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玛加伯下 2 Maccabees
1上面记载的那位密告财宝,出卖祖国的息孟,今又毁谤敖尼雅,说他是陷害赫略多洛和一切凶祸的主谋。 1The Simon mentioned before as the informer about the treasures of the Temple, who was traitor to his country, spoke evil of Onias, accusing him of a plot against Heliodorus and saying that he was responsible for all the troubles.
2他竟将这位造福本城,善理同胞,忠诚守法的人,说成一个阴谋叛徒。 2He even dared to lay the blame for everything on Onias who was the great benefactor of the city, the defender of his compatriots and a zealous observer of the laws.
3这仇恨是如此深刻,甚至有些人为息孟的心腹所杀。 3The hostility between them reached such proportions that crimes were even committed by some of the supporters of Simon.
4敖尼雅见到这斗争的危险性,而且又见到默乃斯太的儿子,即切肋叙利亚和腓尼基的总督阿颇罗尼,助长息孟为恶, 4Onias recognized the dangers involved in such an unbearable rivalry. Even Apollonius, son of Menestheus, governor of Coele-Syria and Phoenicia, was instigating Simon to evil.
5便去觐见国王;他去并不是为控告自己的同胞,而是为了人民的公私利益, 5So Onias went to the king, not to accuse his fellow citizens, but for the good of the whole nation.
6因为他看得很清楚:若没有国王的调停,要使问题和平解决,和使息孟停止妄行,是不可能的。 6For he saw that it was impossible to maintain peace and stop the foolishness of Simon without the king's intervention.
7但是,色娄苛死后,号称厄丕法乃的安提约古继位称王。此时,敖尼雅的弟弟雅松用非法手段,夺取了大司祭的职位。 7When King Seleucus died, his son Antiochus who was called Epiphanes, succeeded to the throne. Then, Jason, the brother of Onias the High Priest, usurped the office of high priest.
8当他朝见国王时,许给国王三百六十『塔冷通』银子,和其他进项中的八十『塔冷通』; 8In a conversation with the king, Jason promised three hundred and sixty talents of silver and eighty talents from other revenues.
9此外,如果国王准许他用王的权势,修建一座体育场和一处青年训练所,并把耶路撒冷人登记为安提约基雅的公民,他就许下另缴一百五十『塔冷通』。 9He further committed himself to pay one hundred fifty more talents if he would be allowed to establish on his own account a gymnasium with a Center for the cultural advancement of the youth and if the statute of Antioquian citizenship could apply to the inhabitants of Jerusalem, as well.
10国王一一应允了。雅松既然得势,立刻使本国人民希腊化, 10With the consent of the king and using the power at his disposal, he at once set about encouraging his fellow citizens to adopt the customs of the Greeks.
11并且把诸王因欧颇肋摩的父亲若望,而赐予犹太人的特权取消,──这欧颇肋摩就是日后出使与罗玛人缔结友好盟约的大使,──把合法的制度废除,而倡导违法的新风俗。 11He suppressed the privileges that kings had granted to the Jews through John, the father of Eupolemus, who had established friendship and an alliance between the Romans and the Jews. He overthrew lawful institutions and introduced new customs contrary to the Law.
12他故意在城堡下建筑了运动场,引领贵族少年受体育训练。 12So, he very readily founded a gymnasium right under the Citadel, and persuaded the noblest among the young to be educated in the Greek way.
13因了这邪恶而非大司祭的雅松的过度狂妄,希腊文化和外方风俗达到了极点, 13Paganism was propagated through Jason's influence, who proved to be more of a godless wretch than a high priest. Greek customs were so much in vogue,
14以致司祭们对祭献的礼仪已不感兴趣,甚至轻慢圣殿,忽略祭献,一听到掷铁饼的讯号,就急忙跑去参加运动场上的违法运动。 14that priests no longer showed any interest in serving at the altar. They despised the sanctuary and neglected the sacrifices and as soon as the discus throw began they would run to the stadium to take part in athletic competitions prohibited by the Law.
15他们毫不尊重本国的尊严,一心崇拜希腊的光荣。 15They did not value anymore the customs of their fathers, but held in highest esteem the values of the Greeks.
16正是为这些缘故,他们日后陷于恶劣的环境,那些推崇其生活方式和事事取法他们的人,日后反成了他们的仇敌和惩治者, 16With this, they themselves were put in a difficult situation, for those whom they took as models and whose customs they wanted to imitate in everything proved to be their enemies and tyrants.
17因为背弃天主的法律,并不是一件小事:这由下面的事实可以证明。 17For it is not easy to break the divine laws with impunity as the following episodes will show.
