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伯多禄后书 2 Peter
1从前连在选民中,也有过假先知;同样,将来在你们中,也要出现假教师,他们要倡导使人丧亡的异端,连救赎他们的主,也都敢否认:这是自取迅速的丧亡。 1Just as there have been false prophets in the midst of the people of Israel, so will there be false teachers among you. They will introduce harmful sects and, by denying the Master who saved them, they will bring upon themselves sudden perdition.
2有许多人将要随从他们的放荡,甚至真理之道,也要因他们而受到诽谤。 2Many, nonetheless, will imitate their vices and because of them the Way of Truth will be discredited.
3他们因贪吝成性,要以花言巧语在你们身上营利;可是他们的案件自古以来,就未安闲,他们的丧亡也决不稍息。 3They will take advantage of you with deceitful words for the sake of money. But their condemnation has already begun and their destruction awaits them.
4天主既然没有宽免犯罪的天使,把他们投入了地狱,囚在幽暗的深坑,拘留到审判之时; 4In fact, God did not pardon the angels who sinned but cast them into hell, confining them in the dark pits, keeping them there until the Day of Judgment.
5既然没有宽免古时的世界,曾引来洪水淹灭了恶人的世界,只保存了宣讲正义的诺厄一家八口; 5Neither did he pardon the ancient world when he unleashed the waters of the flood upon the world of wicked people, but protected only Noah, the eighth prophet of righteousness.
6又降罚了索多玛和哈摩辣城,使之化为灰烬,至于毁灭,以作后世作恶者的鉴戒, 6God also condemned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, reducing them to ashes, to serve as a warning to the wicked in the future.
7只救出了那因不法之徒的放荡生活而悲伤的义人罗特── 7But he saved Lot, a good man deeply afflicted by the unbridled conduct of those vicious people.
8因为这义人住在他们中,他正直的灵魂,天天因所见所闻的不法行为,感到苦恼── 8For Lot, a righteous man who lived in their midst, suffered day after day in the goodness of his heart as he saw and heard of their crimes.
9那么,上主自然也知道拯救虔诚的人,脱离磨难,而存留不义的人,等候审判的日子受处罚, 9So, then, the Lord knows how to free from trial those who serve him and keep the wicked for punishment on the Day of Judgment.
10尤其是存留那些随从肉欲,而生活在污秽情欲中的人,以及那些轻视「主权者」的人。他们都是些胆大骄傲的人,竟不怕亵渎「众尊荣者」, 10He will do this especially for certain people who follow the baser desires of their nature and despise the Lord's majesty. Proud and daring they are not afraid of insulting fallen spirits
11就是连力量德能大于他们的天使,也不敢在上主面前,以侮辱的言词对他们下判决。 11while the angels, who are superior to them in strength and power, do not permit themselves any injurious accusation in the presence of the Lord.
12然而这些人实在如无理性的牲畜,生来就是为受捉拿,受宰杀,凡他们不明白的事就要亵渎;他们必要如牲畜一样丧亡, 12Those people are like irrational animals born to be caught and killed; after they have slandered what they cannot understand, they will end like animals
13受他们不义的报应。他们只以一日的享受为快乐,实是些污秽肮脏的人;当他们同你们宴乐时,纵情于淫乐; 13and they will suffer the repayment of their wickedness. They enjoy fleeting pleasures; they are obscene and vicious who delight in deceiving you when they share in your fraternal meals.
14他们满眼邪色,犯罪不餍,勾引意志薄弱的人;他们的心习惯了贪吝,真是些应受咒骂的人。 14They cannot look at a woman without desiring her, they do not tire of sinning and seducing weak souls. They are full of greed - an accursed people.
15他们离弃正道,走入了歧途,随从了贝敖尔的儿子巴郎的道路,他曾贪爱过不义的酬报, 15They abandoned the right way and followed Balaam, son of Beor who was attached to what he gained from his wrongdoing.
16可是也受了他作恶的责罚:一个不会说话的牲口,竟用人的声音说了话,制止了这先知的妄为。 16But he was rebuked for his sin: his she-ass began to speak with a human voice, stopping the prophet in his madness.
17他们像无水的泉源,又像为狂风所飘飏的云雾:为他们所存留的,是黑暗的幽冥。 17These people are like waterless springs, clouds driven by a storm which move swiftly into the blackest darkness.
18因为他们好讲虚伪的大话,用肉欲的放荡为饵,勾引那些刚才摆脱错谬生活的人; 18With their boastful and empty discourses, they encourage the lust and impure desire of those who have just freed themselves from the common errors.
19应许他们自由,自己却是败坏的奴隶,因为人被谁制胜,就是谁的奴隶。 19They promise freedom when they themselves are slaves of corruption: for people are slaves to whatever dominates them.
20如果他们因认识主和救世者耶稣基督,而摆脱世俗的污秽以后,再为这些事所缠绕而打败,他们末后的处境,就必比以前的更为恶劣, 20Indeed, after being freed from worldly vices through the knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, they returned to those vices and surrendered to them; and their present state has become worse than the first.
21因为不认识正义之道,比认识后而又背弃那传授给他们的圣诫命,为他们倒好得多。 21It would have been better for them not to have known the way of holiness than, knowing it, to turn away from the sacred doctrine that they had been taught.
22在他们身上正应验了这句恰当的俗语:「狗呕吐的,牠又回来再吃;」又「母猪洗净了,又到污泥里打滚。」 22In their case these proverbs are relevant: "The dog turns back to its own vomit," and: "Hardly has the pig been washed than it again wallows in the mud."
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