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智慧篇 Wisdom
1统治世界的人,你们应爱正义,对上主应有正确的观念,应以诚朴的心寻求上主,1Love justice, you who rule over the world. Think rightly of God, seek him with simplicity of heart,
2因为,凡不试探上主的,都可以寻到上主;对上主不失信的,上主必向他显示。2for he reveals himself to those who do not challenge him and is found by those who do not distrust him.
3邪曲的思想,使人离开天主;愚人试探全能者,只有使自己蒙羞,3Crooked thinking distances you from God, and his Omnipotence, put to the test, confounds the foolish.
4因为,智慧不进入存心不良的灵魂里,也不住在一个屈服于罪恶的身体内。4Wisdom does not enter the wicked nor remain in a body that is enslaved to sin.
5实在,施训的圣神,远避欺诈,远离无知的思念;不义一到,即刻退去。5The Holy Spirit who instructs us shuns deceit; it keeps aloof from foolishness and is ill at ease when injustice is done.
6智慧是爱人的神,口出咒语的人,她必惩罚;因为天主洞悉他的内心,确切监视他的心灵,听闻他的言语;6Wisdom is a spirit, a friend to man, and will not leave the blasphemous unpunished, because God knows his innermost feelings, truly sees his thoughts and hears what he says.
7实在,上主的神充满了世界,包罗万象,通晓一切语言。7For God's spirit has filled the whole world and he who holds together all things, knows each word that is spoken.
8为此,谈论不义之事的,无不终被识破;执行报复的正义,也决不会将他放过。8So whoever speaks unjustly will not escape; the irrefutable sentence will reach him.
9因为恶人的思念,必将受审讯;上主听到他的言语,必惩罚他的罪行。9The intentions of the unholy will be examined; what he has said will reach the Lord and his wickedness will be confounded.
10原来天主嫉恶的耳朵,能听万事;连低声的怨言,也隐藏不住。10Remember that a jealous ear hears everything; even whispers are recorded.
11所以,你们要谨防无益的怨言,禁止口舌,别说毁谤的话;因为暗中的言语,决不会空空过去;说谎的口舌,必杀害灵魂。11Beware then, of empty complaints and keep your tongue from faultfinding, since your most secret word will have consequences; a lying tongue brings death to the soul.
12不要因生活堕落而自招丧亡,也不要因你们双手的作为而自取灭亡,12Do not bring about your own death by your wrong way of living. And do not let the work of your hands destroy you.
13因为天主并未造死亡,也不乐意生灵灭亡。13God did not make death, nor does he rejoice in the destruction of the living.
14他造了万物,为叫它们生存;世上的生物都有生命力,本身都没有致命的毒素,阴府在地上也没有权势;14Since he has created everything, all creatures of the universe are for our good; there is no deadly poison in them and the netherworld has no dominion over the earth,
15因为正义是不死不灭的。15because justice is not submitted to death.
16但是,不义的人,因自己的言行自招死亡,与死亡相爱相恋,结立盟约,实堪作死亡的伴侣。16It is the godless that consider death a friend and call for it in every way. They have made a pact with it and they shall justly belong to it.
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