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玛加伯上 1 Maccabees
1埃及王聚集了多如海沙的大军,和许多船只,图谋用诡计夺取亚历山大的国土,归属自己的版图; 1But the king of Egypt assembled an army as numerous as the sands of the seashore, with many ships, for he intended to trick Alexander, take his kingdom and add it to his own.
2他便一路扬言和平,往叙利亚进发,各城的居民都给他们开门,迎接他,因为亚历山大曾下令,要人欢迎他,因为他是自己的岳父。 2He went to Syria with words of peace, and the inhabitants of the cities opened their gates to him. They came out to meet him, as Alexander had ordered,
3但是,每当仆托肋米进入一城,就在那城内派上自己的军队防守; 3because Ptolemy was his father-in-law. But as soon as Ptolemy entered the cities, he stationed garrisons in them.
4及至来近阿左托时,人便将焚毁了的达贡庙、阿左托和其周围的废墟,以及横躺竖卧的尸体,和战时被焚烧的遗骸,堆积在他要经过的路旁,指给他看; 4When he reached Azotus, he was shown the burnt temple of Dagon, Azotus and its surroundings in ruins, the scattered corpses that had been abandoned, and the charred remains of those whom Jonathan burned to death in the battle, piled in heaps along the king's way.
5并将约纳堂行的事,陈述给王,意思是要王惩罚他,王却默然不语。 5They recounted to King Ptolemy everything Jonathan had done. They were hoping that the king would disapprove, but he said nothing.
6那时,约纳堂又堂堂正正地来到了约培,与王会面;彼此请安,还一起在那里过宿。 6Jonathan went with great pomp to Joppa to meet the king. They greeted each other and spent the night there.
7约纳堂陪伴君王,来到称为厄娄特洛的河那里,才返回耶路撒冷。 7On the following day, Jonathan accompanied the king as far as the Eleutherus river, and then returned to Jerusalem.
8仆托肋米王既占领了沿海各城,直到临海的色娄基雅,就对亚历山大起了恶意, 8King Ptolemy for his part seized the coastal cities as far as Deleucia by the sea, for he had made plans against King Alexander.
9于是派遣使者见德默特琉王说:「请你来,我们彼此结为同盟,我要将嫁与亚历山大的女儿给你为妻,你在你的祖国将要为王。 9He sent this message to Demetrius: "Come and let us forge an alliance. I will give you my daughter who was married to Alexander, and you will reign on the throne of your fathers.
10我后悔把我的女儿嫁给了他,因为他竟然谋害我。」 10The fact is I now regret having given him my daughter, for he has tried to kill me."
11他诬枉亚历山大,是因为他垂涎他的国土。 11He accused Alexander because he wanted to take his kingdom.
12于是将自己的女儿抢去,嫁给德默特琉,而与亚历山大绝交;他们之间的仇恨就此公开了。 12Ptolemy took his daughter away and gave her to Demetrius. In this way, his enmity towards Alexander became public.
13仆托肋米进了安提约基雅,就戴上了亚细亚的王冠:这样在他的头上戴着埃及和亚细亚的两顶王冠。 13Ptolemy then entered Antioch and took for himself the crown of Asia. So he held two kingdoms: the kingdom of Egypt and the kingdom of Asia.
14那时,亚历山大王正在基里基雅,因为那地方的人民发生了变乱。 14At that time, Alexander was in Cilicia trying to quell a rebellion.
15但亚历山大一听说这事,就来与他交战;仆托肋米王也率领大军来猛攻亚历山大,将他击败。 15When he heard what had happened, he returned to fight Ptolemy. Ptolemy went out to meet him in battle with a strong army, and Alexander was defeated.
16亚历山大便逃到阿剌伯在那里避难,仆托肋米王于是胜利了。 16As he fled to Arabia and sought refuge there,
17阿剌伯人匝贝狄耳便砍了亚历山大的头,送给了仆托肋米。 17Zabdiel the Arab cut his head off and sent it to Ptolemy.
18三天后,仆托肋米王也死了,他留在堡垒里的埃及人,也被堡垒里的本地人杀死。 18But after three days, Ptolemy died, and immediately the Egyptian soldiers who guarded the fortified cities were killed by the local inhabitants.
