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德训篇 Sirach
1别人推选你当主席么﹖你不要自高;你在宾客中间,要与同席的一样。1Have you been chosen to preside at a party? Don't give yourself airs! Just be like everyone else in the group; see to their needs and then sit down.
2招待了他们,你才可入座;尽完你的义务,才可入席,2When you have done what you should, take your place and enjoy yourself with the others. They will congratulate you for a job well done.
3好同他们一起欢乐;因你礼貌周到,你必能获得荣冠,和众宾客的敬意。3If you are older, speak as befits your age, but know what you are talking about and do not interrupt the music.
4年长的人,请你发言,因为此事于你是相宜的,4If there is a concert, refrain from speaking; it is not the time for playing the wise man.
5你应以老练的学识发言,但不要防碍音乐。5A musical concert at a wine banquet is like a ruby set in gold.
6别人不听的时候,你就不要劳叨;不合时机,也不要显露你的智慧。6As an emerald signet set in a work of gold, so is the music with good wine.
7酒席间伴奏的音乐,有如金饰上的红玉印章。7If you are young, speak if you have to, but not more than twice and only if requested.
8欢乐有节的宴会中,音乐家的合奏曲,有如金器上的翡翠印章。8Keep to the point and say it all in a few words. Show that you are well informed but not over-anxious to speak.
9你要静静地听,因为你谦恭,别人对你必有好感。9Do not try to be the equal of eminent people and do not chat when someone else is speaking.
10青年人,人若一再追问你,10As lightning goes before thunder, the reputation of a modest man goes before him.
11假使你必须说,你就说罢!11Leave the party at the right time and do not be slow about it; no lingering, go straight home!
12但说话时,要把握要点,言简意赅,现出你是一位明智,而沉默的人。12There you may relax and do as you please, but do not sin by bragging.
13在大人物中,不要想你也是大人物;有长老在前,你不应多说话。13And thank your Creator for the enjoyment of all good things.
14雷鸣以前,先有闪电;端庄的人,先受欢迎。有了这番敬意,你才能取得人的爱戴。14Whoever fears the Lord will accept his correction, and those who rise at dawn will win his favor.
15到了散席的时候,不要落后;及早回家,不要拖延。15The man who follows his Law will be nourished by it, but the hypocrite will find it a stumbling block.
16在那里你可以散心,作你想作的事,但不要因言语傲慢而犯罪。16Those who fear the Lord will please him and their good deeds will shine as a light.
17为这一切,你要赞颂上主,他造生了你,又用他的美物,使你满足。17The sinner refuses correction and excuses himself for doing what he wants.
18凡敬畏上主的,必能接受他的教训;凡寻找他的,必能讨他的欢心。18A person of judgment reflects beforehand; the stubborn and proud man goes ahead without worrying about anything.
19寻求法律的,必为法律所满足;冒充善人的,必因法律而失足。19Never act without first reflecting, and you will have no regrets.
20凡敬畏上主的,必获得正义的审判;他们要使正直的行为,照耀如光。20Do not go along a rough road lest you stumble on stones.
21犯罪的人,不理会谴责,却找寻借口,作自己愿意的事。明智人不掩藏智慧。讥笑人的,不谨守自己的口舌;明智人不接受礼物;骄傲和讥笑人的,不遵守法律。21And do not be too sure of your step on a smooth path.
22明智人不轻视别人的意见;不虔敬和骄傲的人,却无所畏惧。22Beware even of your own children.
23人不征求意见,冒昧从事,事后必对自己的轻率,感到惭愧。23Be careful in whatever you do. In so doing you keep the commandments.
24我儿,不加考虑,什么事也不要作;如此,事成以后,你就不至于后悔。24Those who trust in the Law will keep the commandments and those who obey the Lord will come to no harm.
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