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德训篇 Sirach
1有贤妻的丈夫,是有福的!他的寿数必要增加一倍。1Happy the husband of a good wife, the number of his days will be doubled.
2有才能的妇人,是丈夫的喜乐,使他在平安中终其天年。2A woman of character is her husband's joy, he will live in peace all the years of his life.
3有贤妇为妻,是一种福份;但是,只有敬畏上主的人,因自己的善行,才能得到她。3A good wife is the best of gifts, reserved for those who fear the Lord;
4她不论是富是贫,心神总是快乐,时常面带笑容。4rich or poor, he will have a serene heart and a happy face.
5有三件事,我心中恐惧,对第四件事,我更害怕,那就是:5Three things disturb me and a fourth frightens me: neighborhood gossip, a rioting mob, a false accusation, all these are worse than death.
6市民的控告,暴徒的集会,6But the woman jealous of another woman brings heartbreak, her tongue lashes out at everyone.
7诬妄的诽谤:这一切比死亡更为不幸;7A bad wife is like a badly fixed yoke; taking her is like grasping a scorpion.
8但是,娭妒别的妇女的女人,令人心痛悲伤;8A drunken wife causes scandal; her disgrace will not remain hidden.
9她向众人传话的舌头,是一条鞭子。9A licentious woman is noticed by her secretive looks and recognized by her lively eyes.
10恶妇有如摆动的牛轭,谁要管治她,无异是用手去捉蝎子。10Keep a firm eye on a defiant daughter, so that she may not take advantage of some occasion.
11好醉酒的妇女,是大怒的原因;她的耻辱和丑态,不能隐藏。11Guard against the provocative woman and do not be surprised if she wishes to drag you into disgrace.
12眼波流动,是妇女淫荡的表示;从她的眉毛,可以认出。12She opens her mouth like a thirsty traveler to drink any water coming her way; she sits by any pole and opens her quiver to every arrow.
13对无耻的女儿,你应严加管束,怕她有机可乘,就放纵起来。13A wife's grace gladdens her husband and her prudence refreshes his body.
14你要留心,不要顺从无耻的眼睛;否则,她若冒犯你,你就不用惊奇。14A wife who knows how to be silent is a gift from the Lord; the well-trained wife is invaluable.
15就如渴了的旅客,一到了水旁,不管遇到的是什么水,就张口去喝;同样,淫妇坐在任何木桩前,向射来的箭,张开箭袋,直到她疲乏为止。15A modest wife is a favor among favors; the chaste wife is priceless.
16勤谨妇女的温柔,使自己的丈夫欢乐;她的明智,使丈夫的骨骼丰满。16Like the sun rising over the mountains of the Lord, such is the enchantment of a good wife in a well-kept house.
17沉默寡言而明智的妇女,是上主的恩赐。17Like the light which shines from the sacred lampstand, such is a beautiful face in a well-shaped body.
18受过好教养的人,是无价之宝。18Like pillars of gold on a silver base, such are beautiful legs on sturdy feet.
19圣洁而知耻的妇女,乃无上的恩赐。19There are two things which grieve me and a third which makes me angry: a warrior who suffers want; intelligent men who are treated contemptuously; a man who turns from virtue to sin. The Lord singles this man out to strike him down.
20贞洁的灵魂,实尊贵无比。20The merchant can barely avoid greed; the shopkeeper cannot remain sinless.
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