to them in the land of Egypt and I swore to them, I am Yahweh, your God.
6在那一天,我曾向他们举手起誓,要领他们出离埃及地,到我早给他们拣选的流奶流蜜的地方去,那是普世最肥美的地方。 6On that day I swore to them that I would take them out of Egypt to a country I had explored for them, a land flowing with milk and honey, the most splendid of lands.
7那时我向他们说:你们每人都该抛弃自己所喜爱的偶像,不要为埃及的神像所玷污:我是上主,你们的天主; 7I said to them: Let each one reject the horrors that attract him! Do not defile yourselves with the idols of Egypt. I am Yahweh, your God.
8但他们竟背弃我,不肯听从我,没有人抛弃自己所喜爱的偶像,也没有人丢开埃及的神像。那时我本想在他们身上发泄我的愤怒,在埃及地域向他们尽泄我的怒气。 8But they rebelled against me and would not listen; none of them rejected the horrors that attracted them, none abandoned the filthy idols of Israel. I then thought of pouring out my fury on them, exhausting my anger against them in the land of Egypt.
9然而我为了我的名没有这样作,免得我的名在异民眼前,即在他们居留的地方,受到亵渎,因为我曾在他们眼前显示给他们,要领我的百姓离开埃及地。 9But for the sake of my Name I relented, lest it be profaned in the sight of the nations where they lived, whose inhabitants had seen how I revealed myself to the Israelites in bringing them out of Egypt.
10我引他们离开埃及地,领他们到了旷野, 10So I brought them out of Egypt and led them to the desert.
11给他们颁布了我的诫命,给他们启示了我的法律:凡遵守那些法律的,便可赖以生存。 11I gave them my decrees and made my laws known to them, laws by which man lives provided he observes them.
12我还给他们规定了我的安息日,作为我与他们中间的记号,为承认我就是祝圣他们的上主。 12I also gave them my sabbaths to be a sign between us, letting them know that I am Yahweh who makes them holy.
13但是以色列家族在旷野中背弃了我,没有奉行我的法度,轻视了我的法律,即遵行的人可赖以生存的法律,并对我的安息日大加亵渎;那时我本想在他们身上发泄我的愤怒,在旷野中消灭他们。 13But Israel rebelled against me in the desert. They did not follow my decrees, they despised my laws by which man lives, provided he obeys them; they so profaned my sabbaths that in my fury I thought of destroying them in the desert.
14然而我为了我的名,没有这样作,免得我的名在异民前受亵渎,因为我曾在异民眼前将他们引领出来。 14But again I relented for the sake of my Name, lest it be profaned in the sight of the nations who saw me bring them out.
15甚至在旷野中我也亲自向他们举手起过誓,不再领他们进入我曾赐给他们那流奶流蜜之地,即普世最肥美的地方; 15However I swore to them in the desert that I would not bring them to the land flowing with milk and honey that I had given them - the choicest of lands -
16因为他们抛弃了我的法律,没有奉行我的法度,并且亵渎了我的安息日,因为他们的心随从了他们的偶像; 16because they had despised my laws and had not followed my decrees; they had profaned my sabbaths, and their heart went after their idols.
17但是我的眼睛还怜视了他们,没有击杀他们,也没有在旷野中消灭他们。 17But I had pity on them and did not destroy them; I did not do away with them in the desert.
18以后,我在旷野中向他们的后代说:你们不要追随你们祖先的习惯,不要遵行他们的惯例,也不要为他们的偶像所玷污。 18I said to their children in the desert: Do not follow the example of your fathers; do not keep their practices and do not defile yourselves with their idols.
19我是上主你们的天主;你们应奉行我的法度,谨守我的法律,要一一履行; 19I am Yahweh, your God. Follow my decrees, observe my laws and practice them.
20要圣化我的安息日,作为我与你们之间的记号,承认我是上主,你们的天主。 20Keep my sabbaths holy and let them be a sign between us and you will know that I am Yahweh, your God.
21然而他们的后代也背弃了我,没有奉行我的法度,也没有遵守我的法律,即遵行的人可赖以生存的法律,并且也亵渎了我的安息日。我本想在他们身上发泄我的愤怒,在旷野中尽泄我的怒气, 21But their children too rebelled against me; they did not follow my decrees or observe my laws; they did not carry out these laws by which man lives provided he obeys them. They profaned my sabbaths and I thought of pouring out my fury on them and exhausting my anger against them in the desert.
22但是为了我的名我缩回了手,没有那样作,免得我的名在异民前受到亵渎,因为我刚由他们面前将他们领出来。 22But once more I held back my hand lest my Name be profaned in the eyes of the nations that had seen me bring them out.
23并且在旷野中我也亲自向他们举手起过誓,要将他们分散在异民中,将他们放逐在各国中; 23However I swore to them in the desert that I would scatter them among the nations and disperse them in other lands since they had not obeyed my laws,
24因为他们没有遵行我的法律,且轻视了我的法度,亵渎了我的安息日,他们的眼目转向了他们祖先的偶像。 24but instead had defiled my sabbaths and had looked to the idols of their fathers.
