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德训篇 Sirach
1行慈善的人,必贷款与人;以手扶助人的,必遵守法律。1Lending to your neighbor is an act of mercy, going to his aid fulfills the commandments.
2人在急难中,你应借钱给他;期限一到,你应把所欠的钱还给人。2Learn to lend to your neighbor when he is in need and, in turn, repay him any loan on time.
3你要坚守所言,对人忠实;这样,你需要的,必常能得到。3Keep your word, remain faithful and you will find what you need on every occasion.
4许多将借债,当作拾来的钱,而使帮助他们的人,感到为难。4Many think of a loan as a quick deal and put those who help them in a fix.
5到他接钱时,他不断亲人家的手,并且因人家有钱,就低声下气;5The moment they receive it, they kiss the hand of the moneylender and humble themselves in deference to his wealth. But on the day repayment is due, they prolong the time, repay with reproaches and blame the current situation.
6但是,到了还债的时候,他就一再拖廷,还说出无礼生厌和怨恨的话,而怪自己时运不济。6If they can repay, they pay barely half and the moneylender will be grateful for that much. They have robbed him of his money and, moreover, he has gained enemies, for they repay him with curses and insults and reproaches instead of gratitude.
7假使他偿还,仍和人为难,而谨还一半,还认为这为债主,是拾来的钱;7Many a good person refuses to lend, not for any malicious reason: he is afraid of being cheated without cause.
8假使不能,就诈取债主的钱,无故与债主成了仇人,8Nevertheless, be kind to those who have fallen on hard times, do not keep them waiting for your help.
9且报之以咒骂和嘲笑;对尊重和恩惠,而报以凌辱。9For the commandments' sake, help the poor man; see his need and do not turn him away empty-handed.
10许多人不肯出借,并非出于恶意,而是怕白白受骗。10Better to spend your money on a brother or friend than to let it rust under a stone, to your discredit.
11但是,对于贫苦人,你当心胸宽大,不可叫他久等你的救济。11Use your money according to the commandments of the Most High and you will find it more valuable than gold.
12为守诫命,你应援助穷人;为了他的需要,你不可让他空手而归。12Fill your barns with good deeds and these will rescue you from misfortune.
13你宁可为兄弟和朋友,耗费你的银钱,也不要让它在石头底下生锈坏了。13They will fight for you against your enemy better than any strong shield and mighty spear.
14要按照至高者的诫命,处理你的财宝;这比黄金为你更有益处。14A good man goes surety for his neighbor; the scoundrel leaves him to his fate.
15应将施舍存在你的宝库里,它必能救你脱免一切灾难;15Do not forget the favors of your guarantor: he has risked his life for you.
16施舍胜于坚甲利器,它要替你攻打仇敌。16The sinner wastes his guarantor's money; the ungrateful man forgets the one who saved him.
17(缺)17Acting as guarantor has ruined many a good man and has tossed him like the waves of the sea.
18善人为自己的近人作保,而失去廉耻的人,却弃而不顾。18It has banished powerful men and forced them to wander among foreign nations.
19不要忘掉保人的恩义,因为他为你交出自己的性命。19The sinner is anxious to be a guarantor but he will be condemned as a loan shark.
20罪人与不洁的人,畏避保人。20Help your neighbor as far as you can but beware of falling into the same plight.
21罪人荡尽自己保人的财产;毫不知恩地背弃救助自己的人。21Some things you cannot live without: water, bread, clothes and a house for shelter.
22人为自己的近人作保,但这近人失掉廉耻之后,要背弃他。22Better a poor man's life in his wooden shack than lavish banquets in another man's house.
23担保太不谨慎,使许多生活幸福的人丧亡,颠簸他们有如海涛;23Be content with whatever you have, be it great or small; this is better than to go elsewhere and be reproached as an outsider.
24使有权势的人,流离失所,漂泊异乡。24It is hard to go from house to house;
25违犯上主命令的罪人,好作不当的保証;图谋包揽事情的人,必吃官司。25when you are an outsider, do not risk opening your mouth. You will eat and drink without much welcome and, on top of that, hear bitter remarks:
26你当按你的力量扶助近人,但要谨慎,不要因此跌倒。26"Come, stranger, set the table and whatever you have, give it to me to eat."
27生活的主要物品,是水、食粮、和遮羞的衣服房屋。27"Be off, stranger, make room for somebody more important; my brother is coming to see me, I need the house."
28在自己茅舍里,度穷人的生活,比在别人家里常有盛宴更好,因为那里不是自己的家。28It is hard for a good man to have hospitality denied him and to be treated like a debtor.
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