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编年纪上 1 Chronicles
1此后阿孟子民的君王纳哈士死了,他的儿子继位为王。 1Afterwards Nahash, king of the Ammonites, died and his son Hanun became king.
2达味心想:我要善待纳哈士的儿子哈农,因为他父亲曾善待了我。于是达味派遣使者去慰问他,哀悼他的父亲。但当达味的臣仆来到阿孟子民的境内哈农那里慰问他时, 2David thought, "I will show kindness to Hanun, son of Nahash, since his father was kind to me." And David sent messengers with his condolences on his father's death. But when David's servants reached Hanun in the land of the Ammonites to present these condolences,
3阿孟子民的公卿对哈农说:「达味派人来慰问你,你以为他是尊敬你的父亲吗?他的臣仆到你这里来,安知不是为调查、探听、破坏这地方?」 3the Ammonite leaders said to Hanun, "Do you think David means to honor your father when he sends you messengers of sympathy? On the contrary he has sent them here as spies to explore the land, so that he can conquer it."
4哈农遂拿住达味的臣仆,将他们的胡须剃去,将他们下半截至臀部的衣服也都割去,然后放他们走了。 4Hanun had David's servants seized, shaved their beards, cut their clothes half-way up to the hips and sent them away.
5他们走了以后,有人将这些人所遭遇的事告诉了达味,达味遂即派人前去迎接他们;因为这些人很觉羞耻,王便吩咐说:「你们暂且留在耶里哥,等胡须长起后再回来。」 5As soon as David was told what had happened to these men, he sent someone to meet them, for the men were too ashamed to return home. And he said, "Stay in Jericho, until your beards have grown again, and come back then."
6阿孟子民见自己同达味结下了仇恨,哈农和阿孟子民便派人用一千『塔冷通』银子,向二河之间的阿兰,玛阿加的阿兰及祚巴去雇战车和骑兵。 6The Ammonites saw that they had made David their enemy and so Hanun and the Ammonites sent a thousand talents of silver to hire chariots and charioteers from the Aramaeans of Upper Mesopotamia, of Maacah and of Zobah.
7他们雇得了战车三万二千辆,又雇得了玛阿加王和他的军队。他们来到,就在默德巴前扎营;阿孟子民也从自己的城内出来,集合备战。 7They hired thirty-two thousand chariots; also the king of Maacah with his army. These came and encamped before Medeba, while the Ammonites came out from all their cities and got ready to fight.
8达味一听说,遂派约阿布率领全部精兵出击。 8When David heard this, he sent Joab with the whole army and the warriors.
9阿孟子民出来,在城门前摆了阵,来助战的王子们另在田间摆了阵。 9The Ammonites marched out and took up their positions at the entrance to the town, but the kings who had come remained in the open country.
10约阿布见前后受敌,便由以色列劲旅中,挑选一队精兵摆阵进攻阿兰人; 10Joab, seeing that he had to fight on two fronts, to his front and to his rear, chose the best fighters of the Israelites and drew them up in line facing the Aramaeans.
11将其余的军队,交由自己的兄弟阿彼瑟指挥,叫他列阵进攻阿孟子民, 11He placed the rest of the troops under the command of his brother Abishai, to face the Ammonites. He said to him,
12对他说:「若我打不下阿兰人,你就来援助我;若你打不下阿兰子民,我就来援助你。 12"If the Aramaeans prove too strong for me, you shall come to my help; if the Ammonites prove too strong for you, I will come to yours.
13你当勇敢!为了我们的民族,为了我们天主的城池,我们应当奋斗。愿上主成就他认为美好的事!」 13Take courage and fight hard for the sake of our people and the towns of our God. And may Yahweh do as he thinks right."
14然后,约阿布带着军队往前进攻阿兰人,阿兰人便在他面前逃走了。 14Joab and the force with him advanced to attack the Aramaeans,who fled before him.
15阿孟子民见阿兰人逃走,他们也在约阿布的兄弟阿彼瑟面前逃走,退入城中;以后,约阿布回了耶路撒冷。 15When the Ammonites saw that the Aramaeans were running away, they too fled before Abishai, Joab's brother, and withdrew into their town. Then Joab came back to Jerusalem.
16阿兰人见自己为以色列打败,遂派使者将大河那边的阿兰人调来,由哈达德则尔的元帅芍法客率领。 16Seeing that they had been defeated by Israel, the Aramaeans sent messengers and mobilized the Aramaeans from beyond the river, with Shophach, commander of Hadadezer's army, at their head.
17达味一得了情报,就调集所有的以色列人,渡过约但河,来到赫蓝,摆阵向他们进攻。当达味摆阵攻击阿兰人时,阿兰人就来迎战。 17News of this was brought to David, who gathered the Israelite troops, crossed the Jordan, and met them. David drew up his line of battle facing the Aramaeans, and the fighting began.
18但阿兰人在以色列面前溃退,达味乘势击杀了阿兰七千骑兵,四万步兵,也杀了他们的元帅芍法客。 18But the Aramaeans fled before Israel, and David killed seven thousand of their chariot teams and forty thousand foot soldiers. He also killed Shophach, their general.
19哈达德则尔的臣仆见他们败于以色列,便与达味讲和,表示臣服。从此阿兰人再不敢协助阿孟子民了。 19When the kings who were subject to Hadadezer saw that they had been defeated by Israel, they made peace with David and became subject to him. After this the Aramaeans refused to give help to the Ammonites.
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