弟茂德后书:Chapter 2


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弟茂德后书 2 Timothy
1所以,我儿!你应因那在基督耶稣内的恩宠坚强起来, 1You, my son, be strong with the grace you have in Christ Jesus.
2应把你在许多证人前由我所听的,传授给忠信可靠的人,使他们也能够教导别人。 2Entrust to reliable people everything you have learned from me in the presence of many witnesses, that they may instruct others.
3应如同基督耶稣的精兵,与我共受劳苦。 3Labor like a good soldier of Christ Jesus.
4没有一个当兵的为叫他的元帅喜欢,而让日常的俗务缠身的。 4No soldier gets involved in civilian trade; the soldier's aim is to please his commanding officer.
5若有人竞赛,除非按规矩竞赛,是得不到花冠的。 5No athlete is crowned unless he competes according to the rules.
6劳苦的农夫,理当先享受产物。 6And again, the farmer who tills the land is the first to enjoy the fruits of the harvest.
7你要了解我所说的话;其实主必要赐你了解一切。 7Think over what I am telling you; the Lord will give you understanding in everything.
8你务要记住:根据我所传的福音,达味的后裔耶稣基督从死者中复活了。 8Remember Christ Jesus, risen from the dead, Jesus, son of David, as preached in my Gospel.
9为了这福音,我受苦以至带锁链,如同凶犯一样;但是天主的道,决束缚不住。 9For this Gospel I labor and even wear chains like an evildoer, but the word of God is not chained.
10为此,我为蒙选的人忍受一切,为使他们也获得那在基督耶稣内的救恩和永远的光荣。 10And so I bear everything for the sake of the chosen people, that they, too, may obtain the salvation given to us in Christ Jesus and share eternal glory.
11这话是确实的:如果我们与他同死,也必与他同生; 11This statement is true:
12如果我们坚忍到底,也必与他一同为王;如果我们否认他,他也必要否认我们; 12If we have died with him, we shall also live with him; If we deny him, he will also deny us;
13如果我们不忠信,他仍然是忠信的,因为他不能否认自己。 13If we are unfaithful, he remains faithful for he cannot deny himself.
14你要提醒人这些事:在天主前恳切劝戒他们,不要在言词上争辩,因为争辩除能颠覆听众外,丝毫没有益处。 14Remind your people of these things and urge them in the presence of God not to fight over words, which does no good, but only ruins those who listen.
15你要努力在天主前,显示自己是经得起考验的,是无愧的工人,正确地讲授真理之言。 15Be for God an active and proved minister, a blameless worker correctly handling the word of truth.
16至于那凡俗的空谈,务要躲避,因为这些空谈,多使人趋于不敬。 16Do not take part in useless conversations, alien to the faith. This leads to a greater lack of faith.
17这些人的言论如同毒癌,愈烂愈大;其中就有依默纳约和非肋托, 17Such teaching spreads like gangrene: I am thinking of Hymeneus and Philetus.
18他们离开了真理,说复活已是过去的事,颠覆了一些人的信仰。 18They strayed from the truth, holding that resurrection has already taken place; and with this they upset the faith of some.
19但是天主坚固的基础,屹立不动,且有这样的刻文说:『主认识那些属于他的人。』又说:『凡呼号主名的人,应远离邪恶。』 19But the solid foundations laid by God are not shaken; on them it is written: The Lord knows those who are his, and: Let him who confesses the name of the Lord turn away from evil.
20在大户家庭中,不但有金器和银器,而且也有木器和瓦器;有作贵重之用的,也有作卑贱之用的; 20In a large house we find not only vessels of gold and silver, but also of wood and clay. Some are reserved for special uses, others, for ordinary ones.
21所以人若自洁,离开卑贱的,必然成为贵重的,圣洁的,有益于主人,便利行各种善工的器皿。 21All who clean themselves of what I speak of, will become a noble vessel, useful to the Lord, prepared for any holy purpose.
22你要躲避青年的贪欲,但要同那些以纯洁之心呼号主的人们,追求正义、信德、爱德与平安。 22So shun the passions of youth and seek righteousness, faith, love and peace, together with those who call upon the Lord with a pure heart.
23至于那些愚昧和粗野的辩论,务要躲避,因为你知道辩论只会产生争吵。 23Avoid stupid and senseless discussions, since such are the cause of misunderstanding.
24主的仆人不应当争吵,但要和气对待众人,善于教导;凡事忍耐, 24God's servant must not be quarrelsome, but kind to all, always teaching and patient with those who do not understand,
25以温和开导反抗的人,或许天主会赐他们悔改而认识真理, 25gently correct opponents; perhaps God may grant them to repent and discover the truth,
26使这些被魔鬼活捉去顺从他心意的人,能觉悟过来,摆脱魔鬼的罗网。 26withdrawing them from the snare of the devil who held them captive to his own will.
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