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格林多后书 2 Corinthians
1若必须夸耀──固然无益──我就来说说主的显现和启示。 1It is useless to boast; but if I have to, I will go on to some visions and revelations of the Lord.
2我知道有一个在基督内的人,十四年前,被提到三层天上去──或在身内,我不知道,或在身外,我也不知道,惟天主知道── 2I know a certain Christian: fourteen years ago he was taken up to the third heaven.
3我知道这人──或在身内,或在身外,我不知道,天主知道── 3Whether in the body or out of the body, I do not know, God knows. But I know that this man, whether in the body or out of the body - I do not know, God knows -
4他被提到乐园里去,听到了不可言传的话,是人不能说出的。 4was taken up to Paradise where he heard words that cannot be told: things which humans cannot express.
5对这样的人,我要夸耀;但为我自己,除了我的软弱外,我没有可夸耀的。 5Of that man I can indeed boast, but of myself I will not boast except of my weaknesses.
6其实,即使我愿意夸耀,我也不算是狂妄,因为我说的是实话;但是,我绝口不谈,免得有人估计我,超过了他在我身上所见到的,或由我所听到的。 6If I wanted to boast, it would not be foolish of me, for I would speak the truth.
7免得我因那高超的启示而过于高举自己,故此在身体上给了我一根剌,就是撒殚的使者来拳击我,免得我过于高举自己。 7However, I better give up lest somebody think more of me than what is seen in me or heard from me. Lest I become proud after so many and extraordinary revelations, I was given a thorn in my flesh, a true messenger of Satan, to slap me in the face.
8关于这事,我曾三次求主使它脱离我; 8Three times I prayed to the Lord that it leave me,
9但主对我说:「有我的恩宠为你够了,因为我的德能在软弱中才全显出来。」所以我甘心情愿夸耀我的软弱,好叫基督的德能常在我身上。 9but he answered, "My grace is enough for you; my great strength is revealed in weakness." Gladly, then, will I boast of my weakness that the strength of Christ may be mine.
10为此,我为基督的缘故,喜欢在软弱中,在凌辱中,在艰难中,在迫害中,在困苦中,因为我几时软弱,正是我有能力的时候。 10So I rejoice when I suffer infirmities, humiliations, want, persecutions: all for Christ! For when I am weak, then I am strong.
11我成了狂妄的人,那是你们逼我的。本来我该受你们的褒扬,因为纵然我不算什么,却一点也不在那些超等的宗徒以下。 11I have acted as a fool but you forced me. You should have been the ones commending me. Yet I do not feel outdone by those super-apostles,
12宗徒的记号,也在你们中间,以各种的坚忍,藉著征兆、奇蹟和异能,真正实现了; 12even though I am nothing. All the signs of a true apostle are found in me: patience in all trials, signs, miracles and wonders.
13其实,除了我本人没有连累过你们这件事外,你们有什么不及别的教会之处呢?关于这个委屈,你们宽恕我罢! 13Now, in what way were you not treated like the rest of the churches? Only in this: I was not a burden to you - forgive me for this offense!
14看,这已是第三次我预备好,到你们那里去,我还是不连累你们,因为我所求的不是你们的东西,而是你们自己;原来不是儿女应为父母积蓄,而是父母该为儿女积蓄。 14For the third time I plan to visit you, and I will not be a burden to you, for I am not interested in what you have but only in you. Children should not have to collect money for their parents, but the parents for their children.
15至于我,我甘心情愿为你们的灵魂付出一切,并将我自己也完全耗尽;难道我越多爱你们,就该少得你们的爱吗? 15As for me, I am ready to spend whatever I have and even my whole self for all of you. If I love you so much, am I to be loved less?
16是啊!我没有连累过你们,但我是出于狡猾,以诡诈榨取了你们。 16Well, I was not a burden to you, but was it not a trick to deceive you? Tell me:
17在我所打发到你们那里去的人中,难道我曾藉著其中的一位,占过你们的便宜吗? 17Did I take money from you through any of my messengers?
18我曾请求了弟铎,并打发了一位弟兄同去;难道弟铎占过你们的便宜吗?我们行动来往,不是具有一样的心神,一样的步伐吗? 18I asked Titus to go to you and I sent another brother with him. But did Titus take money from you? Have we not both acted in the same spirit?
19到如今你们以为我是向你们申辩罢!其实,我们是在基督内当着天主的面说话;这一切,亲爱的,都是为了建树你们, 19Perhaps you think that we are again apologizing; but no: we speak in Christ and before God, and I do this for you, dear friends, to build you up.
20因为我怕我来到的时候,见你们不合于我所想望的,你们也见我不合于你们所想望的:就是怕有争端、嫉妒、愤怒、分裂、毁谤、挑唆、自大、纷乱; 20I fear that if I go and see you, I might not find you as I would wish, and you in turn, might not find me to your liking. I might see rivalries, envy, grudges, disputes, slanders, gossip, conceit, disorder.
21又怕我到的时候,我的天主再使我在你们前受委屈,并为那许多从前犯了罪而不悔改他们所习行的不洁、淫乱和放荡的人而恸哭。 21Let it not be that in coming again to you, God humble me because of you and I have to grieve over so many of you who live in sin, on seeing that they have not yet given up an impure way of living, their wicked conduct and the vices they formerly practiced.
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