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玛加伯上 1 Maccabees
1犹大听到罗玛人的名声,听说他们势力强大,凡倾向他们的,都加以优待,无论谁来接近他们,就与他们友善;罗玛人因之势力渐渐强大。 1In the meantime, Judas was informed about the Romans. He was told that the Romans were valiant in war and that they showed goodwill towards all who sided with them; that they offered friendship to all who approached them,
2有人对他谈及罗玛人在高卢作战和所有英勇的事,怎样征服高卢人,使他们进贡; 2and were a strong ally in war. He was told of their wars and of their exploits among the Gauls whom they conquered and forced to pay taxes,
3又在西班牙地方所行的一切,怎样占领那里的银矿金矿; 3and of all they had done in Spain to gain possession of the silver and gold mines,
4怎样用计谋和毅力,占领那离他们很远全地; 4and how they had conquered that land by dint of intelligence and perseverance, despite its great distance from their own land. He also learned how they had defeated the kings who came from the ends of the earth to attack them, how they managed to conquer and crush them. There were others who paid them an annual tax.
5又怎样打败由地极来攻打他们的国王,怎样使他们遭受重创,又怎样使其余的国王,年年来进贡;又怎样战败斐理伯和基廷人的国王培尔叟,怎样征服那些起来反抗他们的人。 5They had defeated and subjected Philip and Perseus, the kings of Macedonia and others who opposed them.
6亚细亚王大安提约古,虽然带有一百二十只象、玛队、战车,以及庞大的军队,来同他们交战,也被他们打败, 6They had vanquished Antiochus the Great, king of Asia, who went to fight the Romans with one hundred and twenty elephants, cavalry, chariots and a very strong army. But he was defeated
7甚至还被活捉了去,给他和将来继位的加了重税,还要交出人质,割让土地: 7and fell into their hands. He and his successors were forced to pay an enormous amount in tax, to surrender hostages, and to cede some of their best provinces
8就是将印度、玛待、里狄雅及数处最好的地方割让给欧默乃王。 8like India, Media and Lydia which afterwards the Romans gave to King Eumenes.
9又给犹大谈及希腊人怎样企图歼灭他们, 9The Greeks had planned to come and destroy the Romans,
10罗玛人一知道这事,就派一员大将去攻打;双方交锋,希腊人死亡甚众,罗玛人就俘掳了他们的妻子儿女,抢掠了他们的财物,占领了他们的土地,毁坏了他们的堡垒,使他们成为奴隶,直至今日。 10but hearing of it, the Romans sent a single general against them. They killed a great number of Greeks, took their women and children, destroyed their fortresses and enslaved them to this day.
11其余各国和海岛,凡是反抗过他们的,都被消灭,成为他们的奴隶。不过,他们对于自己的盟国和附庸国,却保持友谊; 11In the same way, they also destroyed and subdued other countries and islands, as well as others who opposed them.
12他们征服了远近各国,凡听见他们名声的,没有不畏惧的。 12But they have usually remained faithful to their allies and to those who relied on them. The Romans were really powerful. They conquered kingdoms far and near, and all who heard their name feared them.
13他们愿意辅佐谁为王,谁就可以为王;愿意废弃谁,谁就被废弃。他们的势力实在强盛。 13They appointed as kings those who were to their liking and deposed those who were not.
14虽然如此,但是他们中,没有一个戴冠冕,穿紫袍,因而自高自大的。 14But in spite of all this, not one of them had himself crowned or dressed as a king in order to be exalted.
15他们设立了一个议院,天天有三百二十人,常在为人民议事,为人民谋福利。 15They had created a senate and three hundred and twenty men deliberated on daily matters relating to the good of the people and the maintenance of order.
16每年委托一人,作自己的首领管辖全国,众人都服从他;他们中没有嫉妒,也没有竞争。 16Every year they would choose one man to rule over them and govern the empire, and all obeyed him without envy or jealousy.
17犹大就选了阿科斯的孙子,若望的儿子欧颇肋摩和厄肋阿匝尔的儿子雅松,派遣他们到罗玛去,与罗玛人缔结友好盟约, 17So Judas sent Eupolemus the son of John, and Jason the son of Eleazar to Rome, entrusting them with the mission to make a covenant of friendship with the Romans.
18希望罗玛人看出希腊国要使以色列作奴隶,因而协助他们摆脱希腊国的压迫。 18Since the Greeks treated the Israelites as slaves, Judas hoped to liberate them from oppression in this way.
19于是他们起程,行了很遥远的路,才到达罗玛。走进议院,就进言说: 19The envoys from Judas went to Rome, where they arrived after a long journey. When they entered the Senate they addressed the assembly:
20「犹大玛加伯同他的兄弟和犹太民众,打发我们到你们这里来,为同你们建立同盟,缔结和约,将我们列于你们的联盟和友邦之中。」 20"Judas Maccabeus, his brothers and the people of Israel have sent us to you to conclude a covenant of peace with you and to be numbered among your allies and friends."
21这种请求,大受议员的欢迎。 21The Romans approved this proposal,
22他们便将约文刻在铜版上,送到耶路撒冷,叫犹太人保存,作为和平联盟的记念。其文如下: 22and this is the copy of the letter they wrote on bronze tablets which they sent to Jerusalem as a memorial of peace and alliance:
23「愿罗玛人及犹太民族,在海陆上永远幸福,愿他们永无刀兵与敌对之事! 23"May all go well with the Romans and the Jewish people at sea and on land forever, may both sword and enemy be far from them!
24若罗玛或其领土上的同盟国先遇到战事, 24If war comes first to the Romans, or to any of their allies in any part of its empire,
25犹太国应在可能环境内,尽心帮助同盟国作战; 25the Jewish nation shall enter the war wholeheartedly, as circumstances permit.
26应按罗玛人所决定的,不得给予或供应敌人食粮、武器、银钱和船只,且应尽自己的责任,毫无所求。 26The Jewish nation will not receive from them wheat or weapons, or money, or ships as Rome has decided. They must fulfill their obligations without recompense.
27同样,若犹太国先遇到战争,罗玛人也应该在可能环境内,尽心帮助同盟国作战。 27In the same way, if the Jewish nation is attacked, the Romans shall fight at her side with all zeal as circumstances may allow.
28应按罗玛人所决定的,不得给予或供应敌军食粮、武器、银钱和船只,且应尽自己的责任,不可诡诈。 28The Roman allies will not receive wheat or weapons, or money, or ships as Rome has decided, but the Romans shall fulfill their obligations without deception.
29根据这些话,罗玛人同犹太民族签定了盟约。 29On these terms the Romans conclude their alliance with the Jewish nation.
30假使日后,双方愿意有何增删,经双方同意后,所有增删皆为有效。 30If after these terms have taken effect, either party should wish to add or delete anything, the said party shall do so in common agreement with the other party, then what has been added or deleted shall be binding.
31关于德默特琉王对以色列人所行的恶事,我们已经向他写信说:你为什么压迫我们的友邦和同盟犹太人呢? 31And concerning the harm King Demetrius does to the Jews, we have written to him as follows, "Why do you lay such a heavy yoke upon the Jews, our friends and allies?
32若他们再控告你,我们必要为他们主持公道,而与你海陆交战。」 32If they complain about you again, we shall defend their rights and attack you by sea and land."
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