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达尼尔 Daniel
1玛待人达理阿王元年,他前来坚固我,协助我。 1He helps and strengthens me in the same way that I have helped him in the first year of Darius, the Mede.
2现在我要把真事告诉你:看,在波斯还要兴起三位君王,第四位要拥有大量的财富,远远超过以前所有的君王;他因财富而强盛,于是煽动万国对抗雅汪国。 2But now, I shall tell you the truth. There shall be three more kings in Persia, and the fourth shall have more riches than all the others. And when he has grown strong with his riches, he will stir up everything against the kingdom of Greece.
3以后要兴起一位英勇的君王,他独掌大权,统治一切,为所欲为。 3A powerful king will rise and reign over a vast empire and do as he pleases.
4但当他极盛的时候,他的国必要瓦解,他的天下必要四分五裂,而不归于他的后裔;也没有相似他所有的统治权,他的国必要灭亡,归属不是他后裔的外人。 4But as soon as he has secured his reign, his empire will be broken up and divided out to the four winds of heaven, though not among his descendants. It will not be the same dynasty, but his kingdom shall be taken from them and passed on to others.
5南方的君王要强盛起来,但他的将领中,有一个比他更强的要获得政权;他王国的势力非常强大。 5The king of the South will grow powerful, but one of his leaders will grow more powerful still and will have an empire greater than his.
6几年以后,他们要缔结同盟,南方君王的公主要嫁给北方的君王,以求修好;但是她得不到势力,她和她所生的也不能久存;她和她的侍从,她的儿子以及辅助她的都要被杀害。到那时, 6Some years later, they will be allies and the daughter of the king of the South shall come to the king of the North to conclude the alliance. But she will not endure; for she will be put to death with those who brought her, and her son and husband as well.
7必从她根上出生一个嫩枝,继承父位;他必兴师出征,进入北方君王的堡垒,将他们击败,获得胜利; 7Then, a bud from her roots will sprout in her place, and will cross the land of "the army" and enter the fortress of the king of the North.
8并将他们的神像、铸像和金银宝器劫往埃及,从此数年之久与北方的君王对峙; 8He will be victorious in wars and will appropriate to himself their gods, statues and objects of silver and gold: all this plunder will be brought into Egypt. For some years, he shall remain far away from the king of the North.
9但北方的君王终要侵入南方君王的国土,事后仍返回本国。 9The king of the North will invade the kingdom of the South, and then return to his own country.
10他的儿子必要备战,招募强大的劲旅,亲自出征;冲过时,相似洪水氾滥;他必猛攻,直逼敌军的堡垒。 10His sons will prepare for war and assemble a great multitude of troops. One of them will come like an overflowing river; he will break through and then withdraw after having fought right up to his fortress.
11南方的君王必然大怒,出师与北方的君王交战,北方的君王也必调集大军,但这支大军必被交在敌方手中。 11Then the king of the South, enraged, will set out to fight against the king of the North. He will mobilize a great army, and the multitude will fall into his hands
12这支大军被掳去以后,南方的君王便心高气傲,不过他虽击毙千万大军,仍不能强盛, 12and perish. Then he will become proud and crush tens of thousands of men, but his strength will not last.
13因为北方君王必再调集大军,比以前更为庞大,数年以后,再率领大军,带着大量的辎重,出征南下。 13The king of the North will attack after mobilizing a greater army than the first. And after several years, he will come with a large army and abundant provisions and supplies.
14那时,将有许多人起来攻击南方君王,你百姓中的匪徒也要起来,为应验异象,但他们终必失败。 14Then many will rise against the king of the South, and the violent among your people will rise against him, trusting in a vision, but they will throw up siegeworks and will capture the fortified city.
15北方的君王就前来,兴建壁垒,攻取坚城,南方的军队不能抵抗,连精锐的部队也无力抵御。 15The king of the South will not be able to resist, he and the picked troops of his people.
16来攻南方君王的,必任意而行,没有人能抵抗;他还要立足在华丽之地,破坏之权也操在他手中。 16He who marches against him will do as he pleases, and none can resist him, and he will settle in the Beautiful Land, bringing destruction.
17他企图征服整个南国,遂与南方君王立约通婚,将自己的女儿嫁给他,好倾覆他的国,但是他的企图没有成功,也没有见效。 17He shall plan to reign over his whole kingdom, and will conclude an agreement with him, giving him one of his daughters, in order to destroy the kingdom. But he will not succeed, so it will not happen.
18此后,他要转向各岛屿,占据了许多岛屿;但有一个将官要阻止他的蛮横,使他的蛮横害了自己。 18Then he will turn against the islands and seize a good number of them, but a commander will humble him, and he will not be able to avenge himself.
19他遂转身回到他国内的堡垒里,终于一蹶不振,从此消失不见。 19So he will turn against the fortresses of his own land, but he will stumble, fall and never rise again.
20以后另有一人代他兴起,他要派横征暴歛的人遍行国内华丽之地,但他没有过几天,就丧了命,不是由于叛变,也不是由于作战。 20In his place will rise another who will send a tax collector to despoil the Glory of his Kingdom, but he will be overthrown within a few days, though neither with arms nor in battle.
21这以后,将有一个下贱的人代他兴起;原来人没有将治国的权力授给他,他却乘人不备,以阴谋篡夺了王位。 21In his place a contemptible man will rise to whom royal dignity has not been given, but he will intervene unexpectedly and will gain possession of the kingdom by intrigue.
22来进攻他的大军要被他完全击溃,同盟之君也被击败。 22The enemy forces will be completely routed and utterly destroyed by him, and the Prince of the covenant, too.
23有人与他联合,他即施行骗术;他借助少数的人民,就渐渐强大起来, 23He will act with cunning, making good use of the pacts concluded with him, and with a few men, he will grow strong.
