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撒慕尔纪下 2 Samuel
1达味的最后遗言如下:叶瑟的儿子达味的神谕,至高者所举扬的人,雅各伯的天主的受傅者,以色列的善歌咏者的神谕: 1These are the last words of David: The oracle of David, son of Jesse, the oracle of the man whom God exalted, the anointed of the God of Jacob, the singer of the songs of Israel:
2上主的神藉着我说话,他的话语在我唇舌上。 2"The Spirit of Yahweh speaks through me, his word is on my tongue.
3雅各伯的天主说过,以色列的磐石曾向我说:那以正义统治人的,那以敬畏天主之情统治人的, 3The God of Israel has spoken, the Rock of Israel has said to me: when one rules justly over men, ruling in the fear of God,
4有如日出时的晨光,无云的黎明,雨后射在绿草地上的光辉。 4he dawns on them like the morning light, like the sun shining forth on a cloudless morning, making grass sprout from the ground after the rain.
5的确,我的家必屹立在天主前,因为他与我结了永久的盟约,妥善而有保证的盟约,他岂能不给我产生救恩和喜乐? 5Yes, is not my family like this before God? He has made with me an eternal covenant, orderly and secure. Will he not complete my salvation and fulfill my desire?
6但匪徒败类必像被抛弃荆棘,谁也不敢去用手拿; 6But godless men are like thorns that are thrown away. They cannot be held with one's hand
7谁若去触动,必先用刀或枪柄打伐,而后用火烧尽。 7but are uprooted with iron and the shaft of a spear, and they are burned in fire."
8以下是达味勇将的名单:哈革摩尼人依市巴耳是三杰之首,他一次挥矛击杀了八百人。 8These are the names of the warriors who were with David: the first of the Three was Ishbaal, a Hachemonite who wielded his spear against eight hundred whom he slew in a single encounter.
9其次为阿曷亚人多多的儿子厄肋阿匝尔,也是三杰之一。有一次他同达味在帕斯达明,当培肋舍特人正在那里集合准备交战时,以色列人退却, 9Next was Eleazar, son of Dodo, son of Ahohi, who was with David when they challenged the Philistines who were gathered there for battle. When he saw the retreat of the Israelites,
10他却固守阵地,击杀培肋舍特人,直到他的手麻痺无力,贴在刀柄上。上主在那一天使他大获胜利,民众折回,在他身后专夺财物。 10he fought and struck down the Philistines until his hand grew tired from holding the sword without pause. Yahweh brought about a great victory that day.The others returned after him, but only to strip the slain.
11再其次是哈辣黎人厄拉的儿子沙玛。那时,培肋舍特人在肋希集合;在那里有一块长满扁豆的田地。当民众由培肋舍特人面前逃走时, 11Next was Shammah, son of Agee the Hararite. The Philistines gathered together at Lehi, where there was a plot of ground planted to barley, and the men fled from the Philistines.
12他独自立在田间,保护了那块田地,杀败了培肋舍特人:如此上主又使他大获胜利。 12But Shammah stood in the middle of the plot to defend it and slew the Philistines. And Yahweh worked a great victory.
13在开始收割时,培肋舍特的军队在勒法因平原扎了营,三十勇士中,有三位下到阿杜篮山砦,来见达味。 13At about harvest time, three of the Thirty went down to David at the cave of Adullam while a band of Philistines was encamped in the valley of Rephaim.
14达味恰在山砦内,而培肋舍特人当时在白冷驻防。 14David was in the stronghold while the Philistine garrison was at Bethlehem.
15达味渴望着说:「谁能从白冷城门旁的井中,给我打一点水来喝?」 15David longed for water and said, "Who will give me water to drink from the well by the gate of Bethlehem!"
16那三位勇士就冲过培肋舍特人的营幕,从白冷城门旁的井里打了水,将水取来,带到达味前,但他不肯喝,反而将水奠于上主前, 16At this, the three warriors broke through the Philistine camp, drew water out of the well by the gate of Bethlehem and brought it to David. But David refused to drink of it and poured it out as an offering to Yahweh.
17说:「上主决不许我做这事;我岂能喝那些冒生命危险者的血?」所以他不肯喝。这是这三位勇士所做的事。 17He said, "By no means should I do this. Shall I drink the blood of the men who risked their lives?" Therefore, he refused to drink it. These were the deeds of the three warriors.
