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列王纪(上) 1 Kings
1撒罗满除了法郎的公主外,又爱上了许多外国女子:即摩阿布女子,阿孟女子,厄东女子,漆冬女子,赫特女子。 1King Solomon loved many foreign women besides the daughter of Pharaoh. There were Moabite, Ammonite, Edomite, Sidonian and Hittite women
2关于这些民族,上主曾吩咐以色列子民说:「你们不可到他们中间去,他们也不可到你们中间来,否则他们必会引诱你们的心,倾向他们的神。」但是,撒罗满却恋爱这些女子。 2from nations about which Yahweh had commanded the Israelites, "You shall not marry them; nor shall they marry you, lest they win over your heart to their gods." Solomon, however, imitated these peoples because of his love.
3他有七百个各地公主为妻妾,另外还有三百妃子;这些妻妾终于败坏了他的心。 3He had seven hundred wives of royal birth, and three hundred concubines, and they won his heart.
4当撒罗满年老的时候,这些妻妾迷惑了他的心,勾引他去崇拜別的神;他的心已不像他父亲达味的心,全属于上主他的天主。 4In Solomon's old age, his wives led him astray to serve other gods and, unlike his father David, his heart was no longer wholly given to Yahweh his God.
5这样,他随从了漆冬人的女神阿巿托勒特,和阿孟人的可憎之物米耳公。 5For he served Astarte the goddess of the Sidonians, and Milcom, the idol of the Ammonites.
6撒罗满作了上主眼中视为恶的事,不像他父亲达味那样全心服从上主。 6He did what displeased Yahweh and, unlike his father David, was unfaithful to him.
7那时,撒罗满在耶路撒冷东面的山上,为摩阿布人的可憎之物革摩士,为阿孟子民的可憎之物摩肋客,修筑了丘坛。 7Solomon even built a high place for Chemosh, the idol of Moab, on the mountain east of Jerusalem and also for Molech, the idol of the Ammonites.
8他为所有的外国妻妾,都修筑了丘坛,各给自己的神焚香献祭。 8He did the same for all his foreign wives who burned incense and sacrificed to their gods.
9上主遂向撒罗满发怒,因为他的心偏离了两次显现给他的上主以色列的天主。 9Yahweh became angry with Solomon because his heart had turned away from Yahweh, the God of Israel.
10当时,上主对此事曾吩咐过他,不可去随从別的神,但他却没有遵守上主的命令。 10Yahweh appeared to him twice and commanded him not to follow other gods. But he did not obey Yahweh's command.
11於是,上主对撒罗满说:「你既然这样行事,不遵守我的盟约,和我吩咐你的诫命,我必要夺去你的王国,赐给你的一个臣仆。 11Therefore, Yahweh said to Solomon, "Since this has been your choice and you have kept neither my Covenant nor the statutes I commanded you, I will take the kingdom from you and give it to your servant.
12虽然如此,但为了你父亲达味的缘故,在你有生之日,我不作这事;我将要由你儿子手中夺去。 12Nevertheless, I will not do this during your lifetime for the sake of your father David; I will take it from your son.
13但是仍不完全夺去,为了我仆人达味和我所拣选的耶路撒冷,我仍给你的儿子留下一支派」。 13But I will not take it all; I will reserve one tribe for your son for the sake of David my servant, and for the sake of Jerusalem, the city which I have chosen."
14那时,上主兴起一个反抗撒罗满的人,就是厄东王的后裔,厄东人哈达得。 14And Yahweh raised up an adversary against Solomon. This was Hadad, the Edomite of the royal house in Edom.
15当达味打败厄东后,军长约阿布前去埋葬阵亡的人时,杀死了厄东所有的男子; 15Indeed, when David had defeated Edom, and Joab the commander of the army went up to bury the slain, he slew every male in Edom.
16约阿布和全以色列在厄东逗留了六个月,直到将厄东所有的男子完全杀掉。 16Joab and the Israelites remained in the place for six months until he had destroyed every male in Edom.
17哈达得却同他父亲的几个臣仆厄东人逃往埃及,那时哈达得还很年轻。 17However Hadad, then still only a boy, fled to Egypt together with some Edomites, his father's servants.
18他们从米德杨起身,到了帕兰,从帕兰又带了些人来到埃及,投奔埃及王法郎;法郎给了他一座房屋,供给他食用,又给了他一块土地。 18They left Midian for Paran and, taking along with them some of the men from Paran, they went on to Egypt to Pharaoh, king of Egypt, who gave Hadad a house, promised him food and gave him land.
19哈达得在法郎眼前很是得宠,因此将自己的妻子塔培乃斯王后的妹妹,嫁给他为妻。 19Hadad pleased Pharaoh, who gave him as wife the sister of Queen Tahpenes, his own wife.
20塔培乃斯的妹妹给哈达得生了一个儿子叫革奴巴特。塔培乃斯在法郎宫中抚养他,因此革奴巴特便住在法郎宫中,同法郎的公子们在一起。 20The sister of Tahpenes bore him a son, Genubath, whom Tahpenes weaned in Pharaoh's house, and who lived there together with Pharaoh's sons.
21哈达得在埃及听说达味已与他的列祖同眠,军长约阿布也已去世,便对法郎说:「请让我走,回到我故乡去!」 21And so when Hadad heard in Egypt that David had slept with his fathers, and that Joab the commander of the army was also dead, he said to Pharaoh, "Let me go back to my own country."
22法郎对他说:「你在我这里缺少什么,竟想回到你的故乡去?」他回答说:「什么也不缺,只求你让我回去!」 22Pharaoh asked him, "What have I not done that you want to leave for your own country?" But he answered him, "Please, let me go." And he came back to his land. He ruled over Edom and hated Israel.
