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玛加伯下 2 Maccabees
1那时,安提约古正准备第二次进攻埃及。 1By this time, Antiochus was preparing a second expedition against Egypt.
2在全耶路撒冷城,出现了一异像近四十天之久:成队的骑兵,有些身穿金衣,手执干戈,在空中奔驰; 2And for nearly forty days, there appeared throughout the city, galloping through the air, horsemen dressed in gold,
3骑阵依次展开,双方反复冲杀,盾牌闪烁,干戈成林,刀剑挥舞,箭矢横飞,金甲银盔,光辉灿烂。 3troops with swords drawn and formed in squadrons, cavalry squadrons in order of battle, attacks and charges from this side and that, movements of shields, many spears, arrows, missiles, the glitter of golden outfits and armor of all kinds.
4众人都祝祷这是吉祥之兆。 4Everyone prayed that these apparitions would be an announcement of something good about to happen.
5正当此时,虚报安提约古驾崩,雅松遂率领千余人,忽然袭击圣城,城墙的守兵败退,城被占领,默乃劳便逃入城堡。 5As a false rumor spread that Antiochus had died, Jason gathered together about ten thousand men and launched a surprise attack on the city. The troops upon the walls defended the city, but once these were taken, the whole city fell into the hands of Jason, while Menelaus took refuge in the Citadel.
6雅松遂残杀圣城的同胞,毫不顾惜;他没有想到:战胜自己的同胞,正是最大的不幸;自以为是战胜仇敌,而不是战胜亲族。 6Jason cruelly massacred his fellow citizens, without realizing that his victory against his own nation was the greatest defeat. He seemed to believe that he was winning over enemies when, in reality, these were his own people.
7但他没有得到大权,结果,只得含羞地逃到阿孟地域去。 7But he did not stay in power for long and after obtaining nothing but shame for himself, he had to flee once again to the land of Ammon.
8他的结局非常悽惨:首先被阿剌伯王阿勒达监禁,后逃窜各城,为众人所追逐;人憎恨他有如罪犯,厌恶他好像屠杀祖国和同胞的凶手;他只得跑到埃及去。 8Finally, he had a very unfortunate end. Accused before Aretas, the king of the Arabs, fleeing from city to city, pursued by all, scorned as a renegade from the law and hated as the executioner of his country and fellow citizens, he was banished to Egypt.
9那从祖国驱逐无数民众的雅松,如今飘流到拉刻待孟人那里,希望以同族的关系,可以在那里避难安身;结果,竟客死异乡。 9And he, who had exiled so many from their own country, died in exile: for he went as far as Lacedemonia in the hope of finding protection there because of the kinship between that people and ours.
10从前他曾暴露多人的尸体未得掩埋;如今也没有人哭悼他,也没有人举丧,也没有人将他葬在祖茔里。 10He, who had deprived so many of burial places, died with no one to mourn him, no funeral rites nor place in the tomb of his fathers.
11王一听到这些消息,以为是犹太人起来叛乱,一时咆哮如野兽,当下离开埃及,带领大军占领了圣城; 11When news of these events reached the king, he thought that the whole of Judea had risen in rebellion. He became furious and, leaving Egypt, went to take Jerusalem by force.
12命军队逢人便杀,毫不留情;凡上到屋顶的,也都要搜杀净尽; 12He ordered his soldiers to kill without mercy everyone they encountered and to behead as well all those who took refuge in their houses.
13于是残杀老幼,灭绝妇孺,屠杀处女婴儿。 13Young and old perished; men, women and children were massacred, and infants and virgins were put to the sword.
14三日之内,杀害了八万人,四万丧身刀下,其余的被卖为奴。 14Within only three days, there were eighty thousand victims - forty thousand perished in the slaughter and as many were sold as slaves.
15王还以为不足,又以背叛法律出卖祖国的默乃劳为向导,胆敢进入举世至圣的圣殿, 15Not content with this, Antiochus boldly entered the holiest Temple in the entire world, guided by Menelaus, the traitor to the law and country.
16伸出他罪污的手攫取圣器,以他凡俗的手,夺去各国君王,为加增圣殿的光荣与尊严所献的礼品。 16With his unclean hands, Antiochus seized the sacred vessels, and with impious hands took away what other kings had given as gifts for the glory and honor of the Temple.
17安提约古一时大为得意,却不想这只是上主,为了城内居民的罪恶,暂时动怒转眼不顾圣所罢了。 17But in acting in such an insolent manner, Antiochus did not realize that the Lord had let him profane the Temple in order to punish the inhabitants of the city, because their sins had offended him.
18若不是因为居民的罪恶满盈,他必定也如色娄苛王打发来视察宝库的赫略多洛一样一来到,就立刻遭受鞭打,不得任意妄为了! 18For, had the city not been sinful, Antiochus would have been flogged the moment he entered, as Heliodorus who was sent by Seleucus to rob the treasury had been. And he would have also repented of his audacity.
19但是,上主并不是为了圣所而选择了国民,而是为了国民而选择了圣所。 19But God had not chosen the people for the Temple, but the Temple for the sake of the nation.
20所以那分受民众所遭灾难的圣所,后来也得分享他们的幸福;那在全能者义怒下被遗弃的圣殿,与至上之主和好后,仍然要恢复以前所有的光荣。 20Therefore, the Temple also shared in the nation's misfortune, as it also shared afterward in its restoration. As it had been abandoned in the time of the wrath of God, it was again restored to its glory when the Most High Lord was appeased.
21安提约古从圣殿里攫取了一千八百「塔冷通」以后,迅速回到安提约基雅去;他心中自鸣得意,竟然妄想陆地行舟,海上步行。 21Antiochus took with him eighteen hundred talents which he had stolen from the Temple, and hurriedly went back to Antioch, so proud that he thought himself capable of sailing by land and walking on the sea.
22他留下的官吏,与百姓为难;在耶路撒冷留下夫黎基雅人斐理伯,这人性情残暴,甚于委派他的人; 22At his departure, he left ministers to oppress our race. In Jerusalem, he appointed Philip, of Phrygian ancestry and of more barbarous character than he who had appointed him;
23在革黎斤山地留下安多尼苛;此外还有默乃劳,这人虐待本国人比外人更凶残。安提约古王因对犹太人心怀仇恨, 23and he left Andronicus in Gerizim. Besides there was Menelaus, who surpassed them in his hatred for his fellow citizens. This man had indeed a deep hatred for his Jewish brothers.
24就派米息雅的军长阿颇罗尼率领二万二千人,命他杀尽了年富力强的壮丁,把妇女与幼童出卖。 24Antiochus also sent Apollonius with an army of twenty-two thousand soldiers with orders to behead all the grown men and sell the women and children.
25阿颇罗尼到了耶路撒冷,假仁假义,等到安息圣日,明知犹太人都停工安息,便命部队武装起来,列队游行。 25Arriving in Jerusalem, under the pretext of peace, he waited until the holy day of the sabbath. Then he took the Jews by surprise as they rested. He ordered his men to conduct a military parade,
26凡出来观望的人,都用刀砍死,然后率领武装部队,走遍全城,杀了无数的居民。 26and he killed all those who came out to see the show. Then, running through the streets, the soldiers killed many people.
27犹大玛加伯同其余九人,逃到旷野,住在山中,形同野兽,饥食野菜,免染不洁。 27Judas Maccabeus, however, withdrew into the desert with about nine others willing to live like the wild beasts. There they fed on clean vegetables, for they did not want to eat unclean meat.
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