18责鲁雅的儿子,约阿布的兄弟,阿彼瑟是三十勇士的领袖,他挥舞长矛击杀了三百人,因此,在三十勇士中出了名。 18Now Abishai, brother of Joab, son of Zeruiah, was chief of the Thirty. He wielded his spear against three hundred men and slew them, winning a name beside the Thirty.
19他是三十勇士中最出名的,所以做了他们的领袖,但尚不及前三杰。 19Though he was the most popular of the Thirty and became their commander, he did not equal the Three.
20约雅达的儿子贝纳雅原是卡贝责耳人,是一位英勇,大有作为的人。他击杀了摩阿布人阿黎耳的两个儿子,又在下雪天,下到旱井里打死了一只狮子。 20Benaiah son of Jehoiada, a warrior of Kabzeel, was a man of great achievements who killed the two sons of Ariel of Moab. He also went down into a pit on a snowy day and slew a lion.
21他也曾打死了一个埃及大汉。这埃及人手中拿着长矛,他只拿着一根棍子,就下去与他对抗,从那埃及人手里把长矛夺过来,用那长矛将他杀死。 21He slew a handsome Egyptian who held a spear. Benaiah went against him with a staff, snatched the spear from the Egyptian's hand and killed him with his own spear.
22这是约雅达的儿子贝纳雅做的事,因此,他在三十勇士中也出了名。 22Benaiah, son of Jehoiada, did these things and won a name beside the thirty warriors.
23他比三十勇士更有名望,但尚不及前三杰。达味派他作侍卫长。 23He was popular among the Thirty but did not equal the Three. David put him in command of his bodyguard.
24约阿布的兄弟阿撒耳也是三十勇士中的一位,还有白冷人多多的儿子厄耳哈难, 24Asahel, brother of Joab, was one of the Thirty; Elhanan, son of Dodo of Bethlehem;
25哈洛得人沙玛,哈洛得人厄里卡, 25Shammah of Harod, Elika of Harod;
26帕耳提人赫肋兹,特科亚人依刻士的儿子依辣, 26Helez, the Paltite; Ira the son of Ikkesh of Tekoa;
27阿纳托特人阿彼厄则尔,胡沙人息贝开, 27Abiezor of Anathoth; Mebunnai, the Hushathite,
28阿曷亚人匝耳孟,乃托法人玛哈赖, 28Zalmon the Ahohite; Maharai of Netophah;
29乃托法人巴阿纳的儿子赫肋得,本雅明族基贝亚人黎拜的儿子依泰, 29Jeleb, the son of Baanah of Netophah; Ittai, the son of Ribai of Gibeah of the Ben-jaminites;
30丕辣通人贝纳雅,加阿士溪人希待, 30Benaiah of Pirathon; Hiddai, of the brooks of Gaash;
31贝特阿辣巴人阿彼巴耳,巴胡陵人阿次玛委特, 31Abialbon, the Arbathite; Azmaveth of Bahurim;
32沙阿耳宾人厄里雅巴,基宗人雅笙, 32Eliahba of Shaalbon; the sons of Jashen, Jonathan;
33哈辣黎人沙玛的儿子约纳堂,哈辣黎人沙辣尔的儿子阿希扬, 33Shammah, the Hararite; Ahiam, the son of Sharar, the Hararite,
34贝特玛阿加人阿哈斯拜的儿子厄里培肋特,基罗人阿希托费耳的儿子厄里安, 34Eliphelet, the son of Ahasbai of Maacah; Eliam, the son of Ahithophel of Gilo;
35加尔默耳人赫兹赖,阿辣布人帕阿赖, 35Hezro of Carmel; Paarai the Arbite;
36祚巴人纳堂的儿子依加耳,加得人巴尼, 36Igal, the son of Nathan of Zobah, Bani, the Gadite;
37阿孟人责肋克,贝厄洛特人纳赫赖,他是责鲁雅的儿子约阿布的持戟者; 37Zelek the Ammonite; Naharai of Beeroth, the armor-bearer of Joab, the son of Zeruiah,
38雅提尔人依辣,雅提尔人加勒布, 38Ira, the Ithrite; Gareb the Ithrite;
39赫特人乌黎雅:共计三十七人。 39Uriah, the Hittite - thirty-seven in all.
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