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列王纪(上) 1 Kings
1正值雅洛贝罕站在祭坛那里要献祭焚香时,有一天主的人,奉上主的命,从犹大来到贝特耳, 1A man of God came out of Judah following a command of Yahweh, and he arrived at Bethel while Jeroboam was standing by the altar to burn incense.
2以上主的名义对祭坛呼喊说:「祭坛,祭坛!上主这样说:看,达味家要生一个儿子,名叫约史雅,他要在你上面祭杀那些在你上面焚香献祭的高丘司祭,人们的骨骸也要在你上面焚烧。」 2The man shouted, cursing the altar, "O altar, altar, thus says Yahweh: There shall be born to the family of David a son by the name of Josiah. He shall sacrifice on you the priests of the high places who burn incense on you; and human bones shall be burned on you."
3同时,他又提出一个预兆说:「这是上主所说的预兆:看,这祭坛要破裂,上面的灰要倾撒下来。」 3And at once the man gave a sign. He said, "This is the proof that Yahweh has spoken. The altar shall be torn down and the ashes on it shall be scattered."
4雅洛贝罕王一听见天主的人,对贝特耳祭坛呼喊的话,便从祭坛上伸出手来说:「抓住他!」他向天主的人伸出来的手,即刻枯干了,不能收回; 4When the king heard the man of God shouting and cursing the altar of Bethel, he stretched out his hand from the altar and said, "Arrest him!"
5同时祭坛也破裂了,灰也从祭坛上倾撒了下来,正如天主的人奉上主的命所提出的预兆。 5Immediately the hand which he pointed out against the man dried up and he could not draw it back. The altar itself crumbled and the ashes on it were scattered, according to the sign that had been given.
6君王於是对天主的人说:「请你为我祈祷,向上主你的天主求情,使我收回手来。」天主的人便向上主求情,君王的手即刻收回来了,恢复了原状。 6And so the king said to the man of God, "Entreat the favor of Yahweh your God and pray for me so that my hand may be restored." The man of God entreated Yahweh and the king's hand was restored as it had been before.
7君王对天主的人说:「请你同我到家里去,吃些点心,我要赐给你一个礼物。」 7The king then said to the man of God, "Come home with me and refresh yourself. I will give you a reward."
8天主的人对君王说:「你就是将半个宫殿赐给我,我也不同你去,也不在这个地方吃饭喝水, 8But the man of God answered the king, "Even if you give me half your house, I will not go in with you; nor will I eat or drink in this place, for this was commanded me by Yahweh.
9因为有上主的话吩咐我说:你不可吃饭,也不可喝水,也不可从你去的路上回来。」 9He precisely said to me: You shall neither eat bread nor drink water, nor return by the way you came."
10於是,他另取道而行,没有从他来贝特耳的路上回去。 10And the man did not return by the way he had come to Bethel, but he went another way.
11有一个老先知住在贝特耳,他的儿子们前来,将天主的人当天在贝特耳所作的一切事,都告诉了他,把天主的人对君王所说的话,也都讲给他们的父亲听。 11Now there was an old prophet living in Bethel, and his sons came to tell him what the man of God had done on that day in Bethel, and everything he had said to the king.
12父亲便问他们说:「他走了那条路?」他的儿子们就把从犹大来的天主的人所走的路指给他。 12Their father then asked them, "Which way did he go?" and they told him which way the man of God from Judah had taken.
13老先知遂吩咐他的儿子们说:「快给我备好驴!」他们即为他备好了驴,他就骑上, 13He then said to his sons, "Saddle the ass for me", and they did so.
14去追赶天主的人,发见他正坐在橡树下,就问他说:「你是从犹大来的天主的人吗?」他答说:「是。」 14He mounted the ass and went after the man of God whom he found sitting under the Oak. He asked him, "Are you the man of God who came from Judah?
15老先知对他说:「请你同我到家里去吃点饭罢!」 15Come home with me and eat bread."
16天主的人答说:「我不能同你回去,也不能与你同行,更不能在这地方同你一起吃饭喝水, 16The prophet from Judah answered, "I may neither return nor go in with you; nor will I eat or drink with you,
17因为有上主的话对我说:你在那里不可吃饭,也不可喝水,也不可从你去的路上回来。」 17for this was the command of Yahweh: You shall neither eat bread nor drink water there, nor shall you return by the way you came."
