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圣咏集 Psalms
1达味训诲歌,交与乐官,和以絃乐。1Listen to my prayer, O God, do not be deaf to my pleading;
2天主,求你侧耳倾听我的祈祷,求你不要回避我的哀告。2give heed to me and answer me. I am greatly troubled
3求你俯视我,并垂允我,我痛苦忧伤,叹息悲号:3at the outcry of the enemy and the clamor of the wicked. I am distraught at the way they revile me and persecute me in their fury.
4由于仇敌的叫嚣,并因恶人的吵闹,因加于我的灾祸,怒中给我的骚扰,4My heart agonizes within me; the terrors of death fall upon me.
5我的心在我胸内焦灼,死亡的恐怖笼罩了我,5I tremble in fear - horror has got the better of me.
6惊惧与战栗侵袭了我,恐怖与烦恼淹没了我。6I said, "If I had wings like a dove, I would fly away and be at rest;
7我于是说:「但愿我有鸽子般的翅膀,为能飞翔而去,栖身安藏!」7I would seek a home in the desert
8看,我必要逃往远处,在荒凉的地方暂住;(休止)8or hurry to find a cave for shelter from the tempest."
9从速寻找一个避难所,避过这一场风狂雨暴。9O Lord, shatter their plans. In the city I see strife and violence;
10我主,求你分散扰乱他们的语言,因我在城中只见到斗争与纷乱:10day and night they prowl about its walls, while inside, evil prevails.
11他们日夜在城墙上巡行,邪恶与欺压在城中丛生。11Forces of tyranny and treachery are at work undermining the city.
12城池中已满布诡计,霸道欺诈横行街市。12If it were a rival insulting me, I could bear with him; if it were a foe in pursuit of me, I could hide from him.
13若是我的仇人辱骂我,我还可容忍;若是恼恨我者欺凌我,我尚可退隐;13But it is you, an equal of mine, my bosom friend, my companion
14可惜是你,我的同僚,我的伙伴,我的友好;14whose fellowship I enjoyed as we walked together in the house of God.
15我们曾经推心置腹,无所讳言,在人群中走进了天主的圣殿。15Let death come upon them suddenly, let them go down to the grave alive, for within them evil and mischief thrive.
16愿死亡突袭他们,活活的堕入阴府!因为他们的居处和内心满是恶毒。16But in God I seek refuge; the Lord will rescue me.
17但我却要呼号天主,上主必定予我救助。17Morning, evening, and even at noon, I cry out my grievance and moan; surely he will hear my voice.
18不论在黄昏在清晨或在中午,我哀声悲叹,他必听我的苦诉。18He will deliver me in safety from my opponents, for they are many.
19他必从迫害我的人中,救我安然脱险,因为那些反对我的人,实在众多难算。19God who is enthroned forever will hear me and humble them, for they do not repent nor do they stand in awe of God.
20永远为王的天主必要俯听我,而把他们赶走,(休止) 因为他们不知回心转意,而又不知敬畏天主。20My friend has attacked his associates and has violated his pact with them.
21他们伸手攻击自己的友好,他们任意违背订立的盟约。21His words were smoother than butter, yet war was in his heart; his utterances, more soothing than oil, were swords ready and drawn.
22他们的容貌比奶油更光滑,心却是好战;他们的言语比脂粉还柔和,但口蜜腹剑。22Place your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you, for he never allows the upright to fall.
23将你的重担卸交上主,他必扶持你,他绝对不会让义人永远动摇不止。23But you, O God, will cast the wicked into a pit; bloodthirsty and treacherous, they will not live out half their days. As for me, I trust in you alone, O Lord.
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