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编年纪下 2 Chronicles
1此后,摩阿布人、阿孟人,还有一些玛红人前来攻打约沙法特。 1After this the Moabites and Ammonites with some of the Meunites started to make war on Jehoshaphat.
2有人来告诉约沙法特说:「由海那边,由厄东有一支大军前来攻击你;他们现已到达哈匝宗塔玛尔,即恩革狄。」 2Jehoshaphat received the following message, "A large army is advancing against you from Edom, from the other side of the sea; they are already at Hazaaon-tamar, that is, Engedi."
3约沙法特害了怕,一面恳求上主,一面宣布全犹大禁食。 3Jehoshaphat was frightened and prayed to Yahweh for guidance. Then he ordered that a fast be observed throughout the country.
4犹大人遂集会,求上主援助;犹大各城的人也前来祈求上主。 4Judah assembled to seek help from Yahweh; they came seeking Yahweh's guidance from every single town in Judah.
5约沙法特在犹大和耶路撒冷的会众中,站在上主殿宇的新院前, 5Then Jehoshaphat stood before this assembly of the people of Judah and Jerusalem in Yahweh's House, before the new court
6说「上主,我们祖先的天主!你不是天上的天主吗?你不是治理万国万民的么?你手中有能力和权威,没有谁能抵抗你。 6and said, "Yahweh, God of our ancestors, are you not the God who dwells in heaven? Do you not rule over all the kingdoms of the world? Such power and might are in your hands that no one can oppose you.
7我们的天主!不是你将这地方的居民,在你百姓以色列面前赶走,将这地方永远赐给了你友人亚巴郎的后代吗? 7Are you not our God, you who drove out the people who were living here before your people Israel and gave the land to the descendants of your friend Abraham forever?
8他们现在住在这地方,并在这地方为你的名建造了圣殿说: 8They have settled in it and built a sanctuary in it for your name,
9如果我们遭遇了祸患,刀兵灾害,或瘟疫饥馑,我们站在这殿前和你面前,在灾难中向你呼吁,你必予以垂听,施行拯救,因为你的名在这殿内。 9saying, 'Should disaster strike us, or war, punishment, epidemic, or famine, then we shall stand before this house and before you, for your Name rests on this house. From the depths of our distress we shall cry to you, and you will hear and save us.'
10现在你看,阿孟人、摩阿布人以及色依尔山中的人,这些人是以色列出离埃及时,你曾禁止以色列侵犯,以色列便绕道远离,未加消灭的人。 10Here now are the Ammonites and Moab and the folk of Seir. When Israel came out of the land of Egypt you would not let Israel invade them; instead, Israel turned away from them and did not destroy them,
11你看他们如何报复我们,要来驱逐我们离开你赐予我们为基业的地方。 11and this is how they reward us, by coming to drive us out of the possessions you have given us as our inheritance.
12我们的天主,你不惩罚他们么?我们实在没有力量抵抗来攻击我们的这支庞大的军队,我们也不知道该作什么,我们的眼睛惟有仰望你。」 12Will you, our God, not punish them, since we are helpless in the face of this large army that attacks us? We ourselves do not know what to do; but we look to you."
13当时全犹大民众,连他们全家妻子儿女,都立在上主面前。 13All the men of Judah, even down to their youngest children and their wives, stood there at the House.
14上主的神在会众中临于肋未人阿撒夫的后裔,玛塔尼雅的玄孙,耶依耳的曾孙,贝纳雅的孙子,则加黎雅的儿子雅哈齐耳身上, 14In the middle of the assembly the spirit of Yahweh came on Jahaziel son of Zechariah, son of Benaiah, son of Jeiel, son of Mattaniah the Levite, one of the sons of Asaph.
15他遂说:「全犹大人,耶路撒冷的居民以及约沙法特王,都要静听!上主这样对你们说:你们不要为这支庞大军队害怕,因为战争不在乎你们,而在乎天主。 15And he cried, "Listen all you men of Judah and you who live in Jerusalem, and you, King Jehoshaphat! Yahweh says this to you: You must not be discouraged or afraid to face this large army; this battle is not yours but God's.
16明天你们要下去迎敌,他们要由漆兹山坡上来,你们要在耶鲁耳旷野前的谷口遇到他们。 16March out against them tomorrow; they are coming up by the Slope of Ziz and you will come on them in the Valley of Soph, near the wilderness of Jeruel.
17这次你们无须交战,只须布阵以待,观看上主为你们所行的救援。犹大和耶路撒冷,不必畏惧,不必害怕!明天你们只管出去迎敌,因为上主与你们同在。」 17You will not need to fight there, but only take up your position, stand firm, and see what salvation Yahweh has in store for you. Judah and Jerusalem, be fearless, be dauntless; go out to battle tomorrow and Yahweh will be with you."
18约沙法特遂俯首至地,犹大民众和耶路撒冷居民也都俯伏在上主面前,朝拜上主。 18Jehoshaphat bent his head, his face to the ground, and all Judah with those who lived in Jerusalem fell down before Yahweh, worshiping him.
19刻哈特子孙和科辣黑子孙中的肋未人起立,引吭高歌,赞颂上主以色列的天主。 19Then the Levites - Kohathites and Korahites - began praising Yahweh the God of Israel at the top of their voices.