18老先知对他说:「我也如同你一样,是个先知,有一位天使曾奉上主的命对我说:你去领他跟你回到你家,吃饭喝水罢!」老先知原是欺骗他。 18But the old prophet from Bethel said to him: "I am also a prophet as you are; and an angel told me on behalf of Yahweh: Bring him back with you into your house that he may eat bread and drink water."
19天主的人就跟老先知回去,在他家里吃了饭,也喝了水。 19The old prophet in fact, was lying. And so the man of God went back with him and ate and drank in his house.
20正当他们二人坐席时,有上主的话传於那领天主的人回来的先知, 20As they sat at table, the word of Yahweh came to the prophet who had brought him back.
21他就对那从犹大来的天主的人喊叫说:「上主这样说:因为你违背了上主的话,没有遵守上主你的天主吩咐你的命令, 21And he said in a loud voice to the man of God who came from Judah, "Thus says Yahweh: You have disobeyed me and have not observed the command I gave you.
22竟然回来了,在上主吩咐你不可吃饭喝水的地方,吃了饭,喝了水,为此,你的尸体不得葬入你祖先的坟墓中。」 22Instead, you have come back and eaten and drunk although I told you not to eat bread or drink water. Because of this, your body shall not be laid in the tomb of your fathers."
23他吃喝完了以后,老先知就给他所带回来的先知备了驴, 23After he had eaten and drunk, the old prophet who had brought him back saddled the ass for him and the prophet from Judah went away.
24他就骑上走了;途中遇见了一只狮子将他咬死,他的尸体横臥在路上,驴站在尸体旁边,那只狮子也站在尸体旁边。 24But a lion met him on the road and killed him. His body was thrown on the road with the lion beside it.
25有路过的人,看见尸体横臥在路上,狮子站在尸体旁边,就到老先知所住的城中述说了这事。 25People who passed by saw the body thrown on the road with the lion standing by; and they reported this in the city where the old prophet lived.
26那个从路上带回天主的人的老先知听了这事,就说:「这是天主的人,因为他违背了上主的命令,所以上主将他交於狮子,狮子撕裂了他,将他咬死,正如上主关于他所说的话。」 26When the prophet heard of this, he said, "It is the man of God who disobeyed the word of Yahweh. Yahweh has delivered him to the lion which has torn and slain him just as Yahweh had told him."
27老先知即吩咐自己的儿子们说:「给我备好驴!」他们将驴备好。 27Then he said to his sons, "Saddle the ass for me."
28老先知去了,发现天主的人的尸体横臥在路上,驴和狮子站在尸体旁边;狮子没有吞掉尸体,也没有撕裂驴。 28They saddled it and he went and found the body thrown on the road with the ass and the lion standing beside it.
29老先知就抱起天主的人的尸体,放在驴上,驮回城中,为他举哀治丧, 29The lion had neither eaten the body nor torn the ass. And so the prophet took up the body of the man of God, laid it on the ass and brought it back to the city to mourn and to bury him.
30将他的尸体安葬在自己的坟墓里;人哀悼他说:「哀哉,吾兄!」 30He laid the body in his own grave and they mourned over him with the lament, "Alas, my brother!"
31安葬他以后,老先知吩咐儿子们说:「我死了以后,你们要把我葬在安葬天主的人的坟墓里,把我的遗骸安放在他的遗骸旁, 31After that the old prophet said to his sons, "When I die, bury me in the grave where the man of God is buried and lay my bones beside his bones.
32因为他奉上主的命对贝特耳的祭坛,和对撒玛黎雅各城高丘上的一切神殿所喊出的话,必要应验。」 32For everything he said at Yahweh's command, cursing the altar in Bethel and all the sanctuaries of the high places in the cities of Samaria, will be fulfilled."
33这事以后,雅洛贝罕始终没有离开他作恶的道路,仍继续从平民中选派高丘的司祭;凡是愿意的,他就祝圣他们当高丘的司祭。 33After this, however, Jeroboam did not abstain from doing evil. Instead he made priests for the high places from among the people; he consecrated anyone who wanted to be a priest for the high places.
34雅洛贝罕家因此陷於罪恶,招致丧亡,由地上消灭。 34And this became the sin of the family of Jeroboam for which it was to be cut off and destroyed from the face of the earth.




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