19德默特琉遂登上王位,时在一百六十七年。 19In this way, Demetrius became king in the year one hundred and sixty-seven (167 B.C.).
20那时,约纳堂召集犹太人,攻打耶路撒冷的堡垒;为攻打堡垒,制造了许多军械。 20In those days, Jonathan assembled the Jewish army to attack the Citadel in Jerusalem which was occupied by the Syrians, and he prepared many siege engines.
21有些怀恨自己百姓的歹徒,竟来到王前,将约纳堂围攻堡垒的事,向他报告了。 21But some wicked men who were traitors to their country, informed the king.
22王听了大怒,就立刻动身,到了仆托肋买,给约纳堂写信,要他停止围攻,且叫他赶快来仆托肋买,与他会面商谈。 22When the king heard of it, he became angry and immediately set out for Ptolemias. From there he wrote to Jonathan telling him to stop the siege and to come to see him as soon as possible.
23约纳堂听说后,仍下令继续围攻,选了以色列中的几位长老和司祭,与他同去冒险, 23Jonathan received the message, but he ordered the siege to continue. Then he decided to risk himself, and went to see the king with the elders and priests of Israel.
24且带着金银、衣服和许多别的礼品,前往仆托肋买,来会见君王,甚得君王的欢心。 24Bringing gold, silver, fine garments and other presents, they went before the king in Ptolemias and won him over.
25这时,百姓中有几个歹徒,仍来控告他; 25Some traitors accused them.
26但是王对待他,仍如前王对待他一样,在自己的众位朋友前赞扬他; 26But the king in the presence of all his Friends treated Jonathan as kings before had treated him.
27并且保证他仍作大司祭,仍享有从前所有的各种特殊荣誉,还将他列入王的一等朋友之中。 27He confirmed Jonathan's office as high priest with all the privileges he already had. And he numbered him among his first Friends.
28约纳堂便要求王豁免犹太及撒玛黎雅三区的赋税,而许给王三百『塔冷通』。 28Jonathan asked the king to exempt Judea and the three districts of Samaria from taxes, and promised him three hundred talents in return.
29王应允了,并且关于这一切事,还给约纳堂写了以下的信说: 29The king agreed and wrote to Jonathan regarding the matter in these terms:
30「德默特琉王祝约纳堂兄和犹太民族安好! 30"King Demetrius to Jonathan, to his brothers and to the whole Jewish nation, peace.
31关于你们的事,我们已给我们的亲贵拉斯特乃去了信,如今我们将原文录下,送给你们,使你们知道它的内容: 31We are sending you a copy of the letter we have written to our kinsman Lasthenes that you may know:
32『德默特琉王祝亚父拉斯特乃安好! 32King Demetrius greets his kinsman Lasthenes.
33我们决意要善待犹太民族,因为他们是我们的朋友,对我们保持了正义,且怀有善意。 33Because of their fidelity to us, we have decided to grant favors to the Jewish nation, who are our friends and who fulfill their obligations to us. We wish to reward their fidelity.
34因此,我们也将犹太地,及由撒玛黎雅划归犹太的阿斐赖玛、里达和辣玛塔因三区,以及一切属镇,归于他们。凡到耶路撒冷献祭的人,他们从前每年应向王缴纳地产和树上的果实等税,现在我一律豁免。 34We confirm the possession of the territory of Judea and the three regions of Aphairema, Kydda and Ramathaim which have been annexed to Judea from Samaria, with all their dependencies. And to all who go up to Jerusalem to offer sacrifice, we grant exemption from the tax the king formerly received from them annually until now, from the produce of the soil and from the fruit of the trees.
35其他凡归于我们的什一之物、经常税、盐井税,以及应归于我们的王冠金等,从今日起,一概豁免。 35In the same way, they shall also be exempt from the other taxes due to us, especially from the taxes on the produce of the salt mines, and the gold crowns they formerly offered us.
36凡此种种,由今日起,直到无限期,一概不得废除。』 36None of these privileges shall ever be annulled.
37所以,现在请你们费心,再将这张公文誊抄一份,送给约纳堂,叫他放在圣山的显明处。」 37Have a copy of this decree made and delivered to Jonathan to be displayed on the Holy Mountain in a conspicuous place."
