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玛加伯上 1 Maccabees
1一百六十年,安提约古儿子亚历山大厄丕法乃上去,占领了仆托肋买,人民欢迎他在那里为王。 1In the year one hundred and sixty (152 B.C.), Alexander Epiphanes, son of Antiochus, sailed for Ptolemais and occupied it. He was well received and he began to reign.
2德默特琉王听说这事,就集合大军,去与他交战。 2When Demetrius heard this, he assembled a very large army and marched out to fight him.
3同时,德默特琉致书约纳堂,言辞温和,且提高他的权位, 3At the same time, he sent a letter of friendship to Jonathan and offered him vast power,
4因为德默特琉说:「我们要赶快与他缔结和好,免得他先与亚历山大联合,反抗我们, 4for Demetrius thought: "Let us make the first move in making peace with him before he makes peace with Alexander against us,
5又恐怕他还记念我们对他的兄弟及他的百姓所行的恶事。」 5remembering all the wrongs we have done to him, his brothers and his nation."
6于是,便将调集军队及准备军械的权柄交给约纳堂,将他看作自己的同盟,又下令将堡垒里的人质,交还给他, 6So Demetrius authorized Jonathan to organize an army and manufacture arms; he named him his ally and ordered the release of the hostages who were in the Citadel of Jerusalem.
7约纳堂来到耶路撒冷,当着百姓及住在堡垒里的人面前,宣读了这封书信。 7Jonathan went at once to Jerusalem and read the letter before all the people and those in the Citadel.
8堡垒里的人一听王给了他调集军队的权柄,都很害怕。 8They were afraid when they heard that the king had authorized Jonathan to organize a great army,
9他们便将人质交还给约纳堂,约纳堂再转交给各人的父母。 9and they released the hostages to Jonathan who handed them back to their families.
10以后约纳堂住在耶路撒冷,开始重修京城,使恢复旧观。 10Jonathan resided in Jerusalem and began rebuilding and restoring the city.
11他命令工人,用方石修筑垣墙和熙雍山的四周,以作防御;他们就这样作了。 11He commanded the builders to build the walls and the defenses of Mount Zion with hewn stones. And they did so.
12住在巴基德所修建的堡垒里的外方人,都已逃走, 12Then all the foreigners who stayed in the fortresses built by Bacchides began to flee,
13各人都离开岗位,回到本国, 13each of them abandoning his post and returning to his own land.
14只在贝特族尔,还留下几个背弃法律,不守诫命的人,因为那里是避难藏身的地方。 14Only at Beth-zur did some who had abandoned the Law and the precepts remain, since this was like a place of refuge.
15那时,亚历山大王听到德默特琉允许给的约纳堂的事,同时还有人将约纳堂及他弟兄们的作战,英勇事迹和遭遇的打击等,给他述说了, 15King Alexander was informed of the promises Demetrius had made to Jonathan; he was also given an account of the battles and exploits of Jonathan and his brothers and the trials they had endured.
16就说:「难道我们还能找到这样的一个人吗?我们要使他作为我们的朋友,作我们的同盟!」 16So Alexander declared: "Shall we ever find another man like him? Let us make him our ally and friend."
17遂写信给约纳堂,信上说: 17And he wrote him a letter:
18「亚历山大王祝约纳堂兄安好! 18"King Alexander to our brother Jonathan, peace.
19听说你是英勇有为之士,适合作我们的朋友。 19We have heard of you, that you are a valiant man and most worthy of our friendship.
20现今我委任你作你百姓的大司祭,并称你是是君王的朋友,──同时给他送来紫袍和金冠──愿你关心我们的事,与我们保持友谊。」 20Therefore, we now appoint you High Priest of your nation and bestow on you the title Friend of the King (he also sent him a purple robe and a golden crown). So we invite you to watch over our interests and maintain friendly relations with us."
21一百六十年七月帐棚节日,约纳堂乃穿上圣服,调集军队,并准备了大批武器。 21This is why in the seventh month of the year one hundred and sixty (152 B.C.), on the occasion of the feast of Tabernacles, Jonathan put on the sacred vestments. He also recruited troops and manufactured a great quantity of arms.
22德默特琉一听说了这事,便忧闷地说: 22When Demetrius heard what had happened, he was greatly displeased and said,
23「我们怎么竟让亚历山大在我们之先与犹太人结为友好,作为后盾? 23"What have we done that Alexander is ahead of us in gaining the friendship of the Jews?
24我也要用委婉的言辞,许以地位和礼品,给他们写信,诱导他们也作我的助手。」 24I will also write them kind words and promise them honor and gifts to win them to my side."
25于是给犹太人写了以下的信说:「德默特琉王祝犹太民族安好! 25So he wrote to the Jews: "King Demetrius greets the Jewish nation.