24他又乘人不备,侵入省内肥沃之区,实行他祖先及他祖先的祖先所未行过的事,将战利品、掠夺物和财产分给自己的党羽;又策划阴谋进攻堡垒,但只到某一限期。 24He will invade the richest provinces and will do what his fathers or his grandfathers had not done. He will divide the plunder, the booty and the riches among his friends. He will devise plans against fortresses, but up to a certain period only.
25他要竭尽自己的精力,鼓起勇气,率领大军进攻南方君王;南方君王亦率领极强大的劲旅奋起迎战,但无法抵御,因为有人筹划阴谋陷害他; 25He will direct his strength and courage against the king of the South. The king of the South will go to war with a great and powerful army, but will not be able to resist, for conspiracies have been plotted against him.
26那些破坏他的,正是吃他饭的人;他的劲旅将溃不成军,伤亡的极多。 26Those who ate from his table will ruin him, his army will be disbanded and many will fall dead by the sword.
27两位君王都存心不良,同坐一桌,各说谎话,而毫无成就,因为必须到所定的时期,才有结局。 27The two kings will not think of anything but to do harm and to deceive each other while sitting at the same table. But they will not accomplish anything, since there is still time before the appointed moment.
28北方的君王却要带着大量的财物返回本国;他既存心与圣约作对,也必采取行动,然后才回国。 28The king of the North will return to his land with great riches and will devise plans against the Holy Covenant. He will act against it, then he will return to his land.
29到了预定的时期,他必再度南征,但是第二次却不如第一次, 29In due time he will return again to the South, but in this second time, things will not be as before.
30因为此次基廷的船必来攻击他,他只得惊慌而归。他遂迁怒于圣约,任意妄为;回去以后,他必重用那些背弃圣约的人士。 30The ships of Kittim will come against him and he will have to abandon his plan, but he will vent his anger against the Holy Covenant, and will again favor those who have turned away from the Holy Covenant.
31那些迎合他意思的军队,也去亵渎圣所的堡垒,废除日常祭,在那里设立了那招致荒凉的可憎之物。 31He will send some of his forces to profane the Citadel sanctuary, to suppress the perpetual sacrifice and there to set up the Abominable Idol of the devastator.
32至于那些作恶违犯圣约的人士,他要用诈术使他们更加败坏,但那认识自己天主的人民必也更加坚强有力。 32He will corrupt with flatteries those who violate the Covenant, but the people who know their God will stand firm.
33民间贤明之士必要训诲民众,但他们有很多日子要受刀剑、烈火、充军和劫掠的迫害。 33The most intelligent among the people will teach many, but they will fall by the sword or be burned or exiled or plundered of their goods for some time.
34在他们受迫害时,稍微得到一些援助,但是有许多人却怀着奸诈的心与他们联合。 34And when they fall, they will receive little help; but many will join them in deceit.
35有些贤明之士要受迫害,是为锻炼、洗涤和洁净他们,直到时期结束,因为预定的时期尚未来到。 35Some among the learned will stumble, but this will be so as to prove them, to purify and cleanse them until the end which is to come at its appointed time.
36这位君王要任意妄为,妄自尊大,高举自己在众神之上,要发出怪谬的言论,反抗万神之神,他暂时行事顺利,直到天主的义怒泄尽,因为天主决定的事必要应验。 36The king will act according to his whims, becoming conceited and exalting himself above all the gods, and he will speak outrageous blasphemies against the God of gods. He will prosper until the Wrath is filled to overflowing, for what has been decreed will be fulfilled.
37他不尊重自己祖先的神,也不尊重妇女们所爱的神,他不尊重任何神明,因为他将自己高举在一切以上; 37He will pay no heed to his fathers' gods, will not mind the favorite god of the women, or any other god, but will exalt only himself as greater than them all.
38却去敬拜堡垒之神,以金银、宝石和珍品恭奉他祖先所不认识的神。 38In their place, he will worship the god of fortresses, a god unknown to his fathers, and will honor him with gold, silver and precious stones and jewels.
39他要凭借外神的助佑,攻击坚固的堡垒;凡附和他的,他必增加他们的光荣,使他们治理民众,分封土地,作为赏报。 39Trusting in a foreign god, he will attack the fortresses. Those who adore him will be given great honor, they will have authority to divide the land as a reward.
40到末期,南方的君王将要与他交战;北方的君王也要率领战车、骑兵和许多战舰,像旋风般向他还击,侵入他的国土;所经之地,有如洪水破堤。 40When the end-time comes, the king of the South will confront him. The king of the North will attack him with chariot cavalry and many ships. He will enter his lands, invade them and pass through them.
41他要侵入华丽之地,千万人要丧亡,但是厄东、摩阿布和大部分阿孟子民,却要逃脱他的手。 41He will come to the Beautiful Land where many will fall; only the people of Edom, Moab and the best of the Ammonites will escape.
42他又要伸手攻击各国,埃及地亦不能幸免; 42He will stretch out his hand to many countries, including Egypt.
43他要占有金银府库和埃及的一切宝物。利比亚和雇士人也要来与他联合。 43He will seize the treasures of gold and silver and all precious objects of Egypt. Libyans and Ethiopians will join him.
44但是来自东方和北方的消息要使他震惊;他遂怀着盛怒去讨伐,要将许多人杀尽灭绝。 44But reports coming from the East and the North will worry him, and he will set out in a rage, determined to utterly wipe out and destroy many.
45他要在海洋和美丽圣山之间,支搭他堂皇的帐幕,但此时已到了他的末日,已没有任何人能援助他。 45He will set up the tent of his military camp between the sea and the Holy Mountain of the Beautiful Land. Then he will come to his end and no one will come to his aid.
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