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达尼尔 Daniel
1玛待人达理阿承受了王位,那时他约六十二岁。 1Darius the Mede, at the age of sixty-two, took over the kingdom.
2他认为更好在国内设立一百二十个总督,分治全国; 2Darius appointed one hundred and twenty satraps throughout the whole kingdom. They were made accountable to three administrators, one of whom was Daniel. This was to ensure that no loss or harm should come to the king.
3在这些总督之上另设三位监察史──达尼尔便是其中之一──各总督应向他们述职,这样可免君王烦劳。 3Because of the extraordinary spirit residing in him, Daniel excelled above all the other administrators and satraps, so that the king planned to give him authority over the entire kingdom.
4这位达尼尔,由于他具有超凡的精神,办事胜过其他监察史和总督,所以君王有意立他治理全国。 4This provoked envy among the administrators and satraps, who tried to find grounds for filing charges against Daniel as regard his performance of official duties. But he was so trustworthy that neither corruption nor negligence could be found in him.
5因此监察史和总督,竭力在达尼尔处理国事上,寻找机会陷害他,却总不能找到任何可控告他的事实和过失,因为达尼尔忠信可靠,所以在他身上总找不到任何疏忽和过错。 5Finally the men decided: "We will never find any grounds for charges against this man Daniel except in something that has to do with the law of his God."
6于是这些人说道:「我们若不在他的神的法律上寻找,就找不到陷害达尼尔的任何事。」 6These administrators and satraps, therefore, went as a group to the king and said to him, "Live forever, O King Darius!
7这些监察史和总督,便群集到君王前,对君王说:「达理阿大王,万岁! 7The administrators of the kingdom, the prefects, satraps, counselors and governors are all agreed that the king should issue and enforce a decree that anyone who prays and makes petition to any god or man within the next thirty days, except to you, O king, shall be thrown into the lions' den.
8国内的众监察史、知县、总督、大臣和省长,都计议请下一道诏书,立一禁令:三十天内,凡不向你大王,而向任何神祗或任何人祈求的,应将他投入狮子圈内。 8And now, O king, put the decree in writing and have it signed at once, so that it cannot be altered or annulled, in accordance with Medo-Persian laws.
9大王!请你现在就立刻下这道禁令,签署这项文告,人就不能再更改,因为按玛待人和波斯人的法律,那是不可更改的。」 9King Darius put in writing and signed the prohibition, thus making it a law.
10达理阿遂签署了这文告禁令。 10Daniel heard about the new law, but just as usual, he returned home and prayed three times a day, giving thanks to his God, in his room upstairs with the windows opened towards Jerusalem.
11达尼尔一知道君王签署了这项文告,便回了家。他楼房的窗户是向着耶路撒冷开的──他每天仍照常三次屈膝跪拜,祈求称谢自己的天主,如往日所行的一样。 11There the men spying on him found Daniel kneeling in prayer and asking God for help.
12那些人群集前来,看见达尼尔正在自己的天主前祈求哀祷, 12So they went to the king and reminded him about the prohibition, "O king, did you not publish a decree that anyone who prays or makes petition to any god or man except to you would be thrown into the lions' den?" The king answered, "Yes, and the decree stands, in accordance with Medo-Persian laws which cannot be altered or annulled."
13他们遂去见君王,向他提及禁令说:「陛下不是签署了这样的一道禁令:三十天内,凡不向大王,而向任何神祗或任何人祈求的,应将他投入狮子圈内吗?」君王回答说:「确有此事!照玛待人和波斯人的法律是不可更改的。」 13Then they said, "But the Jewish exile Daniel pays no attention to you and to your decree. Three times a day he still prays to some god other than you."
14他们便对君王说道:「大王!犹大俘掳中的那个达尼尔,竟然不介意陛下和陛下所签署的禁令,仍照常一日三次自作祈祷。」 14Greatly aggrieved at what he heard, the king decided to help Daniel. He made every effort till sundown to save him.
15君王听了这些话,十分难过,有心要救达尼尔,君王直到日落要设法解救他。 15But the men kept coming to him and insisting, "Remember, O king, that under the Medo-Persian laws every decree or prohibition issued by the king is irrevocable."
16但是那些人又群集到君王前,对君王说:「大王!陛下要知道玛待人和波斯人的法律:凡君王所立的禁令和法令,是不可更改的。」 16The king, therefore, could not help giving the order that Daniel be brought and thrown into the lions' den. The king said to Daniel, "May your God, whom you serve faithfully, save you."
17君王于是下令,将达尼尔逮捕,投入狮子圈内。君王对达尼尔说:「愿你恒心恭敬的天主拯救你!」 17A stone was placed at the mouth of the den, and the king sealed it with his own signet ring and with that of his nobles, so that Daniel's situation might remain unchanged.
18遂即移了一块大石,封住圈口,君王盖上自己的御玺,大臣们盖上自己的印章,免得达尼尔的案件发生意外的变化。 18Then the king returned to his palace and spent a sleepless night, refusing food and entertainment.
19然后君王回了王宫,整夜绝食,断绝娱乐,并彻夜失眠未睡。 19Very early next morning, he rose and hurried to the lions' den.
20清晨,天一亮,君王便起来,急速往狮子圈去了, 20As he came near he called in an anguished voice, "Daniel, servant of the living God, did your God whom you serve faithfully save you from the lions?"
21一来到狮子圈旁,就哀声呼喊,向达尼尔说道:「永生天主的仆人达尼尔!你恒心恭敬的天主真能由狮子口里拯救你吗?」 21Daniel answered, "Live forever, O king!
22达尼尔遂对君王说:「大王万岁! 22My God sent his angel who closed the lions' mouths so that they did not hurt me. God did that because I am innocent in his sight. Neither have I wronged you, O king."
23我的天主曾打发他的天使闭住狮子的口,一点没有伤害我,因为我在他面前是无罪的;大王!我即在陛下面前,也从没有做过什么伤害人的事。」 23The king felt very glad and ordered Daniel released from the lions' den. No wound was found on him for he had trusted in his God.
24君王非常高兴,遂下令将达尼尔从狮子圈里提出来。达尼尔便从狮子圈里被提出来,他身上丝毫没有受到损伤,因为他信赖了自己的天主。 24At the king's order, the men who had accused Daniel were thrown into the lions' den, together with their wives and children. No sooner had they reached the floor of the den than the lions lunged at them and tore them to pieces.
25君王遂下令逮捕那些控告达尼尔的人,将他们和他们的儿子、妻子,都投入狮子圈里,他们还没有到狮子圈底,狮子就向他们扑来,捉住他们,将他们的骨头全咬碎了。 25King Darius wrote to the nations, to peoples of every language, "Peace to you all!
26达理阿于是诏告居于普世的各民族,各邦国及各异语人民说:「愿平安常与你们同在! 26I decree that throughout my kingdom people should reverence and fear the God of Daniel. "For he is the living God, and forever he endures; his kingdom will not be crushed, his dominion will never cease.
27在今颁发诏书,谕令我所统辖的全国人民,都应在达尼尔的天主前起敬起畏,因为他是生活永在的天主,他的国永不灭亡,他的王权永远常存。 27He rescues and he delivers; he performs signs and wonders both in heaven and on earth. And he came to Daniel's rescue saving him from the lions' tooth and claw."
28他拯救施援,在天上地下实行神蹟奇事;是他拯救达尼尔脱免狮子的爪牙。」 28Daniel greatly prospered during the reign of Darius and the reign of Cyrus the Persian.
29这位达尼尔,就这样在达理阿和波斯人居鲁士为王时,事事亨通。 29
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