20次日,他们一早就起来,开往特科亚旷野;在出发时,约沙法特立起来说:「犹大和耶路撒冷的居民,请听我的话;你们信赖上主你们的天主,必保生命;相信他的先知,必定胜利。」 20They rose early in the morning and left for the wilderness of Tekoa. As they were setting out, Jehoshaphat stood and said, "Listen to me Judah and all who live in Jeru-salem! Put your trust in Yahweh your God and you will stand your ground; have faith in his prophets and you will be successful."
21他与百姓商定之后,便派歌咏人员赞颂上主,身穿圣洁服装,走在军队前面,歌颂说:「你们应赞颂上主,因为他的慈爱永远常存!」 21Then, having held a conference with the people, he ordered some musicians to put on the robes they wore on sacred occasions and to march at the head of the army, to sing praises to him: "Give praise to Yahweh, for his love is everlasting."
22他们正歌颂赞美时,上主派出伏兵,袭击了那些来攻击犹大的阿孟人、摩阿布人和色依尔山地的居民;他们便被击败了。 22As they began to sing their joy and their praise, Yahweh threw the invading armies into a panic and completely destroyed them. The Moabites and the Ammonites struck the people of Seir and there was a disaster.
23阿孟人和摩阿布人起来攻击色依尔山地的居民,决心将他们杀尽灭绝;歼灭了色依尔山地居民以后,他们又自相残杀。 23For the Ammonites and Moabites turned on the mountain folk of Seir in savage fighting and after they had destroyed them, they began to kill one another.
24犹大人到了俯瞰旷野的高岗上,观望大军,见伏尸遍野,没有一个逃脱的。 24When the men of Judah reached the spot that looks out on the wilderness and turned to face the enemy, they found only dead bodies lying on the ground; no one had escaped.
25约沙法特遂带他的军民去掠夺敌人的财物,见有大批的牲畜、财物、衣服和宝物;足足掠取了三天,夺得的财物多得不能携带,因为实在太多。 25Jehoshaphat came with his troops to plunder them, and found quantities of cattle, goods, clothing and valuables; they collected more than they could take away; the loot was so plentiful that they were three days gathering it.
26第四天,他们聚集在巴辣加谷,在那里赞颂了上主,为此给那地起名叫巴辣加谷,直到今天。 26On the fourth day they assembled in the Valley of Beracah; and there they did indeed praise Yahweh for all he had done. Because of this, this Valley was named the Valley of Beracah which it is still called.
27此后,犹大和耶路撒冷所有的军民,由约沙法特率领,凯旋回了耶路撒冷,因为上主使他们战胜仇敌,因而异常欢乐, 27Then all the men of Judah and Benjamin, with Jehoshaphat at their head, went back joyfully to Jerusalem, for Yahweh had filled them with joy at the expense of their enemies.
28都弹著琴,鼓著瑟,吹着号,来到耶路撒冷,进了上主的殿。 28To the music of harp and lyre and trumpet they came to Jerusalem and to Yahweh's House.
29列国的民族一听说上主击败了以色列的敌人,都对天主起了恐怖的心。 29When the kingdoms of foreign countries heard how Yahweh had defeated Israel's enemies, they were all terrified.
30约沙法特的王国于是获享太平,因为天主赐他四境平安。 30In the meantime, the kingdom of Jehoshaphat was calm, and God granted him peace on every side.
31约沙法特为犹大王,即位时年三十五岁,在耶路撒冷为王凡二十五年;他的母亲名叫阿组巴,是史肋希的女儿。 31Jehoshaphat reigned over Judah. He was thirty-five years old when he became king and he reigned for twenty-five years in Jerusalem. His mother was Azubah, daughter of Shilhi.
32约沙法特走了他父亲阿撒的道路,未偏左右,行了上主视为正义的事; 32He followed the example of his father Asa without wavering, doing what is right in the eyes of Yahweh.
33只是丘坛没有铲除,人民仍没有全心全意归向他们祖先的天主。 33The High places however, were not destroyed; the people had still not turned their hearts to the God of their ancestors.
34约沙法特前后其余的事蹟,都记载在哈纳尼之子耶胡的言行录上;这言行录收集在以色列列王实录内。 34The rest of the history of Jehoshaphat, from first to last, is recorded in the Annals of Jehu son of Hanani which have been transcribed into the Book of the Kings of Israel.
35此后,犹大王约沙法特与作恶多端的以色列王阿哈齐雅联盟, 35After this, Jehoshaphat king of Judah allied himself with Ahaziah king of Israel, who led him into evil ways.
36合伙制造船只,开往塔尔史士去;他们合力在厄兹雍革贝尔制造了一些船。 36He combined with him to build big ships that would sail to Tarshish. These were built at Eziongeber.
37玛勒沙人多达瓦的儿子厄里厄则尔讲预言攻击约沙法特说:「因为你与阿哈齐雅联盟,上主必要破坏你所造的船只。」后来那些船只果然遭受破坏,未能开往塔尔史士。 37Eliezer, son of Dodavahu of Mareshah, then made a prophecy against Jehoshaphat, "Because you have allied yourself with Ahaziah, Yahweh has destroyed your plans." In fact the ships broke up and were never fit to sail to Tarshish.
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