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罗马书 Romans
1我们强壮者,该担待不强壮者的软弱,不可只求自己的喜悦。1We, the strong and liberated, should bear the weakness of those who are not strong, instead of pleasing ourselves.
2我们每人都该求近人的喜悦,使他受益,得以建立,2Let each of us bring joy to our neighbors helping them for the good purpose, for building up.
3因为连基督也没有寻求自己的喜悦,如所记载的:『辱骂你者的辱骂,都落在我身上。』3Christ himself did not look for his own contentment, as Scripture says: The insults of those insulting you fell upon me.
4其实,凡经上所写的,都是为教训我们而写的,为叫我们因着经典上所教训的忍耐和安慰,获得希望。4And we know that whatever was written in the past was written for our instruction, for both perseverance and comfort given us by the Scripture sustain our hope.
5愿赐忍耐和安慰的天主,赏赐你们倣效耶稣基督的榜样,彼此同心合意,5May God, the source of all perseverance and comfort, give to all of you to live in peace in Christ Jesus,
6好一心一口光荣我们的主耶稣基督的天主和父。6that you may be able to praise in one voice God, Father of Christ Jesus, our Lord.
7为此,你们要为光荣天主而彼此接纳,犹如基督也接纳了你们一样。7Welcome, then, one another, as Christ welcomed you for the glory of God.
8我是要说:基督为了彰显天主的真实,成了「割损」的仆役,为实践向先祖们所赐的恩许,8Look: Christ put himself at the service of the Jewish world to fulfill the promises made by God to their ancestors; here you see God's faithfulness.
9而也使外邦人因天主的怜悯而去光荣天主,正如所记载的:『为此,我要在异民中称谢你,歌颂你的圣名。』9The pagans instead give thanks to God for his mercy, as Scripture says: Because of that, I will sing and praise your name among the pagans.
10又说:『异民!你们要和他的百姓一同欢乐!』10And in another place: Rejoice, pagan nations, with God's people.
11又说:『列国万民,请赞美上主!一切民族,请歌颂他!』11And again: Praise the Lord, all people and let all nations speak of his magnificence.
12依撒意亚又说:『叶瑟的根苗将要出现,要起来统治外邦人;外邦人都要寄望于他。』12Isaiah says: A descendant of Jesse will come who will rule the pagan nations and they will hope in him.
13愿赐望德的天主,因着你们的信心,使你们充满各种喜乐和平安,使你们因着圣神的德能,富于望德。结论宗徒的计划13May God, the source of hope, fill you with joy and peace in the faith, so that your hope may increase by the power of the Holy Spirit.
14我的弟兄们,我本人深信你们是充满善意,满备各种知识的,并能彼此劝勉。14As for me, brothers and sisters, I am convinced that you have goodwill, knowledge and the capacity to advise each other;
15我给你们写信未免有些大胆,不过我只想唤起你们的回忆,因为天主赐给了我恩宠,15nevertheless I have written boldly in some parts of this letter to remind you of what you already know. I do this according to the grace God has given to me
16使我为外邦人成了耶稣基督的使臣,天主福音的司祭,好使外邦人经圣神的祝圣,成为可悦纳的祭品。16when I was sent to the pagan nations. I dedicate myself to the service of the Good News of God as a priest of Christ Jesus, in order to present the non-Jews to God as an agreeable offering consecrated by the Holy Spirit.
17所以对于事奉天主的事,我可以在耶稣基督内夸口,17This service of God is for me a cause of pride in Christ Jesus.
18因为我不敢提及别的,只说基督藉我,以言语,以行动,藉著奇蹟、异事的能力和天主圣神的德能,所作的使外邦人归顺的事,18Of course, I would not dare to speak of other things but what Christ himself has done through me, my words and my works,
19以致我从耶路撒冷及其四周,直到依里黎苛,传遍了基督的福音;19with miracles and signs, by the power of the Holy Spirit - so that non-Jews may obey the faith. In this way I have extended the Good News to all parts, from Jerusalem to Illiricum.
20并且专在没有认识基督的地方传布福音,引以为荣,免得我在别人的基础上建筑,20I have been very careful, however, and I am proud of this, not to preach in places where Christ is already known, and not to build upon foundations laid by others.
21如经上记载的:『那些关于他没有得到传报的人,必要看见;那些没有听说过的人,必要明了。』21Let it be as Scripture says: Those not told about him will see, and those who have not heard will understand.
22这就是我屡次被阻延,不能到你们那里去的原故。22This work has prevented me from going to you.
23但如今在这一带再没有可传的地方了,而且多年以来,我就有到你们那里去的心愿,23But now there is no more place for me in these regions, and as I have wanted for so long to go and see you,
24所以当我往西班牙去的时候,我希望中途能见到你们,得以稍微满足我见你们的心愿,然后由你们送我上道。24I hope to visit you when I go to Spain. Then you could help me go to that nation, once I have fully enjoyed your company.
25不过,现在我要起身往耶路撒冷去,为供应圣徒,25Right now I am going to Jerusalem to help that community.
26因为马其顿和阿哈雅人,甘心乐意为耶路撒冷的贫苦圣徒捐了一笔款项;26Know that the churches of Macedonia and Achaia have decided to make a contribution for the poor among the believers of Jerusalem.
27说他们甘心乐意,其实他们是欠他们的债。因为外邦人既分沾了他们的神恩,也就该在物质上扶助他们。27They have decided to do that and, in fact, they were indebted to them. For the non-Jews have shared the spiritual goods of the Jews and now they must help them materially.
28所以我一办妥了这事,向他们交代了这项捐款以后,便要路过你们那里,往西班牙去。28So I am to complete this task and give over the amount that has been collected. Then I will go to you and from there to Spain.
29我知道,我去你们那里,必要满带基督的祝福而去。29And I am sure that when I go to you, I will go with all the blessings of God.
30弟兄们!我因我们的主耶稣基督,并因圣神的爱,请求你们,以你们为我在天主前的祈祷,与我一起奋斗,30I beg of you, brothers and sisters, by Christ Jesus our Lord and by the love of the Spirit, to join me in the fight, praying to God for me;
31使我脱免在犹太地不信者的手,并使我带到耶路撒冷的款项,得蒙圣徒悦纳。31pray that I may avoid the snares of the enemies of faith in Judea, and that the community of Jerusalem may welcome the help I bring.
32这样,可使我照天主的旨意,高兴地到你们那里去,同你们一起稍微休息。32And so I will go to you with joy and, God willing, be refreshed in your company.
33愿赐平安的天主与你们众人同在!阿们。33The God of peace be with you. Amen.
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