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编年纪下 2 Chronicles
1希则克雅派人到全以色列和犹大,且也写了封公函给厄弗辣因和默纳协,叫他们来耶路撒冷上主的殿内,向上主以色列的天主举行逾越节, 1Hezekiah sent messengers to all Judah and Israel (for he also wrote letters to Ephraim and Manasseh), inviting them to come to Yahweh's House in Jerusalem to celebrate a Passover in honor of Yahweh, the God of Israel.
2因为君王与首领和耶路撒冷会众已商妥,在二月举行逾越节。 2The king and his officials and all the assembly in Jerusalem had agreed to celebrate it in the second month,
3他们不能如期举行的原因,是因为自洁的司祭尚不敷用,百姓又尚未齐集在耶路撒冷。 3being unable to celebrate it at the proper time, since the priests had not purified themselves in sufficient numbers, and the people had not assembled in Jerusalem.
4君王和全会众都认为这样做很对, 4The king and all the assembly were pleased with their plan.
5遂下令通告全以色列,从贝尔舍巴直到丹,都来耶路撒冷,向上主以色列的天主举行逾越节,因为人很久没有照章举行这节了。 5They issued a decree to be proclaimed throughout Israel, from Dan to Beer-sheba, calling all the people to come to Jerusalem and celebrate a Passover in honor of Yahweh, the God of Israel, for they had not celebrated it for a long time.
6使者遂带着君王和首领的公函,走遍全以色列和犹大,照君王的吩咐,宣布说:「以色列的子民,你们应当转向上主,亚巴郎、依撒格和以色列的天主,好使他转向你们,这些摆脱亚述王权下的遗民。 6Messengers went out with letters from the hands of the king and his officials for every part of Israel and Judah. They had orders from the king to say, "People of Israel, come back to Yahweh the God of Abraham, of Isaac, of Israel, and he will come back to those of you who are left and have escaped the grasp of the kings of Assyria.
7你们不可像你们的祖先和弟兄一样,因为他们背叛了上主,他们祖先的天主,上主遂叫他们成了惊骇的对象,有如你们亲眼所见的。 7Do not be like your fathers and brothers who were unfaithful to Yahweh, the God of their ancestors, and whom he punished severely as you can see.
8现在,你们再别颈硬,如同你们祖先一样,反应投奔上主,进入他永远祝圣的居所,奉事上主你们的天主,使他的震怒转离你们。 8Do not harden your hearts as your ancestors did, but reconcile with Yahweh and come to his house which he has consecrated forever. Serve Yahweh your God and he will turn his fierce anger from you.
9如果你们转向上主你们的天主,你们的弟兄子女,在掳掠他们的人面前必会蒙受怜悯,会再回到这地;因为上主你们的天主是慈悲的,是仁爱的;如果你们转向他,他决不会转面不顾你们。」 9If you come back sincerely to Yahweh, your brothers and your sons will win the mercy of their conquerors and return to this land, for Yahweh your God is gracious and merciful. If you come back to him, he will not turn his face from you."
10使者由这城到那城,走遍了厄弗辣因和默纳协各地,直到则步隆;但是,那里的人却嘲笑侮辱他们。 10The messengers went from town to town through the land of Ephraim and Manasseh, but the people laughed at them and made fun of them,
11可是,有些阿协尔、默纳协和则步隆人自谦自卑,来到耶路撒冷。 11though a few men from Asher and Manasseh and Zebulun were humble enough to come to Jerusalem.
12天主的手也在犹大行事,使民众一心遵从君王和首领,照上主的话所出的命令。 12But in Judah, the hand of God was upon the people and made them of one mind to obey the order of the king and the officials according to the word of Yahweh.
13二月,有很多人民聚集在耶路撒冷,举行无酵节,实在是一个大盛会。 13A great number of people gathered in Jerusalem to celebrate the feast of Unleavened Bread in the second month. A very great assembly
14民众起来,将耶路撒冷所有的丘坛拆毁,将所有焚香的器具拿去,丢在克德龙溪里。 14set to work removing the altars that had been used in Jerusalem and all the altars for burning incense, and throwing them into the wadi Kidron.