26由于你们持守以前与我们订立的条约,保持了我们之间的友谊,没有与我们的仇敌联合,我们听了很高兴。 26You have kept your agreement with us and have remained our friends, and have not joined our enemies. We have heard of it and so we rejoice.
27现在,若你们继续忠于我们,你们为我们作的一切,我们必破格还报: 27Therefore, continue to be faithful and we will grant you privileges in return for all you do on our behalf.
28给你们种种豁免,赠与你们各种礼品。 28I will free the Jews from many taxes and grant them royal privileges and exemptions.
29现在豁免你们全犹太人丁税、盐税和王冠金。 29From now on and forever, I now free all Jews from payment of tribute, salt dues and crown levies.
30由犹太本地,及划归犹太的撒玛黎雅和加里肋亚的三个地区,我所得出产的三分之一和树上果实的一半,今日都一概豁免,由今日起直到永远。 30I give up from this day and henceforth the third of the harvest and half of the fruit of the trees which I have the right to exact from the region of Judea and the three districts annexed to it from Samaria and Galilee.
31耶路撒冷应是圣的,所以这城及其四郊,免交什一之物和赋税。 31From this day on and for all time, Jerusalem shall be a Holy City and be free with all its territory, with the right to collect tithes and tributes.
32对于耶路撒冷堡垒的权利,我也放弃,让与大司祭,他可任意委任自己拣选的人,驻在那里护守。 32I also give up control of the Citadel of Jerusalem and turn it over to the High Priest that he may choose the men he wants to defend it.
33凡从犹太地掳至我国的犹太人,我都恢复他们的自由,毫无代价,而且还豁免他们的赋税和牲畜税。 33I grant freedom without ransom to all the captives taken from Judea into any part of my kingdom. I free everyone from the taxes they owe me for their livestock.
34凡一切的节日、安息日、朔日、指定的庆日,以及各庆节前后三日,为住在我国内的一切犹太人,都成为享有特权与免役的日子: 34All feasts, sabbaths, new moons, special days and the three holy days before and after a feast shall be days of exemption for all the Jews in my kingdom.
35为一切事件,谁也无权干涉及骚扰他们中任何一人。 35No one shall have the right to pursue or molest them for any motive whatsoever.
36可招募三万犹太人加入王家军队,所给军饷,与一切王家军队同。 36I also decree that they be accepted into the king's army to the number of thirty thousand Jews who shall receive the same salary as the rest of the king's forces.
37从这些人中,抽调一部分,分驻在国王的主要堡垒里;再由这些人中,选拔一部份,出任国家信托的职位;还可将自己的人派作他们的官员和将领,按照自己的法律行事,正如王从前在犹太地命令过一样。 37Some of them shall be stationed at the king's fortresses, and positions of trust shall be given to some of them; their officers shall be chosen from among themselves and they will live according to their laws as the king has prescribed in the land of Judea.
38由撒玛黎雅境内,划归犹太的三区,应与犹太合并为一,全受一人统治,除大司祭外,不应听从别人。 38The three districts of Samaria annexed to Judea shall be considered part of Jewish territory; to avoid any conflict of power, these shall be subject to no authority other than that of the High Priest.
39我将仆托肋买及其所属,赠予耶路撒冷的圣所,其收入作为圣所需要的经费。 39I give the city of Ptolemais and its territory as a gift to the temple of Jerusalem to cover the expenses of public worship.
40我每年由丰富之地纳入王库的银钱,拨出一万五千『协刻耳』。 40Henceforth, I will give fifteen thousand pieces of silver annually for the maintenance of the temple which shall be taken from the royal revenues from appropriate places.
41凡前几年,官员们所没有缴纳的银钱,从现在起,他们都得交还,以作圣殿的经费。 41Moreover, I give all that should have been paid to me by the administrators in previous years.
42此外,每年由圣所的收入内,征收的五千银钱也一概豁免,因为这笔钱,应归那些尽圣职的司祭所有。 42In addition, I also remit the five thousand pieces of silver levied every year from the tributes to the temple, and give them to the priests in charge of public worship.
43凡到耶路撒冷圣殿,或殿院内逃避国债与私债的,都一律赦免;至于他在我国内的一切所有,仍归他所有。 43Anyone who takes refuge in the temple of Jerusalem or in any of its enclosures because of his debt on royal taxes or because of any other debt, shall not be disturbed and his possessions anywhere in my kingdom shall be duly protected.
44为建筑及修理圣所的工程,花费也由王库支付。 44Finally, the cost of rebuilding or restoring the sanctuary shall be passed on to the king's account,
45凡为修筑耶路撒冷的城墙,及其四周的堡垒,以及犹太各地的城墙,所用的经费,都由王库支付。」 45as well as the expenses of reconstructing the walls of Jerusalem, the fortification of its defenses and the construction of the walls in the cities of Judea."
