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撒慕尔纪上 1 Samuel
1撒乌耳曾对儿子约纳堂和臣仆提过,他愿杀达味;但撒乌耳的儿子约纳堂很爱达味, 1Saul told his son Jonathan and his servants of his intention to kill David. But Jonathan, who liked David very much,
2就警告达味说:「我父亲撒乌耳想谋害你,现今请你明晨多加小心,躲藏在一个隐密的地方。 2said to David, "My father Saul wants to kill you. Be on your guard tomorrow morning and hide yourself in a secret place.
3我去陪我父亲到你所在的田间,向我父亲代你说情,看情形怎样,然后告诉你。」 3I will go out and keep my father company in the countryside where you are and I will speak to him about you. If I find out something, I will let you know."
4于是约纳堂向他父亲撒乌耳提及达味的长处,对他说:「君王不要得罪自己的仆人达味,因为他没有得罪你,并且他所行的,都是对你很有利的事。 4Jonathan spoke well of David to his father Saul and said, "Let not the king sin against his servant David for he has not sinned against you. On the contrary, what he has done has benefited you.
5他冒着性命的危险,去杀了那培肋舍特人;上主藉他使以色列获得了这样大的胜利,你亲自看见了,也很喜欢;为什么你要犯罪,流无辜者的血,无缘无故杀害达味?」 5He risked his life in killing the Philistine and Yahweh brought about a great victory for Israel. You yourself saw this and greatly rejoiced. Why then sin against innocent blood and kill David without cause?"
6撒乌耳就听了约纳堂的话,并且发誓说:「上主永在!他必不死。」 6Saul heeded Jonathan's plea and swore, "As Yahweh lives, he shall not be put to death."
7约纳堂便叫回达味,告诉他这一切话,并且领他到撒乌耳前;他就和先前一样,侍立在君王左右。 7So Jonathan called David and told him all these things. He then brought him to Saul and David was back in Saul's service as before.
8再次爆发了战争,达味又出征攻打培肋舍特人,打的他们大败,他们都从他面前逃散了。 8War broke out again and David set out to fight the Philistines. David crushed them so badly that they had to flee.
9恶神由上主那里又降在撒乌耳身上;有一天,君王在家中坐着,手中拿着枪,同时达味正在弹琴。 9Then an evil spirit from Yahweh seized Saul as he sat in his house holding his spear while David was playing on the lyre.
10撒乌耳想用枪把达味钉在墙上,但达味立刻由撒乌耳面前躲开,君王把枪钉在墙上,达味就逃跑了,没有丧命。 10Saul made an attempt to pin David to the wall with his spear. David, however, dodged the blow and the spear hit the wall instead. David fled and escaped.
11那一夜,撒乌耳派差役去看守达味的家,要在早晨杀害他。他的妻子米加耳警告他说:「今夜你不逃命,明日你就没有命了!」 11That night Saul sent messengers to David's house to keep an eye on him as he intended to kill him the following morning. But David's wife, Michal, told him, "If you do not run for your life tonight, tomorrow you will be killed."
12米加耳把达味从窗口缒下去,他便逃跑了,救了命。 12So Michal let David down through the window, allowing him to escape.
13米加耳随即把神像拿来放在床上,用毛毯把头盖上,又盖上一件衣服。 13Next Michal took the household idol, laid it in the bed and put a bundle of goat's hair on its head. She then covered this with a blanket.
14当撒乌耳派差役去捉拿达味时,米加耳说:「达味病了。」 14When Saul sent messengers to capture David, Michal told them, "He is sick."
15撒乌耳再派差役去看达味说:「将达味连床抬到这里来,我要杀死他。」 15Saul sent messengers back to David and said, "Bring him up to me on his bed for me to kill him."
16差役进去,见是「神像」躺在床上,有张毛毯盖着头。 16But when the messengers entered, they saw the household idol in the bed with the bundle of goat's hair at its head.
17因此撒乌耳对米加耳说:「你为什么这样欺骗我?放走了我的仇人,叫他逃命。」米加耳回答撒乌耳说:「他对我说:放我走!不然我要杀你!」 17Saul, therefore, asked Michal, "Why did you deceive me and allow my enemy to escape?" Michal answered, "He threatened to kill me if I did not let him go!"
18达味死里逃生,到了辣玛,去见撒慕尔,向他报告了撒乌耳对自己所行的一切;然后他便和撒慕尔去了纳约特,住在那里。 18David had fled and was in safety. He went to Samuel at Ramah and related all that Saul had done to him. He and Samuel then went to live at Naioth.
19有人告诉撒乌耳说:「看,达味住在辣玛的纳约特。」 19Saul was told that David stayed at Naioth in Ramah,
20撒乌耳又派差役去捉拿达味,但是他们看见一大群先知正在出神说妙语,撒慕尔站在他们前面作领导;那时天主的神也降在撒乌耳的差役身上,他们也出神说起妙语来。 20so he sent messengers to capture David. But when they saw the band of prophets prophesying (signifying that they had fallen into a trance) with Samuel leading them, the spirit of Yahweh came upon them and made them prophesy.
21有人将此事告诉了撒乌耳,他又打发别的差役去,他们也出神说开了妙语。撒乌耳第三次又打发差役去,他们也出神说开了妙语。 21Upon hearing what happened, Saul sent more messengers who also began to prophesy. Saul sent more the third time and the same thing happened.
22撒乌耳大发忿怒,便亲自去了辣玛;当他到了色雇的大井那里,就问说:「撒慕尔和达味在那里?」有人答说:「在辣玛的纳约特。」 22Then Saul himself went to Ramah and arrived at the deep well in Secu. He asked, "Where can I find Samuel and David?" The people answered, "They are at Naioth in Ramah."
23他就从那里起身往辣玛纳约特去;那时天主的神也降到他身上,所以他一边走,一边出神说妙语,一直到了辣玛纳约特。 23So Saul proceeded to Naioth in Ramah but the Spirit of Yahweh came upon him as well. And he walked along prophesying until he reached the entrance of Naioth in Ramah.
24并且他还脱去衣服,也在撒慕尔面前出神说起妙语来,赤裸裸地一天一夜躺在地上:因此有句俗语说:「不是撒乌耳也列在先知中吗?」 24He took off his clothes and prophesied in Samuel's presence. Then he fell down naked, remaining in that position all day and all night. Hence sprang the saying, "Is Saul also among the prophets?"
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