18在提洛举行五年一次的运动大会的时候,国王也亲自到场, 18When the quinquennial games held every five years were going on in Tyre before the king,
19无廉耻的雅松派了几个入安提约基雅籍的人,代表耶路撒冷去作观察员,又叫他们带三百银钱去祭献赫辣克肋神。但是带钱的人以为用这些钱购办祭物不甚相宜,所以留下作了别的费用。 19the wicked Jason sent as envoys some "citizens of Antioch" from the inhabitants of Jerusalem and he entrusted to them three hundred drachmas of silver allotted for the sacrifice to Hercules. When these envoys came, they decided that it was not fitting to spend the money on the sacrifice, but preferred to spend it on other things.
20虽然按主使者的意思,这钱是为祭献赫辣克肋用的,带钱的人却用来建造了三层桨的战船。 20So through the sole initiative of those sent to spend the money for the sacrifice to Hercules, the amount was used instead for the construction of trireme ships.
21当安提约古打发默乃斯太的儿子阿颇罗尼去埃及,参与非罗默托王登极的盛典时,知道了埃及王是他的政敌,所以为自卫起见,就去了约培,然后来到了耶路撒冷。 21Antiochus had sent Apollonius, son of Menestheus, to Egypt to represent him in the enthronement of King Philometor. But when Antiochus learned that Philometor had become his political adversary, Antiochus was worried about his own safety.
22安提约古受到雅松及全国人民的热烈欢迎,在火炬欢呼中进了城。随后他又领兵到了腓尼基。 22So, he left Joppa, and went to Jerusalem where he was well received by Jason and the whole city, entering the city in the midst of acclamations and torches. Then, he went with his troops to Phoenicia.
23三年以后,雅松打发上述息孟的兄弟默乃劳把钱送交国王,并请王解决备忘录上的几件重要事项。 23After three years, Jason sent Menelaus, brother of the Simon mentioned above, to bring the money to the king and initiate steps to negotiate urgent matters with him.
24默乃劳先使人在国王跟前推荐自己,后又奉承他,自装有权势,又许给他比雅松还多的三百『塔冷通』,于是获得大司祭的职位。 24Menelaus presented himself to the king whom he impressed by his personal bearing as a man of authority, and so obtained the office of high priest for himself, offering three hundred talents more than Jason.
25他领到国王的委任状,就回到耶路撒冷。但他绝不相称大司祭的职位,暴燥如虐王,狂怒似野兽。 25After receiving the royal mandate, he returned with nothing worthy of a high priest, but only with the rage of a cruel tyrant or a wild beast.
26如此,以前曾推翻自己哥哥的雅松,今也被人推翻,被迫逃到阿孟人的地方去。 26Jason, who had usurped the office of his brother, was now supplanted by another, and had to flee to the land of Ammon.
27默乃劳固然得到高位,但许给国王的钱却未缴纳, 27Menelaus held the office but did not pay the amount he promised to the king,
28城堡的司令兼主管税务的索斯塔托却不断催他缴纳,于是二人同被国王传召。 28although Sostratus, the commander of the Citadel, demanded the payment, since the king had entrusted to him the collection of revenue. The two of them were then summoned by the king because of this.
29默乃劳便委托自己的兄弟里息玛苛代理大司祭的职务,索斯塔托委托塞浦路斯的军官克辣特为代理。 29Menelaus left his brother Lysimachus as his substitute, and Sostratus left Crates, the commander of the Cypriots.
30正当此时,塔尔索和玛罗两城的人民,因为国王把他们这两座城当作礼品,送给自己的嫔妃安提约基,而群起叛乱。 30Meanwhile, the inhabitants of Tarsus and Mallus revolted because their cities were given as a gift to Antiochis, the king's concubine.
31国王急速去平乱,委托他的大官安多尼苛为代理。 31The king set out at once to reestablish order, leaving Andronicus, one of his ministers, as his deputy.
32默乃劳乘此良机,由圣殿中偷去一些金器,送给安多尼苛,也把一些金器卖给提洛和其附近的城邑。 32Menelaus thought of taking advantage of the opportunity, and stole some of the golden vessels from the Temple, which he then gave to Andronicus as gifts. He also managed to sell others in Tyre and in the neighboring cities.
33此时,隐退到安提约基雅附近的达夫乃避难所去的敖尼雅,听到这些确实消息,就责斥默乃劳, 33When Onias had clear evidence of what Menelaus had done, he sought refuge in Daphne near Antioch, a place of asylum, and from there denounced him.
