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索福尼亚 Zephaniah
1祸哉!那叛逆、污秽,而残暴的城市!1Woe to the rebellious, the defiled, the city that oppresses.
2她从不听呼声,又不接受教训;不倚赖上主,也不亲近她的天主。2She did not pay attention to the call nor accept the correction; she did not trust Yahweh nor did she approach her God.
3她的王侯在她中间,是些咆哮的狮子;她的判官是夜间的豺狼,什么也不留到天明。3Her kings are like roaring lions, her rulers like evening wolves that do not leave even a bone for the next day.
4她的先知都是些轻浮欺诈之徒,她的司祭亵渎圣物,违犯法律。4Her prophets are blabbermouths and treacherous people; her priests defile whatever is sacred with no respect for the Law.
5但上主在她中间是正义的,从不行不义;他每天早晨施行审判,有如不消散的光明,他全不认识可耻的邪恶。5However, Yahweh the Just one is in her midst; he never commits injustice. Every morning he says what must be done; but the unjust do not even feel ashamed.
6我曾消灭了异民,他们的堡垒已化为废墟;我使他们的街道荒凉得无人往来,他们的城市毁坏得不留一人,没有一个居民。6I have wiped out the nations, demolished their watchtowers, left their streets abandoned, and no one walks in them; their cities have been leveled, and no one lives there.
7我原想:「她必要敬畏我,接受教训;凡我加于她的惩罚,必不致由她眼前消失。」但他们反加速使自己的一切行为堕落。7I thought: "If you took into account my correction" I said: "she will not forget my threats." But you were eager to behave still more corruptly.
8为此,你们等待我──上主的断语──等到我起来作证的一天,因为我已决定聚集万民,召集列国,在他们身上倾泄我的忿怒和我所有的怒火:全地必要为我的妒火所吞灭。8Therefore, wait for me, says Yahweh, for the day when I come to accuse, when I have the nations gathered and the kingdoms assembled to vent my wrath on you with all the fury of my anger. Then the fire of my jealous wrath will burn the whole land.
9那时,我要使万民的口唇纯洁好能称呼上主的名号,同心协力服事上主。9At that time I will give truthful lips to the pagan nations that all of them may call on the name of Yahweh and serve him with the same zeal.
10钦崇我的人,【即我所分散的集团】要从雇士河那边给我贡献祭品。10From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia they will bring offerings to me.
11在那一天,你决不再因你反抗我的一切作为而羞惭,因为那时我必由你中间驱逐你那些骄矜自夸的人,使你不再在我的圣山上自夸;11On that day you will no longer be ashamed of all your deeds when you were unfaithful to me; I will have removed from your midst the conceited and arrogant and my holy mountain will no longer be for you a pretext for boasting.
12但我必在你中间留下谦逊和贫苦的百姓,他们必依赖上主的名号。12I will leave within you a poor and meek people who seek refuge in God.
13以色列的遗民不再行邪恶,也不再说谎言;在他们的口里也再找不到欺诈的舌头:的确,他们或是牧放,或是休息,没有人来恐吓。13The remnant of Israel will not act unjustly nor will they speak falsely, nor will deceitful words be found in their mouths. They will eat and rest with none to threaten them.
14熙雍女子,你应欢乐!以色列,你应欢呼!耶路撒冷女子,你应全心高兴喜乐!14Cry out with joy, O daughter of Zion; rejoice, O people of Israel! Sing joyfully with all your heart, daughter of Jerusalem!
15上主已撤消了对你的定案,扫除了你的仇敌;以色列的君王──上主,在你中间,你再不会遇见灾祸!15Yahweh has lifted your sentence and has driven your enemies away. Yahweh, the King of Israel is with you; do not fear any misfortune.
16在那一天,人必对耶路撒冷说:「熙雍,你不用害怕,不要 双手低垂!16On that day they will say to Jerusalem: Do not be afraid nor let your hands tremble,
17上主你的天主,在你中间,他是一位施救的勇士,他必为你喜不自胜,对你重温他的爱情,且因你欢跃喜乐,17for Yahweh your God is within you, Yahweh, saving warrior. He will jump for joy on seeing you, for he has revived his love. For you he will cry out with joy, as you do in the days of the Feast.
18有如在庆节之日。我必消灭打击你的人,使你不再受羞辱。18I will drive away the evil I warned you about, and you will no longer be shamed.
19看啊!在那时,我必要了结一切迫害你的人,我必要拯救瘸腿的,聚集漂流的;我必使他们在各地所受的羞辱,化为称赞和荣誉。19On that day I will face your oppressors; I will save the lame sheep and bring the lost back into the fold. I will give them renown and honor in all the lands where humiliation was your lot.
20那时,我必要召你们回来;那时,我必要聚集你们;当我要在你们的面前转变你们的命运时,我必使你们在普世万民中,获得荣誉和称赞──上主说。20On that day I will be good to you and gather you to make you famous and honorable among all the peoples of the earth, when I bring back the captives before your eyes, - this is Yahweh's word.
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