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默示录 Revelation
1这些事以后,我看见另一位天使从天降下,掌有大权,下地被他的光荣照亮了。1After this I saw another angel coming down from heaven. So great was his authority that the whole earth was lit up with his glory.
2他用强大的声音喊说:「伟大的巴比伦陷落了!陷落了!她变成了邪魔的住所,一切不洁之神的牢狱,一切不洁和可憎飞禽的巢穴,【以及一切不洁和可憎走兽的圈槛,】2In a strong voice he cried out: "Fallen is Babylon the great! Fallen! She has become a haunt of demons, a lodge for every unclean spirit, a nest for any filthy and disgusting bird.
3因为万民都喝了她荒淫的烈酒,地上的诸王都同她行过邪淫,地上的商人,也因她的放荡奢侈,而发了财。」3She has made all nations drunk with the wine of her lewdness, fornicated with kings of the earth, and glutted the world's merchants with her wantonness and wealth."
4我又听到了另一个声音从天上说:「我的百姓,你们从她中间出来罢!免得你们分沾她的罪恶,也免得遭受她的灾祸,4Then I heard another voice from heaven: "Depart from her, my people, lest you share in her evil and so share in her punishments;
5因为她的罪恶已堆积得直达上天,使天主想起了她的不义。5for her sins are piled up to heaven, and God keeps count of her crimes.
6她怎样虐待了人,你们也该怎样虐待她,并按照她所行的,要加倍报复她;她用什么杯斟给人,你们也要用什么杯加斟给她;6Give back to her as she has given, pay her twice for what she has done. Let her drink a double portion of what she made others do.
7她以前怎样自夸自耀,奢侈享乐,你们也就怎样加给她痛苦与哀伤:因为她心里说过:「我坐着当皇后,而不是寡妇,必见不到哀伤。」7Give her as much torment and grief as the wantonness she enjoyed herself. For she said to herself, 'I sit as queen, I am not a widow, never will I go into mourning!'
8为此,一日之内,她的灾祸:瘟疫、哀伤和饥荒全都来到;她要被火焚烧,因为惩治她的上主天主,是强而有力的。」8And so, suddenly, her plagues will come - death, mourning and famine. She will be consumed by fire, for mighty is the Lord, the judge, who has passed sentence on her."
9当时那些曾同她行过邪淫,和享过快乐的地上诸王,看到焚烧她的烟,都要为她流泪哀悼。9The kings who shared her luxury and committed adultery with her will see the smoke as she burns, and they will weep and lament.
10他们因害怕她受的痛苦,就远远站着说:「可怜,可怜!你这座伟大的城,这座强盛的巴比伦城!在一小时之内,你就受到了惩罚。」10They will nevertheless keep their distance, terrified at her punishment, and exclaim: "Alas, alas! Great city that you are, O Babylon, seat of power! Your doom has come in a single hour!"
11地上的商人也为她流泪哀伤,因为再没有人来买他们的货物:11The merchants of the world will mourn over her, for they will lose a market for their goods -
12金银、宝石、珍珠、细麻布、紫红布、绸缎、朱红布等货物,以及各种香木、各种象牙器皿、各种贵重木器、铜、铁、大理石的器皿,12their cargoes of gold and silver, precious stones and pearls, fine linen and purple garments, silk and scarlet cloth, fragrant wood, ivory pieces and expensive furniture, bronze, iron and marble,
13还有肉桂、香膏、香料、香液、乳香、酒、油、面粉、麦子、牲口、羊群、骏马、车辆、奴隶与人口。13cinnamon and spices, perfume, myrrh and frankincense, wine and olive oil, fine flour and grain, cattle and sheep, horses and carriages, slaves and human lives.
14商人说:「你心中所爱吃的果品,都远离了你;一切肥美和华丽的物品,都在你前消逝了,再也寻不见了。」14They will say: "Gone is the fruit you longed for. Gone are your luxury and splendor. Never will you recover them, never!"
15贩卖这些货物,而由她发财的人,因害怕她受的痛苦,远远站着,流泪哀伤,15The merchants who dealt in these goods, who grew rich from business with the city, will stand at a safe distance for fear of her punishment. Weeping and mourning,
16说:「可怜,可怜!这伟大的城!这曾穿戴过细麻、紫红和朱红布衣裳,并以黄金、宝石和珍珠作装饰的城,16they will cry out: "Woe, woe to the great city, to the linen and purple and scarlet you wore, to your gold and pearls, your finery,
17在一小时内,这样多的财富,就荡然无存了。」一切船长、一切到处航海的人、船员以及那些靠海谋生的人,都远远站着,17your great wealth destroyed in an hour!" Every captain and navigator, every sailor and seafarer, will stand afar,
18看见焚烧她的烟,就呼喊说:「那有一座城可与这座伟大的城相比呢!」18crying out on seeing the smoke going up as the city burns to the ground. "What city could have compared with this one?"
19他们在自己的头上撒灰,流泪哀伤,喊说:「可怜,可怜!这座伟大的城!凡在海中有船的人,都因她的富饶而发了大财。她怎么在一时之内就荡然无存了。」19They will pour dust on their heads and cry out in mourning: "Alas, alas, great city, where all who had ships at sea grew rich through her trade! In an hour she has been devastated."
20上天、圣徒、宗徒和先知们,你们因她的毁灭而欢腾罢!因为天主在她身上给你们伸了冤。20Rejoice over her, O heavens! Rejoice, prophets, saints and apostles! God has rendered justice to you.
21然后,一位强而有力的天使,举起一块大如磨盘的石头,抛在海中说:「伟大的巴比伦城必要这样猛力地被人抛弃,再也找不着她了!21A powerful angel picked up a boulder the size of a large millstone and threw it into the sea, saying: "With such violence will Babylon, the great city, be thrown down, never again to be seen.
22弹琴者、歌唱者、吹笛者和吹号者的声音,在你中间再也听不到了;各种工艺的匠人,在你中间再也找不到了;推磨的响声,在你中间再也听不到了;22Never again will tunes of harpists, minstrels, trumpeters and flutists be heard in you. Never again will an artisan of any trade be found in you. Never again will the noise of the mill be heard.
23灯台上的光,在你中间再也不发亮了;新郎与新娘的声音,在你中间再也听不到了,因为你的商人都是地上的要人,又因为万民都因你的邪术受了迷惑;23Never again will the light of a lamp shine in you. The voice of bridegroom and bride will never again be heard in you. Because your traders were the world's great and you led the nations astray by your magic spell.
24且在此城中找到了诸先知、诸圣徒以及一切在地上被杀者的血。」24In this city was found blood of prophets and saints - yes, the blood of all who have been slain on the earth."
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