15二月十四日宰杀了逾越节羔羊;司祭和肋未人自觉惭愧,便圣洁自己,好能在上主殿内奉献全燔祭。 15They killed the lambs for the passover sacrifice on the fourteenth day of the second month. The priests and the Levites felt ashamed; so they sanctified themselves and were able to bring burnt offerings into Yahweh's House.
16他们都按天主仆人梅瑟的法律,各自立在自己的地方,司祭由肋未人手中取过血来,洒在祭坛上。 16Then they took up their places in the House according to the instructions in the Law of Moses, the man of God. The priests poured out the blood handed to them by the Levites,
17因为会众中有许多人尚未自洁,肋未人便为所有不洁的人,宰杀逾越节的羔羊,好奉献姶上主。 17since there were many people in the assembly who had not sanctified themselves; so the Levites were to slaughter the Passover lambs on behalf of those who lacked the requisite purity in order to consecrate them to Yahweh.
18实在,有许多人,有许多来自厄弗辣因,默纳协、依撒加尔和则步隆的人,没有自洁,就吃了逾越节羔羊,竟没有遵守明文的规定;为此,希则克雅为他们祈祷说: 18For many people, especially from Ephraim, Manasseh, Issachar and Zebulun, had not purified themselves and so had eaten the Passover without observing the regulations. But Hezekiah interceded for them, saying,
19「凡诚心寻求天主,上主,他们祖先的天主的人,虽然没有依照圣所的洁礼自洁,愿良善的上主予以宽恕!」 19"Yahweh, God of our ancestors, in your goodness forgive those who seek you with all their heart, even though they are not clean."
20上主垂允了希则克雅,宽恕了百姓。 20Yahweh heard Hezekiah and left the people unharmed.
21在耶路撒冷的以色列子民,极其欢乐,七天举行了无酵节;肋未人和司祭们,天天赞颂上主,极力赞颂上主。 21For seven days the Israelites rejoiced and celebrated in Jerusalem the feast of Unleavened Bread, while each day the Levites and the priests praised Yahweh with all their might.
22由于所有的肋未人慇勤服事上主,希则克雅便慰劳他们。七天之久,众人吃了节宴,献了和平祭,称谢了上主,他们祖先的天主。 22At the end Hezekiah encouraged the Levites who had shown themselves skilled in the worship of Yahweh.
23以后,全会众议定,再举行七天,于是欢乐地又举行了七天, 23Then all the assembly agreed to continue the celebrations for a further seven days which they made seven days of rejoicing.
24因为犹大王希则克雅送给了会众一千头牛犊,七千只绵羊;首领们也送给了会众一千头牛犊,一万只绵羊﹔且有许多司祭已行了自洁礼。 24Hezekiah king of Judah had provided a thousand bulls and seven thousand sheep for the assembly, and the officials another thousand bulls and ten thousand sheep, and now the priests were ready in great numbers.
25犹大全会众、司祭和肋未人,来自以色列的全会众,以及由以色列地来的,或侨居在犹大的人,都非常高兴。 25So the whole assembly of Judah rejoiced, the priests too, and the Levites, and all who had come from Israel, the refugees of Israel living in Judah and the people of Judah.
26欢乐弥漫了耶路撒冷,自以色列王达味的儿子撒罗满以来,耶路撒冷从未有过这样大的喜庆。 26There was great rejoicing in Jerusalem, for since the time of Solomon son of David, king of Israel, nothing like this had happened in Jerusalem.
27肋未人司祭起来为民众祝福,他们的声音承蒙垂听,他们的祈祷达于他天上的神圣居所。 27The levitical priests began to bless the people. Their voices were heard and their prayer received in heaven, His holy dwelling place.
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