25为此,我容许他们有不良的法度,和不能赖以生存的法律; 25In the meantime I gave them statutes that were not good and laws they could not live by,
26并使他们因自己的祭献成为不洁,让他们将头胎所生的,以焚化祭祀,为使他们灭绝;如此,他们要承认我是上主。 26so that they might be defiled by their gifts. I let them offer by fire all their firstborn, in order to shame them and let them know that I am Yahweh.
27人子,为此你应告诉以色列家族,向他们说:吾主上主这样说:你们的祖先,连在这事上也亵渎了我,对我背信违约: 27Therefore, son of man, speak to Israel; say to them: This is what Yahweh says: Do you not know that your fathers offended me by their infidelity?
28当我引领他们进入曾向他举手誓许要赐给他们的地域时,他们无论看见那一座高丘,那一棵密茂的树木,就在那里祭杀牺牲,在那里献上甘饴的馨香,并在那里行奠酒礼。 28I led them to the land I had sworn to give them, but whenever they saw a lofty hill or leafy tree they offered sacrifices. They provoked me with the offerings they made there - appeasing aromas and drink offerings.
29我曾向他们说:「高丘」算是什么?你们竟往那里去;直到今日人还叫那地方为「巴玛」。 29Then I said to them, 'What is this place to which you go?' That is why they called it high place.
30为此你要告诉以色列家族:吾主上主这样说:你们仍追随你们祖先的行径而玷污自己,仍同他们的邪神犯奸淫; 30Say to Israel, thus says Yahweh: Since you follow your fathers in lusting after their abominations,
31你们仍奉献供物,火化你们的子女,为了你们的一切偶像,使自己受玷污直到今日。以色列家族,我还能让你们求问我吗?我指着我的生命起誓:──吾主上主的断语──我决不让你们求问。 31in bringing your gifts and in sacrificing your children by fire, never ceasing to defile yourselves with your idols, am I to answer when you consult, Israel? As I live, word of Yahweh, I will not answer you.
32你们幻想说:我们要像异民,像各地的人民一样敬拜木石,你们心中所想的决不能成功! 32You have in mind to be like the other nations, worshiping wood and stone, but this shall not happen.
33我指着我的生命起誓:──吾主上主的断语-──我必以强力的手,伸出的臂,暴发怒气,统治你们。 33As I live, word of Yahweh, I will rule you with an iron hand, an outstretched arm and outpourings of wrath.
34我必以强力的手,伸出的臂,暴发的怒气,把你们由万民中领出,由你们所散居的各地聚集起来; 34Then I will bring you from the midst of the nations and from the peoples where I have scattered you with a strong hand, an outstretched arm and outpourings of wrath.
35把你们引领到异民的旷野中,在那里面对面地惩罚你们。 35I will lead you to the wilderness of Syria and
36我怎样在埃及地的旷野中,惩罚了你们的祖先,也怎样惩罚你们──吾主上主的断语── 36there I will enter into judgment with you face to face. Just as I judged your fathers in the desert of Egypt,
37我要使你们在我的杖下经过,引你们受盟约的束缚。 37so will I judge you, word of Yahweh. I will make you feel my rod and sort you out.
38我要从你们中分别出那些反叛和背弃我的人,我也要将他们由流徙之地领出,但是他们却不得进入以色列地域;如此,你们必承认我是上主。 38I will rid you of rebels; though they go out from the land of their exile, they shall not enter the land of Israel and you will know that I am Yahweh.
39你们以色列家族,吾主上主这样说:你们每人去崇拜自己的偶像罢!可是你们终于要听从我,不再以你们的祭献和偶像来亵渎我的圣名, 39People of Israel, this is what the Lord Yahweh says: Go, serve your idols, but in the end you will not refuse to listen to me. No longer shall you profane my holy Name with your gifts and your idols.
40因为在我圣山上,在以色列的高山上──吾主上主的断语──凡住在本地的以色列家族,都要在那里事奉我。我要在那里悦纳你们,在那里等待你们的祭品,和你们一切圣物中最优美的祭物。 40For it is on my holy mountain, the high mountain of Israel - word of Yahweh - that all Israel, all in the land, shall serve me.
41当我把你们由异民中领出来,由你们所散居的各地聚集起来时,我要悦纳你们,好像甘饴的馨香;如此,藉着你们,我在异民眼前显为神圣。 41There I will accept you as a pleasing fragrance when I bring you out from the nations and assemble you from the lands where you were dispersed, and through you my holiness will be shown to the nations.
42当我引领你们进入以色列地域时,即我举手起誓要赐给你们祖先的那地方时,你们必承认我是上主。 42You will know that I am Yahweh when I lead you to the land of Israel, to the land that I swore to your fathers that I would give you.
43在那里你们记起你们的行为,及所有玷污自己的行事,你们自己对所作的一切丑恶,也必感到厌恶。 43And there you will remember your ways and all your deeds by which you defiled yourselves; and you shall loathe yourselves because of your evil ways.
44以色列家族,为了我的名,我没有照你们的恶行和败坏的行为对待你们:如此,你们该承认我是上主──吾主上主的断语。」 44You will know that I am Yahweh when I deal with you, Israel, for my Name's sake and not according to your wickedness and corrupt deeds, word of Yahweh.
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