46约纳堂与百姓听了这些话,既不相信,也不接受,因为都还记得:他加给以色列的一切灾难,及怎样虐待了他们。 46When Jonathan and the people heard such proposals, they did not believe or accept them, for they remembered the great wrongs Demetrius had done to Israel and the ill-treatment to which he had subjected them.
47何况亚历山大首先与他们和谈,于是他们拥护他,与他永结同盟。 47They decided in favor of Alexander, for he was the first to propose peace, and they became his faithful allies.
48那时,亚历山大王集合大军,出发攻打德默特琉。 48King Alexander assembled a great army and encamped opposite Demetrius.
49两王互相交锋,亚历山大的军队败退,德默特琉追赶,大获胜利。 49The two kings met in battle and the army of Demetrius was routed. Alexander pursued him until Demetrius was defeated.
50但亚历山大仍继续苦战,直到日落,德默特琉竟在这天阵亡。 50The battle lasted until sunset, and on that day Demetrius died.
51亚历山大于是派遣使者,到埃及王仆托肋米前,这样说: 51Then Alexander sent messengers to Ptolemy the king of Egypt with the following message:
52「自从我回到祖国,便坐上了我祖先的宝座,我战胜德默特琉,得掌握主权,且占据我们的土地。── 52"I am now again in my kingdom and have assumed power after defeating Demetrius and all his army.
53原来我与他宣战,打败他和他的军队,就坐上他的王位;── 53Now I occupy the throne of my fathers as master of all the land. Let us be friends.
54现在,让我们彼此结好,请将女儿嫁给我为妻,我做你的女婿,且将相称于你的礼物,送给你和她。」 54Give me your daughter in marriage, and I will become your son-in-law, and I will give you, and her, gifts worthy of you."
55仆托肋米王回答说:「你回归祖国,登上你祖先王位的那一天,真是个好日子! 55King Ptolemy replied as follows: "Blessed be the day when you returned to the land of your fathers and ascended to their throne!
56如今我要按你所写的实行,可是请你亲到仆托肋买,我们好彼此会面,我要按你说的,使你作我的女婿。」 56I will without delay do for you as you have proposed. But meet me in Ptolemais. There we shall see one another and I will receive you as my son-in-law as you have requested."
57一百六十二年,仆托肋米和他的女儿克娄帕达,离开埃及,来到仆托肋买。 57Ptolemy left Egypt with his daughter Cleopatra in the year one hundred and sixty-two, and arrived at Ptolemais.
58亚历山大王来欢迎他,他就把女儿克娄帕达给亚历山大为妻,并在仆托肋买,按王礼隆重的举行了婚礼。 58Alexander went to meet him, and Ptolemy gave him his daughter Cleopatra, and celebrated her wedding with great splendor as kings do.
59那时,亚历山大王也给约纳堂写信,请他来与自己会面。 59King Alexander also wrote to Jonathan to come and meet him.
60约纳堂便堂堂正正地来到了仆托肋买,与二王会面,也给他们和他们的朋友,送来金银并许多礼品,深得他们的欢心。 60So Jonathan went to Ptolemais with great pomp and met the two kings. Then he gave them and their Friends much silver and gold and many other gifts.
61那时,以色列有些歹徒,即违背法律人,聚集起来控告他,无如国王置之不理, 61The renegades, the pest of Israel, gathered together to accuse Jonathan, but the king paid no attention to them.
62王反命人脱去约纳堂的衣服,给他穿上紫袍。人就照样作了。 62The king even gave orders that Jonathan remove his garment and be clothed in purple and it was done.
63王又叫他坐在自己身边,向官员说:「你们陪着他往城里去,宣布说:无论因为什么事,不得控告他;在一切事上,不得干扰他。」 63The king also seated him by his side, and said to his captains: "Go with him into the center of the city and proclaim that no one is to accuse Jonathan under any pretext, and no one is to molest him for any reason."
64那时,控告他的人,一见他身披紫袍,享受的光荣如所宣布的一样,就都逃走了。 64When his accusers saw the public honor given to Jonathan and that he was clothed in purple, they all fled.
65国王为光荣他,又将他列入一等朋友中,并且封他为统帅,为总督。 65The king did him great honor and enrolled him among his first Friends, and appointed him general and governor.
66约纳堂然后平安回到耶路撒冷,非常喜欢。 66So Jonathan returned to Jerusalem happy and secure.
67一百六十五年,德默特琉儿子德默特琉,由克里特回到祖国。 67In the year one hundred and sixty-five (147 B.C.), Demetrius the son of Demetrius, returned from Crete to the land of his fathers.
68亚历山大王听说这消息,很是忧愁,就回到安提约基雅去。 68When King Alexander heard of it, he was so greatly disturbed that he returned to Antioch.
