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伯多禄后书 2 Peter
1亲爱的诸位!这已是我给你们写的第二封信,在这两封信中,我都用提醒的话,来鼓励你们应有赤诚的心, 1Dearly beloved, this is the second letter I write to you. In both of them I have intended to remind you of sound doctrine.
2叫你们想起圣先知们以前说过的话,以及你们的宗徒们传授的主和救世者的诫命。 2Do not forget the words of the holy prophets and the teaching of our Lord and Savior, as you heard it through his apostles.
3首先你们该知道:在末日要出现一些爱嘲笑戏弄,按照自己的私欲生活的人, 3Remember, first of all, that in the last days scoffers will appear, their mockery serving their evil desires.
4他们说:「那里有他所应许的来临?因为自从我们的父老长眠以来,一切照旧存在,全如创造之初一样。」 4And they will say, "What has become of his promised coming? Since our fathers in faith died, everything still goes on as it was from the beginning of the world."
5他们故意忘记了:在太古之时,因天主的话,就有了天,也有了由水中出现,并在水中而存在的地; 5Indeed, they deliberately ignore that in the beginning the heavens existed first and earth appeared from the water, taking its form by the word of God.
6又因天主的话和水,当时的世界为水所淹没而消灭了; 6By the same word of God, this world perished in the Flood.
7甚至连现有的天地,还是因天主的话得以保存,直存到审判及恶人丧亡的日子,被火焚烧。 7Likewise, the Word of God maintains the present heavens and earth until their destruction by fire; they are kept for the Day of Judgment when the godless will be destroyed.
8亲爱的诸位,惟有这一件事你们不可忘记:就是在天主前一日如千年,千年如一日。 8Do not forget, beloved, that with the Lord, one day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years is like one day.
9主决不迟延他的应许,有如某些人所想像的;其实是他对你们含忍,不愿任何人丧亡,只愿众人回心转意。 9The Lord does not delay in fulfilling his promise, though some speak of delay; rather he gives you time because he does not want anyone to perish, but that all may come to conversion.
10可是,主的日子必要如盗贼一样来到;在那一日,天要轰然过去,所有的原质都要因烈火而溶化,大地及其中所有的工程,也都要被焚毁。 10The Day of the Lord is to come like a thief. Then the heavens will dissolve with a great noise; the elements will melt away by fire, and the earth with all that is on it will be burned up.
11这一切既然都要这样消失,那么,你们应该怎样以圣洁和虔敬的态度生活, 11Since all things are to vanish, how holy and religious your way of life must be,
12以等候并催促天主日子的来临!在这日子上,天要为火所焚毁,所有的原质也要因烈火而溶化; 12as you wait for the Day of God and long for its coming, when the heavens will dissolve in fire and the elements melt away in the heat.
13可是,我们却按照他的应许,等候正义常住在其中的新天新地。 13We wait for a new heaven and a new earth in which justice reigns, according to God's promise.
14为此,亲爱的诸位,你们既然等候这一切,就应该勉力,使他见到你们没有玷污,没有瑕疵,安然无惧; 14Therefore, beloved, as you wait in expectation of this, strive that God may find you rooted in peace, without blemish or fault.
15并应以我们主的容忍当作得救的机会;这也是我们可爱的弟兄保禄,本着赐与他的智慧,曾给你们写过的; 15And consider that God's patience is for our salvation, as our beloved brother Paul wrote to you, with the wisdom given him.
16也正如他在谈论这些事时,在一切书信内所写过的。在这些书信内,有些难懂的地方,不学无术和站立不稳的人,便加以曲解,一如曲解其他经典一样,而自趋丧亡。 16He speaks of these things in all his letters. There are, however, some points in them that are difficult to understand, which people who are ignorant and immature in their faith twist, as they do with the rest of the Scriptures, to their own destruction.
17所以,亲爱的诸位,你们既预先知道了这些事,就应该提防,免得为不法之徒的错谬所诱惑,而由自己的坚固立场跌下来。 17So then, dearly beloved, as you have been warned, be careful lest those people who have gone astray deceive you in turn and drag you along, making you stumble and finally fall away.
18你们却要在恩宠及认识我们的主,和救世者耶稣基督上渐渐增长。愿光荣归于他,从如今直到永远之日,阿们。 18Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ: to him be glory, now and to the day of eternity. Amen.
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