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智慧篇 Wisdom
1再如:有个准备航海的人,行将在怒涛中航行之际,竟向一块比自己乘的船还易坏的木头呼求。1Imagine someone who is about to set sail and cross the raging sea. He calls upon a piece of wood far more fragile than the boat that carries him.
2船固然是因求财的贪心发明的,亦是匠人以智慧造成的;2In fact, this boat has been built with gain in mind and proceeds from the wisdom of the shipwright.
3但最后,父啊!还是你的照顾在驾驶,因为原是你在海洋中划出了一条路线,在波浪中开辟了一条安全的路径,3But it is your providence, Father, that guides it, for you are the one who prepares a path through the sea and a safe way over the waves.
4表示你能救人脱离各种危险,连没有技术的人,也能航海。4By this we understand that you are able to save us from any danger, and even the unskilled are able to sail.
5你决不愿使你智慧的工作弃之不用,因此,人将生命托给一片小木,藉一叶扁舟,经过巨涛而平安到达海岸。5People are the work of your wisdom and you do not want them to remain idle. So they trust their lives to a small plank of wood and cross the sea safe and sound on a raft.
6其实,在当初,当那些傲慢的巨人被灭绝的时候,世界的希望逃入了一叶扁舟,经你手的驾驶,才得给后世留下了新生的苗裔。6At the beginning of time when proud giants perished, the hope of the world took refuge on a raft and, led by your hand, left to the world the seed of a new race.
7木头如使用得当,是可祝福的;7Blessed be the wood by which salvation was carried out!
8但是,人手造的木偶和木偶的制造者,却是可诅咒的:制造者,因为他造了木偶;木偶,因为虽是腐败的东西,竟被称为神。8But cursed be the idol and its maker, the idol made by human hands, this corruptible thing that is called a god, and the craftsman for having fashioned it.
9不虔敬的人,与他行的不虔敬的事,同样为天主所憎恶;9They are hateful to God, both the godless and the fruit of his godlessness;
10所以,木偶与造木偶的,都必遭受惩罚。10the maker will be punished together with his work.
11为此,天主必要惩罚列邦的偶像,因为偶像在天主的造物中,成了可憎之物,成了人们灵魂的障碍,作了愚人脚前的陷阱。11Therefore the idols of the nations will also be judged. They have come to be the most abominable among the creatures of God. They are a stumbling block to the spirit of man, and the feet of the foolish are caught in the snare.
12发明偶像,是淫乱的开端;创造偶像,是人生的腐败。12The invention of idols was the origin of licentiousness; when they were invented, life became corrupt.
13起初原无偶像,也不能永久长存;13For in the beginning they did not exist and they will not exist forever.
14由于人的虚荣心,偶像才进入了世界;为此,已注定很快就要结束。14Human vanity introduced them into the world, and God has set a term for them.
15一个父亲因他儿子的夭折,甚为悲伤,遂为自己早死的儿子立像,他虽是已死的人,如今却敬之如神,并传令家属礼拜献祭。15Suppose a father, overwhelmed by grief for a child so swiftly taken from him, has an image made of him. From that time on a dead creature will be honored as a god, because the father handed on to his dependents secret rites and celebrations.
16这种不虔敬的事,相沿日久,便成了习俗,以致守如法律;再加上君王的命令,彫像遂受崇拜。16Time will consolidate this unholy practice and eventually it will be observed by law. It has also happened that sculptured images were venerated by order of sovereigns.
17住在远方的人,不能当面尊敬国王,便由远方设想君王的相貌,为所要尊敬的君王,制造一座可见的肖像,向那不在跟前的,殷勤献媚,如同就在跟前一样。17Those who lived far away and were unable to honor them personally had copies made, that they might honor them as if present by means of their image.
18艺术家的野心,把那些不认识君王的人,也都诱来,为扩大这项敬礼;18The ambition of the artist helped the veneration grow among those who did not even know the sovereign.
19艺术家原为讨有权威者的欢心,就竭力运用自己的技术,使君王的肖像格外美丽;19As he wished to please his master, he made the portrait more attractive than reality,
20民众受了这精美手工的吸引,不久以前那当人尊敬的,现在却奉之为神了。20and the people, seduced by the perfection of art work, began to worship someone previously honored as a man.
21这便成了人生的隐祸,因为遭受不幸,或受暴君压迫的人们,将「那不可道出的名字,」加给了木石。21In this way the image became a pitfall for the living, for people bent down, either by misfortune or tyranny, gave to stones and wood the incommunicable Name.
22他们对天主的认识错到如此地步,还以为不足;甚至愚昧使他们生活在强烈的战斗中,还将这样的大祸,称为和平。22But it was not enough for them to err in their knowledge of God; in the great trouble to which ignorance condemned them, they have called such an evil situation peace.
23因他们祭杀孩童,或举行秘密祭礼,或仪式怪诞的狂欢宴会。23With the sacrificial murder of children in their initiations, with secret mysteries and wild ceremonial orgies,
24谁也不顾及生活与婚姻的纯洁,遂彼此陷害残杀,以奸淫加害于人。24they no longer keep their lives and marriages pure; they treacherously murder one another or wound others through adultery.
25于是,混乱到处丛生:流血、杀人、盗窃、欺骗、缺德、失信、暴乱、违约、25Everywhere it is a welter of blood, murder, fraud and theft, corruption, treachery, riots, perjury;
26陷害忠良、忘恩负义、玷辱灵魂、同性淫乱、婚姻混杂、通奸淫乱。26on all sides harassment of good people, forgetfulness of favors, the pollution of souls and sins against nature, widespread disorder in marriage, adultery, debauchery.
27崇拜虚无的偶像,实是万恶的起源、由来和结局。27Indeed the worship of gods which do not even deserve a name, is the beginning, cause and effect of every evil.
28这些人行乐发狂,预言虚妄,生活邪辟,妄发虚誓,28Others delight in raving or uttering false prophecies; they live wickedly and casually perjure themselves.
29因为他们信赖无生命的偶像,自以为妄发虚誓,不会受罚。29As they deal with lifeless images, they do not fear any punishment for their false oaths,
30但是,正为了这两件事,他们必受公义的处罚:因对天主没有正确的认识,因而崇拜偶像;又因诡计多端,妄发虚誓,因而轻视圣洁。30but a double punishment awaits them: as idolators for their base concept of God, as frauds for taking false oaths in defiance of all that is holy.
31因为,那常追击不义者违法行为的,并不是「赖以发誓者」的力量,而是天主对犯罪者的惩罚。31Though the idols by which they swore are powerless, justice that pursues sinners always overtakes the sin of the wicked.
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