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厄则克耳 Ezekiel
1三十年四月五日,当我在革巴尔河畔,在俘虏之中的时候,天开了,我见了天主的异像, 1On the fifth day of the fourth month of the thirtieth year when I was with the exiles by the river Kebar, the heavens opened and I had visions from Yahweh.
2时在耶苛尼雅王充军后第五年四月五日; 2On the fifth of the month (it was the fifth year of the exile of King Jehoiakin)
3那时在加色丁地,靠近革巴尔河,上主的话传给步齐的儿子厄则克耳司祭,上主的手临于我。 3the word of Yahweh came to Ezekiel, son of Buzi, the priest, in the land of the Chaldeans by the banks of the Kebar. There the hand of Yahweh was upon me.
4我观望,看,有一阵暴风由北方吹来,刮来一大块火光四射的云彩,云中有一团旋转的火,火中有一种发亮的金属。 4I looked: a windstorm came from the north bringing a great cloud. A fiery light inside it lit up all around it, while at the center there was something like a glowing metal.
5火中似乎有四个活物的形状,它们的外表是这样:都有人的形状。 5In the center were what appeared to be four creatures with the same form;
6每个有四种形像,每个有四只翅膀。 6but each had four faces and four wings.
7它们的脚是直立的脚,脚掌像牛蹄,发亮像磨光的铜。 7Their legs were straight and their feet were like those of a calf, shining like polished bronze.
8在它们四面的翅膀下边,都有人手;四个活物各有自己的形像和翅膀。 8Under their wings (on their four sides) they had human hands. The wings of one
9它们的翅膀互相连接,在行走时不必转身,各朝着自己的前面行走。 9touched those of the other. Their faces did not turn as they advanced, because they were able to go forward in any of the four directions of their faces.
10关于它们外表的形像:它们四个的正面都具有人的形像,右边有狮的形像,左边有牛的形像,背面有鹰的形像。 10I saw they had human faces; but each one also had the face of a lion on the right, and on the left the face of an ox, and all four had the face of an eagle.
11它们的翅膀向上伸开,每个用两只翅膀互相连接,用两只翅膀遮蔽身体。 11Their wings were spread upwards. Each had two wings meeting those of its neighbor and two covering its body; having four faces they could advance in any of the four directions.
12每个朝着自己的前面行走;神力催迫它们往那里去,它们就往那里去;行走时不必转身。 12Wherever the spirit would go, they went without turning as they advanced.
13在活物中间有一种相似燃著的炭火,又好似火炬在活物中旋转。这火有亮光,由火中射出闪光。 13Between these creatures could be seen glowing coals like torches moving between them. The fire blazed and flashed from thunderbolts.
14活物来回疾驰,好像闪电。 14The creatures ran to and fro like thunderbolts.
15我观望那些活物时,看,靠近那些活物的四面,在地上各有一个轮子。 15While I looked at the creatures, I saw a wheel on the ground beside each of them,
16那些轮子及其构造的外表,光泽有如橄榄石,四轮都有同样的形状。四轮结构的样式,好像轮子套在轮子中。 16glittering as if made of chrysolite. The four wheels had the same shape: indeed each was double - two wheels placed crosswise,
17轮子转动时,可向四方旋转,前行时不必转辙。 17so they could follow any of the four directions without turning as they went.
18轮辋高大,我看见四个轮辋都布满了眼睛。 18Their rims were lofty and looked terrifying, and the four of them were covered with eyes all the way round.
19活物行走时,轮子也在它们旁边转动;活物由地面升起时,轮子也升起。 19When the creatures moved forward the wheels moved along beside them and when the creatures rose from the ground the wheels rose, too.
20神力催迫活物往那里去,它们就往神力催迫的方向去;轮子也同时与它们一起升起,因为活物的神力在轮子内。 20Wherever the spirit was to go, there the creatures went and the wheels went with them for the spirit of the creatures was also in the wheels.
21活物行走,轮子也转动;活物站住,轮子也停住;活物由地上升起,轮子也随之升起,因为活物的神力在轮子内。 21When the creatures moved forward they did, too, stopping when they stopped, rising above the ground when they did, for the spirit of the creatures was in the wheels.
22在活物的头上,有相似穹苍的东西,好像发亮的水晶,在它们头上展开。 22Over the heads of the creatures was a kind of platform; it looked like crystal.
23在穹苍下伸直它们的翅膀,一只的翅膀与另一只的翅膀彼此相接,又各有两只翅膀遮蔽著身体。 23Under the platform their wings were straight, one parallel to the other. (Each creature had two that covered its body).
24当它们行动时,我听见翅膀的飒飒声,像洪水之声,又像全能者的声音,又似军营中的喧噪之声。当它们站住时,就歛起翅膀。 24I heard the noise of their wings when they moved, similar to the roar of many waters, similar to the voice of the Most High, the noise of a multitude or of a camp. When they were not moving they lowered their wings.
25那时,由它们头顶上的穹苍那里,发出一种响声;活物即站住,就歛起翅膀。 25I heard a noise above the platform over their heads.
26在它们头顶上的穹苍上面,有一块像蓝玉的石头,有宝座的形状;在这状如宝座之上,有一个外貌像人的坐在上头。 26Above it was a throne resembling a sapphire and high on this throne was a figure similar to that of a man. Then I saw a light as of glowing bronze as if fire enveloped him
27我望见在他相似腰部的上面,好像有发亮的金属,内里和周围好像一团火。我又望见在相似腰部的下面,好像有火的形状,周围有光环绕, 27from his waist upwards. And from his waist downwards it was as if fire gave radiance around him.
28环绕在周围的光,犹如落雨时云彩中所出现的虹霓。这就是上主的光荣显现时的奇象。我一看见,就伏地掩面,同时也听见有一位讲话的声音。 28The surrounding light was like a rainbow in the clouds after a day of rain. This vision was the likeness of Yahweh's Glory. On seeing it I fell on my face and then I heard a voice speaking.
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