34因此他把安多尼苛叫到一边,煽动他去杀敖尼雅。安多尼苛来到敖尼雅那里,伸出右手假装向他起誓,使他相信。敖尼雅虽然犹豫,仍相信了,遂从避难所走出。安多尼苛竟然不顾道义,就地杀了他。 34For this reason, Menelaus met Andronicus in private and urged him to kill Onias. Andronicus went to Onias and deceitfully gained his confidence, offering Onias his right hand in oath. He was able to persuade Onias, in spite of the latter's suspicion, to come out of his place of refuge. Then Andronicus killed him at once without any regard for justice.
35为此,不但犹太,连别的外方人对屈杀这人,都忿忿不平,怀恨在心。 35For this reason, not only Jews but people of other nationalities as well became indignant and grieved over the unjust killing of that man.
36及至国王从基里基雅回来,京城的犹太人,连一些希腊人,都来到王前,控诉敖尼雅死得冤枉。 36When the king returned to the regions of Coele-Syria, the Jews of Jerusalem, together with the Greeks who were for justice, went to see him and complained about the murder of Onias.
37安提约古心中也很难受,深表哀怜,回想死者的贤能端庄,不禁泪下。 37The king was touched and became sad, and even wept as he remembered the personality and noble conduct of the departed.
38国王一时怒火大起,命人即刻脱去安多尼苛的紫红袍,将他的衣服撕烂,领他游城示众,直到他对敖尼雅行凶地方,就在那里,将这凶手从世上铲除;如此,上主使他受到应得的惩罚。 38He became angry with Andronicus and immediately removed him from office. Then he ordered that Andronicus be divested of his purple robe, tore his garments off him, and led him all around the city up to the place where Andronicus had murdered Onias, and right there the king ordered that he be put to death - God dealing out to him the punishment he deserved.
39里息玛苛由于默乃劳的赞助,在城内犯了许多盗卖圣物的亵圣罪过。这事一传出去,民众都公然来攻击里息玛苛;那时有许多金器已被盗卖给各方。 39Lysimachus committed much sacrilegious plunder in Jerusalem with the connivance of Menelaus. When this became known, the populace rebelled against Lysimachus, who had already taken many golden vessels from the city.
40里息玛苛见群众怒形于色,起来反抗他,即武装了大约三千人,以暴力对付,并以年老而愚妄未减的奥辣诺为首领。 40When Lysimachus saw the people rising up in rebellion and becoming enraged, he armed about three thousand men and began a violent repression, designating as leader a certain Auranus, a man advanced in years but of very little intelligence.
41众人见里息玛苛派人来攻打,有的拾取石块,有的手拿棍棒,有的就地抓起灰土,一起向里息玛苛的部下乱冲过去; 41So, as the people were attacked by the men of Lysimachus, they reacted by picking up stones and clubs, and even gathered handfuls of ashes lying at hand, and threw everything against the men of Lysimachus.
42如此,他的部下有许多被打伤了,也有一些被打死,其余的都逃散了;连亵卖圣器的人也被杀死在圣库的近旁。 42In this way, they wounded many of them, killed some, and put the rest to flight. As for the sacrilegious robber Lysimachus, they killed him near the treasury.
43关于这事,人民都抱怨默乃劳。 43Because of all this a charge was brought against Menelaus and
44当国王来到提洛时,长老院便派遣三人到君王跟前伸诉。 44when the king arrived at Tyre, three men sent by the council of the elders of Jerusalem told him of Menelaus' cruelty.
45默乃劳明知自己已失败,遂许给多黎默乃的儿子仆托肋米大批金银,托他向国王代为说情。 45Seeing his ruin, Menelaus promised a great amount of money to Ptolemy, son of Dorymenes, in order to have the king in his favor.
46仆托肋米便引国王来到廊下,假意乘凉,乘机使他改变了心意, 46Ptolemy then went with the king privately to a colonnade for some fresh air, and persuaded him to change his mind.
47于是国王释放了罪魁祸首默乃劳,撤消了一切的控诉,反而把这几个可怜的人处死。这几个人,假使向叔提雅人伸诉的话,一定会被判无罪释放。 47The king actually dismissed all the accusations against Menelaus, the cause of all this evil, while he condemned to death Menelaus' unfortunate accusers who would have been acquitted had a tribunal of barbarians judged them.
48这些保护圣城、百姓和圣器的人,反倒很快的受到这样不公平的惩罚。 48So those who had defended the cause of the city, the people and the sacred vessels were executed at once.
49因此有些提洛人,为了表示痛恨这种恶行,自愿为这些牺牲者举行隆重的丧礼。 49Some Tyrians were so enraged by that crime that they prepared a magnificent funeral for them.
50因为有权势的人贪污,默乃劳仍能保持原位,仍然怙恶不悛,时时处处加害本国人。 50But through the corruption of the rulers, Menelaus remained in power, growing in wickedness and becoming a tyrant towards his own people.
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