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列王纪(上) 1 Kings
1舍巴女王听说撒罗满因上主之名获得的声望,即前来以难题考问撒罗满。 1The queen of Sheba heard about Solomon's fame, and came to test him with difficult questions.
2她带了许多随员,骆驼装载大批的香料、黄金和宝石,来到了耶路撒冷;当她进见撒罗满时,就向他提出了心中的一切疑难, 2She arrived in Jerusalem with a vast retinue and with camels loaded with spices, an abundance of gold and precious stones. When she came to Solomon, she told him all that she had on her mind
3撒罗满对她所问的一切难题,一一给她解答了,没有一样可难住君王,而不能给她解答的。 3and Solomon answered all her questions. There was nothing that the king could not explain to her.
4舍巴女王看见了撒罗满的种种智慧和建造的宫殿, 4And when the queen of Sheba had seen all the wisdom of Solomon, the palace he had built,
5筵席上的肴馔,群臣的座次,仆从的侍候和服装,供应的饮料,以及他在上主殿内奉献的全燔祭,惊讶得出神, 5the food on his table, the residence of his officials, the attendance of his servants and their clothing, his cupbearers, and the burnt offerings which he offered at Yahweh's House, it left her breathless.
6因而对君王说:「关于你的言行和智慧,我在我国内所听到的传说,的确是真的! 6Then she said to the king, "All that I heard in my own land concerning you and your wisdom was true.
7以前我原不相信这些传闻,及至我来亲眼见了,才知道人告诉我的还不及一半;你的智慧和你的富贵远超过我所听闻的。 7But I did not believe the reports until I came and saw with my own eyes. And what did I see! I was told only half the story; for your wisdom and wealth surpass the report I heard.
8你的妻妾,你的臣仆,能常常侍立在你面前,聆听你的智慧,是多么有福! 8Fortunate are your wives! Fortunate are your servants who are ever in your presence and hear your wisdom!
9上主你的天主应受赞美!他喜爱你,使你坐了以色列的王位;上主因为永远喜爱以色列,才立你为王,秉公行义。」 9Blessed be Yahweh your God, who has looked kindly on you and has put you on the throne of Israel! Because of Yahweh's eternal love for Israel, he has made you king so that you may dispense justice and righteousness."
10舍巴女王遂将一百二十『塔冷通』黄金,大批香料和宝石,赠送给君王;以后进入的香料,再没有像舍巴女王送给撒罗满的那样多。 10Then she gave the king a hundred and twenty talents of gold, spices in abundance, and precious stones. Such an abundance of spices as those which the queen of Sheba gave to King Solomon was never again seen.
11从敖非尔运金子的希兰船只,也从敖非尔运来了大批檀香木和宝石。 11Moreover, the fleet of Hiram, which brought gold from Ophir, also brought from Ophir a huge amount of almug wood and precious stones.
12君王用檀香木,为上主的殿和君王的宫殿制造了栏干,又为歌咏者制造了琴和瑟;以后再没有这样的檀香木运进来,也没有人再看见过,直到今天。 12The king used the almug wood to make supports for Yahweh's House and the royal palace, and also to make lyres and harps for the singers. Such almug wood has never again been brought or seen to the present day.
13撒罗满王除了照王的宽洪大量送给舍巴女王的礼品外,凡女王所要求的喜爱的物品,君王都送给了她。以后,她和自己的臣仆走了,回了本国。 13King Solomon, in turn, gave the queen of Sheba all that she desired and all that he in his generosity wanted to give her. Then she went back to her own land together with her servants.
14撒罗满每年收入的金子,重量有六百六十六『塔冷通』; 14Now the weight of gold that Solomon received in one year was six hundred and sixty-six gold talents,
15由商人、小贩、各国君王和本国太守所进献的,尚不计算在内。 15not counting that brought by traders, merchants, the kings of Arabia and the governors of the land.
16撒罗满王用黄金打造了二百个大盾牌,每个用金六百『协刻耳』。 16King Solomon made two hundred large shields of beaten gold, six hundred shekels of gold going into each shield.
17又用黄金打造了三百个小盾牌,每个用金三『米纳』。君王把这些盾牌,都放在黎巴嫩林宫。 17And he made three hundred shields of beaten gold with three minas of gold in each shield. And the king put them in the House of the Forest of Lebanon.
18君王又用象牙制造了一个大宝座,用纯金包镶。 18The king also made a huge ivory throne and overlaid it with the finest gold.
19宝座有六级台阶,座背后刻有牛头,座位两边有扶手,扶手两旁立着两只狮子。 19The throne had six steps, a rounded back, and on each side of the seat were arm rests with two lions standing beside the arm rests.
20六级台阶上立着十二只狮子,每边六只。任何国家都没有像这样的宝座。 20The six steps had twelve lions, one on each end of a step. Nothing like this was ever made in any kingdom.
21撒罗满王所有饮器都是金的,黎巴嫩林宫的一切器具,都是纯金的,没有一件是银子的;银子在撒罗满时代并不值什么。 21All of King Solomon's drinking vessels were of gold, and all the vessels of the House of the Forest of Lebanon were of pure gold and none of silver, for silver was not considered of much value in the days of Solomon.
22因为君王有一队塔尔史士船只,与希兰的船只一同航海;去塔尔史士的船只,每三年往返一次,运来金、银、象牙、猿猴和孔雀。 22The king had a fleet of Tarshish ships at sea with Hiram's fleet, and once every three years the fleet of Tarshish ships would bring gold, silver, ivory, apes and peacocks.
23这样,撒罗满王在富贵和智慧上,超过了世上所有的君王。 23King Solomon surpassed all the kings of the earth in wealth and wisdom.
24全世界上的人都想见撒罗满的面,听听天主赋于他心中的智慧。 24And the whole world sought audience with Solomon to hear the wisdom which God had put into his mind.
25各人给他带来自己的礼物:银器、金器、衣服、兵器、香料、骏马和骡子;年年都是如此。 25Everyone who came brought a present: articles of silver and gold, garments, myrrh, spices, horses and mules, so much every year.
26撒罗满也积聚了战车和骑兵;他拥有战车一千四百辆,骑兵一万二千,驻扎在屯车城和耶路撒冷君王左右。 26Solomon gathered together chariots and horses - fourteen hundred chariots and twelve thousand horses which he stationed in the chariot cities and with the king in Jerusalem.
27君王在耶路撒冷有的银子多如石头,香柏木多如平原的桑树。 27The king made silver as common as stone in Jerusalem, and cedar as plentiful as sycamore in the lowland.
28撒罗满所有的马,都是慕兹黎和科厄运来的,是君王的商人付出定价,从科厄买来的。 28Solomon imported his horses from Musri and Kue and the king's traders got them from Kue for a fixed price.
29从慕兹黎运来一辆战车,需银六百『协刻耳』;一匹马,需银一百五十『协刻耳』。同样,为赫特人和阿兰人的君王输送车马,也是经过这些商人。 29A chariot could be imported from Musri for six hundred shekels of silver, and a horse for a hundred and fifty. They were exported in the same way to all the kings of the Hittites and the kings of Syria.




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