69德默特琉立阿颇罗尼为切肋叙利亚总督。阿颇罗尼遂集合大军,在雅木尼雅扎营,且派人去见大司祭约纳堂说: 69Demetrius took his general Apollonius, the governor of Coele-Syria, who assembled a large force. He encamped at Jamnia and sent the following message to Jonathan, the high priest:
70「只有你起来攻击我们,因为你的缘故,我为人耻笑,受人非难,你为什么在山上向我们示威呢? 70"Are you the only one who resists our authority? And am I to be ridiculed because of you? Why do you stand against our authority in your mountains?
71所以现在,如果你仗恃兵力,就请下到平原,到我们这里,彼此较量一下,因为我有许多城池可倚恃。 71If you have confidence in your forces, come down to the plain and let us measure each other's strength there, for I have with me the army of the cities.
72你要查询一下我是谁,其他作我们后盾又是谁。人都说,你们决不能抵抗我们,因为你的祖先,曾在自己的土地上,逃跑过两次。 72Inquire and find out who I am and who are those who support me. Men will tell you that you cannot resist us, for your fathers were twice defeated on their own land.
73现在这平原里没有石头,也没有磐石,更没有逃避的地方,你决不能抵抗骑兵,和这么多的军队。」 73Nor will you be able to withstand the cavalry and so great an army on the plain, where there are no stones or rocks offering a refuge."
74约纳堂一听阿颇罗尼的这些话,勃然大怒,挑选了一万人,从耶路撒冷出发,他哥哥息孟也与他会合,给他助战。 74When Jonathan heard Apollonius' message, he was greatly aroused. So he left Jerusalem with ten thousand picked men, and his brother Simon came to his help.
75他便在约培对面扎了营。城里的人关了城门,因为约培城内有阿颇罗尼的军队。犹太人于是攻城, 75They encamped near Joppa, but the inhabitants of the city closed the gates to them, as Apollonius had a garrison there.
76城中人心里害怕,就开了门,约纳堂遂占领了约培。 76So Jonathan gave the order to attack. The people in the city were so afraid that they opened the gates to him, and Jonathan occupied Joppa.
77阿颇罗尼听说这事,遂即动员三千骑兵,一队庞大的步兵,假作过路的样式,向阿左托进发,却突然开往平原,因为那里有他所依仗的一大队骑兵。 77When Apollonius learned of it, he mobilized three thousand cavalry and a large army. Then he set out towards Azotus, pretending to march through the land, but in fact his troops were spreading out in the direction of the plain, since he had a great number of cavalry on which he relied.
78那时,约纳堂尾随阿颇罗尼,也赶到阿左托,双方军队于是交锋, 78Jonathan pursued him towards Azotus and they began to fight.
79阿颇罗尼曾留下一千骑兵,在他们背后埋伏。 79Apollonius had left a thousand picked horsemen hidden behind Jonathan,
80约纳堂也知道自己背后有埋伏;军队遂被包围,从早到晚,受敌箭射击。 80but Jonathan was informed of the ambush. The horsemen surrounded Jonathan's men and shot their arrows from morning till evening.
81但军人遵从约纳堂的命令,坚持不动,敌人的战玛终于疲乏。 81But the Israelites faced them as Jonathan had commanded until the horses of the enemy tired. Once the cavalry were exhausted,
82息孟于是引军队出击,加入阵线,敌军终因骑兵都已疲惫,大败逃走。 82Simon and his men advanced and attacked the infantry. The enemy was defeated and fled.
83骑兵在平原里四散奔逃,逃到阿左托,进入他们的达贡庙逃命。 83The cavalry scattered over the plain and those who fled went to Azotus, where they entered the temple of Dagon, their idol, to save their lives.
84但是,约纳堂焚毁了阿左托及其四周村镇,得了其中的战利品,又将达贡庙和逃到里面的人,都放火烧了。 84But Jonathan set fire to Azotus and the surrounding towns, and plundered them. He also burned down the temple of Dagon with all who had taken refuge in it.
85这次死在刀下和烧死的,约有八千人。 85There were about eight thousand men who either fell by the sword or were burned to death.
86约纳堂离开那里,又在阿市刻隆扎营,城里的人都出来热烈地欢迎他。 86Jonathan then left for Askalon where the inhabitants received him with great honor.
87约纳堂然后率领部下,带着许多战利品,回了耶路撒冷。 87From there, Jonathan and his men returned to Jerusalem laden with booty.
88亚历山大王一听说这事,就更加光荣约纳堂: 88When King Alexander heard what had happened, he bestowed new honors on Jonathan.
89就是将按习惯应赐给君王贵戚的金釦,送给他;并且还将厄刻龙及其属地,赐给他作为产业。 89He sent him a golden brooch which is usually given to the kinsmen of kings. He also gave him Ekron and all its territory as his possession.
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