38此后,德默特琉王见自己治理的国泰民安,无人造反,便将所有的军队遣散,各回本乡,祇有由异民海岛招募来的外方军队例外,因而他父亲的旧部队都恼恨他。 38King Demetrius was able to place the kingdom under his rule and no one dared oppose him, so he dismissed his army, sent all the men back to their homes, except the foreign troops he had recruited from the islands of the pagans. And this drew the hatred of all the troops who had served his fathers.
39那时,原先曾作亚历山大同党的特黎丰,见众军队抱怨德默特琉,遂去见教养亚历山大幼子安提约古的阿剌伯人依玛谷。 39Then Trypho, one of Alexander's former supporters, took advantage of the army's discontent with Demetrius. He went to Iamleku the Arab who was in charge of the education of Antiochus, the son of Alexander.
40他催逼他将孩子交给自己,使他继承他父亲的王位;也将德默特琉的一切作为,以及众军队愤恨他的事,都给依玛谷述说了。以后他在那里也住了多日。 40Trypho persuaded him to hand the boy over to him in order to restore Antiochus to the throne of his father. He told him of all the decisions of Demetrius and the resentment of his soldiers towards him. And Trypho spent a long time there.
41那时,约纳堂遣人到德默特琉王前,要求他将耶路撒冷堡垒里及各营寨里的人撤回,因为他们常攻击以色列人。 41Meanwhile, Jonathan asked King Demetrius to withdraw the troops from the Citadel in Jerusalem and to call back the garrisons from the fortresses, since they were always fighting Israel.
42德默特琉遂差遣人到约纳堂那里去说:「我不但对你和你的民族要作这些事,几时我有好机会,我还要极力光荣你和你的民族。 42Demetrius answered him, "Not only will I do this for you and for your people, but as soon as I have the occasion to do so.
43现在更好请你派遣一些人,来帮助我出征,因为我的一切军队都已离去。」 43For the present, you would do well to send me reinforcements, for all my soldiers have deserted me."
44约纳堂便给他往安提约基雅调去三千勇兵;他们来到王前,王因他们的来临感到喜乐。 44Jonathan sent off three thousand valiant men to Antioch; they presented themselves before the king, and this made him very happy.
45那时,约有十二万市民,在城中心集合,想要杀害国王, 45About a hundred and twenty thousand rebel inhabitants gathered at the center of the city intending to do away with the king.
46国王便躲到宫殿里去。市民一占据城中要道,即开始进攻。 46Demetrius took refuge in the palace while the residents occupied the streets of the city and began to attack.
47国王遂求犹太人帮忙,他们便一起聚集到他跟前,然后分散到城里,在那一天杀了约十万人, 47The king then called on the Jews to help him, and the Jews rallied round him. Then they spread out through the city and killed a hundred thousand men on that day.
48也把城烧了,同时获得了许多战利品,且营救了国王。 48They burned the city, seized a great deal of plunder, and saved the king.
49城里的人见犹太人占据了城池,任意行事,都胆战心惊,遂呼求国王说: 49The Jews took control of the city. And the inhabitants were so discouraged that they begged the king,
50「请向我们伸出右手,叫犹太人停止攻击我们和城池!」 50"Forgive us and stop the Jews from maltreating us and the city."
51他们遂放下武器讲和。这样,犹太人在国王及其国民前受到光荣,然后带着许多战利品,回了耶路撒冷。 51They threw down their arms and made peace. With this, the Jews merited the admiration of the king and they became famous throughout the kingdom. Then they returned to Jerusalem laden with booty.
52德默特琉王于是又坐上王位,国家在他统治下又安定了。 52But when Demetrius felt secure on his throne and the land was in peace,
53但是他竟背弃了他所应许的一切,对约纳堂也疏远了,不但没有按照约纳堂对他所施的恩惠还报,反而处处为难。 53he forgot his promises and changed his attitude towards Jonathan. He did not treat him with the same kindness as he had done before, but began to treat him very harshly.
54此后,特黎丰便领着幼儿安提约古回来;安提约古于是称王,戴上王冠。 54After this Trypho came back with Antiochus who was still a boy. He was proclaimed and crowned king,
55此时德默特琉所遣散的军队,都聚集起来,攻击德默特琉,德默特琉只得转身逃走。 55and the troops discharged by Demetrius rallied to him and fought against Demetrius who had to flee.
