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德训篇 Sirach
1此后,在达味时代,兴起了一位纳堂先知。1After him the Lord raised Nathan to prophesy in the time of David.
2从以色列子民中,选出的达味,有如由和平祭的肉中,提出的脂肪。2As fat is selected from the peace offering, so David was chosen from among the Israelites.
3他年轻时玩弄狮子,有如玩弄山羊;戏弄野熊,如同戏弄羔羊。3He played with lions and bears as if they were lambs or young goats.
4他年轻时,不是击杀了大力士,雪洗了民族的耻辱,4He was still young when he slew a giant to restore the honor of his people; with a sling he aimed a stone that killed the arrogant Goliath.
5不是一举手,用套带的石子,打倒了哥肋雅的傲慢么?5He invoked the Lord Most High, who gave him strength to slay a mighty warrior, and so exalt the power of his people.
6因为他事前,曾呼求了至高者上主,上主就赐他右手有力,以击杀勇猛的战士,为高举自己百姓的角。6So they glorified him for his ten thousands and praised him as a blessing from the Lord when he was chosen king.
7所以处女们向他歌唱,称扬他克胜了万人;大家都以上主的祝福称扬他,给他戴上荣耀的冠冕。7For he wiped out his enemies on all sides and annihilated his adversaries, the Philistines, crushing their power forever.
8他击溃了四周的仇敌,剿灭了对手培肋舍特人,直到今日还不断地挫折他们的角。8In all that he did he gave thanks to the Most High, and showed his love for his Maker by singing with all his heart.
9他以自己的一切行为感谢圣者,以赞扬的词句歌颂至高者;9He placed singers accompanied by harps before the altar to make beautiful music;
10他全心歌颂及爱慕创造者,即那赐他能力抵抗仇敌的天主。10he gave splendor to feasts and even greater magnificence to the more solemn occasions, exalting the holy Name of the Lord and having the sanctuary ring with his praises from early morning.
11他叫人在祭坛前歌咏奏乐,以优美的声音,唱出悦耳的歌曲,每日按时歌唱圣咏。11The Lord forgave David's sins and established his power forever; he made a covenant with him for the benefit of the kings and gave him a glorious throne in Israel.
12他增加了庆节的盛况,使庆典隆重壮观,使赞美上主圣名的声音,从清晨就向彻圣殿。12A wise son succeeded him and fared well because of him.
13上主赦免了他的罪过,永远高举了他的角,与他立了为王的盟约,使他在以色列获得光荣的宝座。13Solomon reigned during times of peace, and God gave him rest from war to enable him to build a house for his Name, a sanctuary that would stand forever.
14继达味兴起了一位明智的儿子,他因了父亲的缘故,生活很安适。14How wise you were in your youth, Solomon! as full of understanding as a river.
15撒罗满为王时,正当太平时代,天主使四周安宁,为叫他给自己的圣名,建立一座殿宇,预备一个永远的圣所。撒罗满啊!你年轻时,是何等聪明!15Your spirit covered the earth, you filled it with proverbs and parables.
16你洋溢智慧,有如江河;你的精神笼罩大地;16Your reputation reached distant islands and you were loved for your peace.
17你用含有寓意的箴言,广传于大地;你的名声传至辽远的岛屿;因你的和平,人人都喜爱你;17Your songs, proverbs, parables and interpretation drew the admiration of the world.
18因你的诗歌、箴言、寓言,你赢得了天下万邦的赞叹;18In the name of the Lord God, called the God of Israel, you accumulated gold like tin and gathered silver like lead.
19因上主天主的名,即因称为以色列的天主的名,19But you gave your body to women and became the slave of your senses;
20你积金如锡,蓄银似铅。20you stained your reputation and defiled your descendants, bringing wrath and disaster upon your children because of your foolishness.
21此后,你将你的腰委诸妇女,让她们霸占你的身体;21So the nation was divided; from Ephraim came a kingdom in revolt.
22你玷污了你的尊荣,凌辱了你的床笫,给你的子孙召来了义怒;让他们慨叹你的愚昧!22But God's mercy never fails nor does he forget his promises; he did not deprive his chosen one of descendants nor destroy the race of the one he loved. So to Jacob he gave a remnant and allowed David's family to survive.
23从此国家分裂为二,从厄弗辣因兴起了一个叛乱的王国。23Solomon rested with his forefathers and left one of his sons to rule after him, the most foolish of men and without intelligence; this was Rehoboam who drove the people to rebellion.
24但是上主决不放弃自己的仁慈,不破坏,也不废弃自己的任何工作,不灭绝自己所选者的子孙,不铲除敬爱上主的苗裔;24As for Jeroboam, son of Nebat, it was he who caused Israel to sin and taught Ephraim the way of evil. From then on their sins increased and later brought about their exile,
25他赐给雅各伯一个余子,赐给达味一个由他发出的苗裔。25for they were intent on doing every sort of evil until vengeance fell on them.
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