23天主又兴起一个反抗撒罗满的人,就是厄肋雅达的儿子勒宗。他由自己的主人祚巴王哈达德则尔前出走。 23God raised up another adversary in the person of Rezon son of Eliada, who had fled from his master Hadadezer king of Zobah.
24在达味击杀阿兰人时,聚集了一些人,作了土匪头目,去了大马士革,盘踞在那里,做了大马士革王。 24Rezon gathered men around him and became the leader of a marauding band. After David fought them and killed some of them, they went to live in Damascus where they made him king.
25撒罗满有生之日,勒宗始终与以色列为敌。哈达得就回了国。哈达得的危害,即在于他作了厄东的君王,不断骚扰以色列。 25He was an adversary of Israel during Solomon's lifetime.
26厄弗辣大地责勒达人,乃巴特的儿子雅洛贝罕,──他的母亲名叫责鲁阿,是个寡妇──原是撒罗满的臣仆,他也起来反抗君王。 26Jeroboam also rebelled against the king. He was the son of Nebat, an Ephraimite of Zeredah; his mother, Zeruah, had been left a widow. He was one of Solomon's officials.
27他反抗君王的原委是这样:当时撒罗满正在建筑米罗,修葺他父亲达味城的裂口; 27This was the reason for his rebellion. Solomon was building the Millo and was closing up the breach of the City of David his father;
28雅洛贝罕这个人原很有才能,撒罗满见这少年人很能做事,便派他监督若瑟族的一切劳役。 28when he noticed that Jeroboam was a man of great personal worth and an able worker, he put him in charge of all the forced labor of the tribes of Joseph.
29有一次,雅洛贝罕走出耶路撒冷,史罗的先知阿希雅在路上遇见了他;先知身上穿着一件新外衣,在田间只有他们二人。 29Once, when Jeroboam went out of Jerusalem, the prophet Ahijah of Shiloh found him on the road. The two of them were alone in the open country
30阿希雅便拿起他所穿的新外衣,撕成了十二块, 30when Ahijah, who had a new garment on, clutched and tore it into twelve pieces.
31然后对雅洛贝罕说:「你拿十块,因为上主以色列的天主这样说:看,我必将撒罗满手中的王国撕裂,将十个支派交给你。 31He then said to Jeroboam, "Take ten pieces for yourself for this is the word of Yahweh, the God of Israel: 'I am about to tear the kingdom from Solomon's hands
32为了我仆人达味,和我从以色列支派中选的耶路撒冷城的缘故,仍给他留下一支派, 32to give you ten tribes. Only one tribe shall be left to him for the sake of my servant David and Jerusalem, the city which I have chosen out of all the tribes of Israel.
33因为他背弃了我,崇拜了漆冬人的女神阿市托勒特、摩阿布人的神革摩士和阿孟人的神米耳公。他没有像他父亲达味那样履行我的道路,行我视为正义的事,恪守我的律例和诫命。 33For Solomon has forsaken me and worshiped Astarte, the goddess of the Sidonians, Chemosh the god of Moab, and Milcom the god of the Ammonites. Unlike his father David, he has not walked in my ways to do what is right before me and to keep my commandments and decisions.
34但我不愿从他手中夺去整个王国,我要使他有生之日作首领,是为了我所选的仆人达味的缘故,因为他遵守了我的诫命和律例。 34Nevertheless, it is not from him that I will take the kingdom. I will let him reign during his lifetime for the sake of David my servant, whom I chose and who kept my commandments and statutes.
35我却要从他儿子的手中夺回王国,给你十个支派, 35But I will take the kingship from his son's hand and make you king over ten tribes.
36只留下一个支派给他的儿子,使我的仆人达味,在我所拣选立我名的耶路撒冷城中,在我面前常有一盏明灯。 36One tribe will be left for his son so that my servant David may always have a lamp before me in Jerusalem, the city where I have chosen to put my Name.
37我选取你,使你随意统治一切,作以色列的君王。 37I will let you reign over all you wish; you shall be king of Israel.
38如果你听从我吩咐你的一切,履行我的道路,行我视为正义的事,恪守我的律例和诫命,如同我的仆人达味一样,我必与你同在,为你建立一巩固的家室,像我为达味所建立的一样。我将以色列交给你, 38Now, if you obey all that I command you, follow me and do what is right in my eyes, if you keep my commandments and my statutes, as my servant David did, I will be with you and establish your family for a long time, as I did for David. I will entrust Israel to you.
39借以贬抑达味的后裔,但不致於久远。」 39In this way I will humble the family of David for a time'."
40因此,撒罗满想杀害雅洛贝罕,雅洛贝罕遂起身逃往埃及,投奔埃及王史沙克;他住在埃及,直到撒罗满逝世。 40Solomon wanted to kill Jeroboam, but Jeroboam took refuge in Egypt with Shishak king of Egypt, where he remained until the death of Solomon.
41撒罗满其余的事蹟,他的一切作为和智慧,都记载在撒罗满实录上。 41Now the rest of the events of Solomon's reign, his deeds and his wisdom, are written in the book of the acts of Solomon.
42撒罗满在耶路撒冷作王,统治全以色列,凡四十年。 42Solomon reigned over all Israel in Jerusalem for forty years.
43撒罗满与他的列祖同眠,葬在他父亲达味城内;他的儿子勒哈贝罕继位为王。 43Then he rested with his fathers and was buried in the city of David; Rehoboam his son reigned in his place.




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