56特黎丰因而获得了象队,占据了安提约基雅。 56Trypho seized the elephants and occupied Antioch.
57那时,小安提约古给约纳堂写信说:「我立你为大司祭,派你管辖四区,将你列入国王朋友中。」 57Then the young Antiochus sent Jonathan this letter: "I confirm your office as High Priest and make you governor of four districts, and I include you among the Friends of the King."
58他给他送上金器和一套餐具,准他以金杯饮酒,紫袍,带金釦; 58He sent him a service of gold plate, and granted him the right to drink from gold vessels and to be clothed in purple and wear the golden brooch.
59又任命他哥哥息孟为总督,由提洛梯山直到埃及边境,都由他管辖。 59He also appointed Jonathan's brother Simon as general from the Ladder of Tyre to the frontiers of Egypt.
60那时,约纳堂出巡大河以西的各城各地,叙利亚的军队都聚集到他跟前,助他作战;他来到阿市刻隆时,城里的居民都热烈地欢迎他。 60Jonathan then began to make rounds of the region and the cities on the western side of the Euphrates. The whole Syrian army came to his aid. He came to Askalon and the inhabitants of that city went out to receive him with full honors.
61他又由此往迦萨去,迦萨的居民却关闭城门;他就围攻那城,放火烧了郊区,洗劫一空。 61From there he went to Gaza, but the people there closed their gates on him. So Jonathan laid siege to it and burned the suburbs of the city, plundering everything.
62迦萨的居民遂求约纳堂,约纳堂就同他们讲和,只是将他们首领的孩子带去,送到耶路撒冷作质。他走遍全境,直到大玛士革。 62Then the people of Gaza sought peace, and he made peace with them. But he took the sons of their elders as hostages and sent them away to Jerusalem. Then he traveled through the province until he reached Damascus.
63那时,约纳堂听说,德默特琉的将领们,带着大军,来到加里肋亚的卡德士,迫他放弃自己的职务; 63Jonathan then received news that the generals of Demetrius were in Kadesh of Galilee with a great army and planned to capture him.
64他就将自己的哥哥息孟留在那里,自己迎敌去了。 64Leaving his brother Simon in Judea, he went out to meet them in battle.
65息孟在贝特族尔对面扎营,攻打了多日,将那地封锁。 65Simon encamped against Beth-zur and laid siege to it for many days.
66贝特族尔人向他求和,息孟便同他们讲和,将他们从那里赶走,占据了那城,并在城里驻扎了军队。 66The inhabitants sued for peace, which he granted them. But he expelled them from the city and occupied it, and stationed a garrison there.
67同时约纳堂和他的军队,在革乃撒尔湖畔扎营,第二天清早,抵达哈祚尔平原。 67Meanwhile, Jonathan encamped with his army by the waters of Gennesaret; then early in the morning, they went to the plain of Hazor.
68有一支外方人的军队到平原与他交战。且在山上设下埋伏。当这支军队向犹太人冲来时, 68The army of the pagans went out to confront them on the plain, after laying an ambush for him in the mountains.
69埋伏的人忽然从埋伏的地方出来,与他们交战。 69As they advanced directly towards the Jews, the men in ambush broke cover and began to attack.
70约纳堂的部下都逃散了,除军长阿贝沙隆的儿子玛塔提雅,和哈耳非的儿子犹大外,没有剩下一个。 70The men of Jonathan's side fled. And only Mattathias, the son of Absalom, and Judas, the son of Chalphi, the leaders of his army remained with him.
71约纳堂便撕破衣服,头上撒土,且行祈祷。 71At this, Jonathan tore his garments, put dust on his head, and prayed.
72然后转过身来,向敌人进攻,使他们溃败而逃。 72Then he faced his attackers, defeated them and put them to flight.
73他逃散的部下一见,就又回到他跟前,同他一起将敌人追赶到卡德士敌营,遂在那里安了营。 73So the troops who had abandoned him came back to his side, and together they pursued the enemies as far as Kadesh where the enemy camp was, and there they, too, pitched camp.
74那天外方军队死亡的,约有三千人。约纳堂以后回了耶路撒冷。 74About three thousand pagans perished that day. Then Jonathan returned to Jerusalem.
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