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格林多后书 2 Corinthians
1巴不得你们容忍我一点狂妄!其实,你们也应容忍我, 1May you bear with me in some little foolishness! But surely you will.
2因为我是以天主的妒爱,妒爱你们。原来我已把你们许配给一个丈夫,把你们当作贞洁的童女献给了基督。 2I confess that I share the jealousy of God for you, for I have promised you in marriage to Christ, the only spouse, to present you to him as a pure virgin.
3但我很怕你们的心意受到败坏,失去那对基督所有的赤诚和贞洁,就像那蛇以狡猾诱惑了厄娃一样。 3And this is my fear: the serpent that seduced Eve with cunning could also corrupt your minds and divert you from the christian sincerity.
4如果有人来给你们宣讲另一个耶稣,不是我们所宣讲过的;或者你们领受另一神,不是你们所领受过的;或者另一福音,不是你们所接受过的,你们竟然都容忍了,真好啊! 4Someone now comes and preaches another Jesus different from the one we preach, or you are offered a different spirit from the one you have received, with a different Gospel from the one you have accepted - and you agree!
5其实,我以为我一点也不在那些超等的宗徒以下, 5I do not see how I am inferior to those super-apostles.
6纵使我拙于言词,却不拙于知识,这是我们在各方面,在各事上,对你们所表显出来的。 6Does my speaking leave much to be desired? Perhaps, but not my knowledge, as I have abundantly shown to you in every way.
7难道我白白地给你们传报天主的福音,屈卑我自己为使你们高升,就有了不是吗? 7Perhaps my sin was that I humbled myself in order to uplift you, or that I gave you the Gospel free of charge.
8我剥削了别的教会,取了酬资,为的是给你们服务啊! 8I called upon the services of other churches and served you with the support I received from them.
9当我在你们那里时,虽受了匮乏,却没有连累过你们一个人,因为有从马其顿来的弟兄们,补助了我的匮乏;我一向在各方面设法避免连累你们,将来还要如此。 9When I was with you, although I was in need, I did not become a burden to anyone. The friends from Macedonia gave me what I needed. I have taken care not to be a burden to you in anything and I will continue to do so.
10基督的真理在我内,我敢说:我这种夸耀在阿哈雅地方是不会停止的。 10By the truth of Christ within me, I will let no one in the land of Achaia stop this boasting of mine.
11为什么呢?因为我不爱你们吗?有天主知道! 11Why? Because I do not love you? God knows that I do!
12我现今作的,将来还要作,为避免给与那些找机会的人一个机会,免得人看出他们在所夸耀的事上也跟我们一样, 12Yet I do and I will continue to do so to silence any people anxious to appear as equal to me: this is my glory.
13因为这种人是假宗徒,是欺诈的工人,是冒充基督宗徒的。 13In reality, they are false apostles, deceivers disguised as apostles of Christ.
14这并不希奇,因为连撒殚也常冒充光明的天使; 14It is not surprising: if Satan disguises himself as an angel of light,
15所以倘若他的仆役也冒充正义的仆役,并不算是大事;他们的结局必与他们的行为相对等。 15his servants can easily disguise themselves as ministers of salvation, until they receive what their deeds deserve.
16我再说:谁也不要以为我是狂妄的,若不然,你们就以我为狂妄看待罢!好叫我也稍微夸耀一下。 16I say again: Do not take me for a fool, but if you do take me as such, bear with me that I may sing my own praises a little.
17我在这夸耀的事上所要说的,不是按照主说的,而是如同在狂妄中说的。 17I will not speak in the language of Christ, but in that of a fool, bringing my own merits to prominence.
18既有许多人按照俗见夸耀,我也要夸耀, 18As some people boast of human advantages, I will do the same.
19因为像你们那样明智的人,竟也甘心容忍了那些狂妄的人! 19Fortunately you bear rather well with fools, you who are so wise!
20因为,若有人奴役你们,若有人侵吞你们,若有人榨取你们,若有人对你们傲慢,若有人打你们的脸,你们竟然都容忍了! 20You tolerate being enslaved, and exploited, robbed, treated with contempt and slapped in the face.
21我惭愧的说:在这方面好像我们太软弱了!其实,若有人在什么事上敢夸耀──我狂妄地说:我也敢。 21What a shame that I acted so weakly with you! But if others are so bold, I shall also dare, although I may speak like a fool.
22他们是希伯来人?我也是。他们是以色列人?我也是。他们是亚巴郎的苗裔?我也是。 22Are they Hebrews? So am I. Are they Israelites? So am I. Are they descendants of Abraham? So am I.
23他们是基督的仆役?我疯狂地说:我更是。论劳碌,我更多;论监禁,更频繁;论拷打,过了量;冒死亡,是常事。 23Are they ministers of Christ? (I begin to talk like a madman) I am better than they. Better than they with my numerous labors. Better than they with the time spent in prison. The beatings I received are beyond comparison. How many times have I found myself in danger of death!
24被犹太人鞭打了五次,每次四十下少一下; 24Five times the Jews sentenced me to thirty-nine lashes.
25受杖击三次;被石击一次;遭翻船三次;在深海里度过了一日一夜; 25Three times I was beaten with a rod, once I was stoned. Three times I was shipwrecked, and once I spent a night and a day adrift on the high seas.
26又多次行路,遭遇江河的危险、盗贼的危险、由同族来的危险、由外邦人来的危险、城中的危险、旷野里的危险、海洋上的危险、假弟兄中的危险; 26I have been continually in hazards of traveling because of rivers, because of bandits, because of my fellow Jews, or because of the pagans; in danger in the city, in the open country, at sea; in danger from false brothers.
27劳碌辛苦,屡不得眠;忍饥受渴,屡不得食;忍受寒冷,赤身裸体; 27I have worked and often labored without sleep, I have been hungry and thirsty and starving, cold and without shelter.
28除了其余的事以外,还有我每日的繁务,对众教会的挂虑。 28Besides these and other things, there was my daily concern for all the churches.
29谁软弱,我不软弱呢?谁跌倒,我不心焦呢? 29Whoever wavers, do I not waver with him? Whoever stumbles, am I not on hot bricks?
30若必须夸耀,我就要夸耀我软弱的事。 30If it is necessary to boast, let me proclaim the occasions on which I was found weak.
31主耶稣的天主和父,那应受颂扬于永远的,知道我不撒谎。 31The God and Father of Jesus the Lord - may he be blessed for ever! - knows that I speak the truth.
32我在大马士革时,阿勒达王的总督把守了大马士革人的城,要逮捕我, 32At Damascus, the governor under King Aretas placed the city under guard in order to arrest me,
33而我竟被人用篮子从窗口,沿着城墙系下,逃脱了他的手。 33and I had to be let down in a basket through a window in the wall. In that way I slipped through his hands.
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