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格林多后书 2 Corinthians
1因天主的旨意,做基督耶稣宗徒的保禄和弟茂德兄弟,致书于格林多的天主教会和全阿哈雅的众位圣徒: 1Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God, and Timothy, our brother, to the church of God in Corinth, and to all the saints in the whole of Achaia.
2愿恩宠与平安由我们的父天主,和主耶稣基督赐给你们! 2May you receive grace and peace from God our Father and from Christ Jesus, the Lord.
3愿我们的主耶稣基督的天主和父,仁慈的父和施与各种安慰的天主受赞扬, 3Blessed be God, the Father of Christ Jesus, our Lord, the all-merciful Father and the God of all comfort!
4是他在我们的各种磨难中,常安慰我们,为使我们能以自己由天主所亲受的安慰,去安慰那些在各种困难中的人。 4He encourages us in all our trials, so that we may also encourage those in any trial, with the same comfort that we receive from God.
5因为基督所受的苦难,加于我们身上的越多,我们藉著基督,所得的安慰也越多。 5For whenever the sufferings of Christ overflow to us, so, through Christ, a great comfort also overflows.
6我们如果受磨难,那是为叫你们受安慰与得救;我们如果受安慰,那也是为叫你们受安慰;这安慰足以能使你们坚忍那与我所受的同样苦难。 6So, if we are afflicted, it is for your comfort and salvation; and if we receive comfort it is also for you. You may experience the same comfort when you come to endure the same sufferings we endure.
7为此,我们对你们所怀有的希望是坚定不移的,因为我们知道:你们怎样分受了痛苦,也要怎样同享安慰。 7Our hope for you is most firm; just as you share in our sufferings, so shall you also share in our consolation.
8弟兄们!我们深愿你们知道,我们在亚细亚所受的磨难:我们受到了非人力所能忍受的重压,甚至连活的希望也没有了; 8Brothers and sisters, we want you to know some of the trials we experienced in the province of Asia. We were crushed; it was too much; it was more than we could bear and we had already lost all hope of coming through alive.
9而且我们自己也认为必死无疑,这是为叫我们不要倚靠自己,而只倚靠那使死人复活的天主。 9We felt branded for death, but this happened that we might no longer rely on ourselves but on God, who raises the dead.
10他由这样多的死亡危险中救援了我们,而今仍在施救,我们切望将来还要施救, 10He freed us from such a deadly peril and will continue to do so. We trust he will continue protecting us,
11只要你们以祈祷协助我们;这样,因有许多人为我们求得恩赐,好使将来也有许多人替我们感恩。 11but you must help us with your prayers. When such a favor is obtained by the intercession of many, so will there be many to give thanks to God on our behalf.
12我们认为光荣的事,就是有我们的良心作证:我们处世是本着由天主而来的直爽与真诚,并不是本着本性的智慧,而是本着天主的恩宠;对于你们尤其如此, 12There is something we are proud of: our conscience tells us that we have lived in this world with the openness and sincerity that comes from God. We have been guided, not by human motives, but by the grace of God, especially in relation to you.
13因为我们给你们所写的,无非是你们所能朗诵,所能了解的。我盼望你们能完全了解我们, 13There were no hidden intentions in my letter, but only what you can read and understand.
14就如你们对我们已有了几分了解,好在我们的主耶稣的日子上,我们是你们的夸耀,而你们也是我们的夸耀。 14I trust that what you now only partly realize, you will come to understand fully, and so be proud of us, as we shall also be proud of you on the Day of the Lord Jesus.
15怀着这种信念,我原先有意到你们那里去,为使你们获得第二次的恩惠, 15With this assurance, I wanted to go and visit you first, and this would have been a double blessing for you.
16并经过你们那里到马其顿,再由马其顿回到你们那里,然后由你们送我往犹太去。 16And from there I thought of going to Macedonia and then, from Macedonia, of coming back to you, that you might send me on my way to Judea.
17那么,我怀着这种意思,难道是我行事轻浮吗?或者我定主意,是随情感定的,以致在我内有「是」而又「非」吗? 17Have I planned this without thinking at all? Or do I change my decisions on the spur of the moment, so that I am between No and Yes?
18天主是忠实的!我们对你们所说的话,并不是「是」而又「非」的, 18God knows that our dealing with you is not Yes and No,
19因为藉我们,即藉我和息耳瓦诺同弟茂德,在你们中所宣讲的天主子耶稣基督,并不是「是」而又「非」的,在他只有一个「是」, 19just as the Son of God, Christ Jesus, whom we - Silvanus, Timothy and I - preach to you, was not Yes and No; with him it was simply Yes.
20因为天主的一切恩许,在他内都成了「是」,为此也藉着他,我们才答应「阿们」,使光荣藉我们归于天主。 20In him all the promises of God have come to be a Yes, and we also say in his name: Amen! giving thanks to God.
21那坚固我们同你们在基督内的,并给我们傅油的,就是天主; 21God himself has anointed us and strengthens us with you to serve Christ;
22他在我们身上盖了印,并在我们心里赐下圣神作为抵押。 22he has marked us with his own seal in a first outpouring of the Spirit in our hearts.
23我指着我的性命呼号天主作证:我没有再到格林多去,是为了顾惜你们。 23God knows, and I swear to you by my own life, that if I did not return to Corinth, it was because I wanted to spare you.
24这并不是说:在信仰方面我们愿管制你们,而是说:我们愿作你们喜乐的合作者,因为你们在信仰上已站稳了。 24I do not wish to lord it over your faith, but to contribute to your happiness; for regarding faith, you already stand firm.
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